The Groove Ain Sokhna Resort

The Groove Ain Sokhna Resort
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The Groove Resort in Ain Sokhna is a new fully-integrated coastal project that was launched by Dar Misr Development on Al Zafrana Road with high living standards.

DM Development is meant to break the conventional definition of the coastal project from such a place where people can enjoy the sea view for a few days to a self-sufficient resort that is suitable for long accommodation.

In other words, the Groove El Sokhna Resort is a huge resort of 35,000 m2 that is precisely designed to speak for integration, as it offers a clubhouse, therapeutic center, gym, local stores & groceries, restaurant & cafe, mobile application to facilitate daily missions, and pharmacies.

What distinguishes the Groove Ain Sokhna is its inclusion of several housing units, such as villas, twin hoses, and chalets at competitive prices. For further information, Meet our team now!

The location of the Groove Resort

The Groove Resort is strategically located in one of the most vital areas in El Sokhna Al Zafarana Road; a livable spot that is 50 minutes away from Cairo City.

What makes The Groove El Sokhna Location one of the first choices for luxury resorts is its proximity to different cities, check Now!

  • The resort is 35 minutes away from New Capital City.
  • It’s only a 45-minute distance to Cairo Gates.

The Land Space of the Groove Ain Sokhna

DM Development launched its new milestone “The Groove” on a huge land space in Ain Sokhna of 35,000 meters.

Through a partnership with experts in real estate firms, the company managed to introduce a perfect land division that features an immaculate balance between the designed landscapes, the provided facilities, and the number of units. For further information, check the percentages below:

  • DM Development dedicated 18% of the total resort space to building residential buildings, with a total number of 1700 residential units.
  • Smaller in space, the beachfront side takes place around 11% of the area, while human-made aquarium elements occupy 15% of the project space.
  • The greenery landscapes and amenities occupy the largest section of the Groove Ain Sokhna Resort representing 56%.
  • In one of the latest announcements for DM Development, it’s revealed the resort contains around 4 main areas: the hospitality zone, the beach zone, the villas zone, and the chalets zone.

Top 3 prominent Zones in the Groove El Sokhna

  • Sereia: Longside sea experience with a total space of 4,5000 m2 is the key factor that distinguished Sereia Groove El Sokhna Village. It includes an approximate number of 350 units in different spaces.
  • Brellia: The place where all your senses will get indulged in enchanting beachy panoramic views. Roof-Garden space is the most remarkable unit in Brellia.
    Capella: A unique boutique of villas is the perfect addition to Groove Sokhna which is directly located in front of the sea, where residents still enjoy access to the facilities area.
The Groove eL Sokhna Resort

chalets in groove el sokhna

The Space of Residential Units in Groove El Sokhna Resort

DM Development succeeded in defining customers’ expectations regarding their coastal dream house: Villas- Chalets- Twin houses. Yet, knowing that customers’ tastes and requirements are always distinguished enacted the company offers several spaces for each unit in Groove Sokhna, check now:

  • The space of Chalets in Groove Ain Sokhna starts from 90 M2.
  • 140 Sqm is the average space for three-bedroom chalets.
  • The space of villas is 322 Sqm.
  • The space of twin houses degrades from 172 Sqm to 283.

Time to Unravel the Secrets of Luxury With The Groove! 

Groove El Sokhna

Top Features & Services in the Groove Resort in Ain Sokhna

DM Development has innovated new lines for the coastal experience at The Groove  Resort Ain Sokhna; a cozy seafront atmosphere where property owners can practice their lives normally in the same luxurious quality represented in the capital city.

In other words, the groove Resort includes a collection of social, sportive, and deluxe amenities and activities for a vibrant self-sufficient long vacation.

  • The Groove Ain Sokhna Clubhouse, a huge space of 4,500 m2, is the perfect place to enjoy quality time with your beloved ones.
  • The resort will include a commercial mall hosting a group of well-known and local brands.
  • The therapeutic center in the Grove provides the following services: Jacuzzi, sauna, steam rooms, and massage rooms.
  • DM Development designed space for parking lots while setting the master plan for the project that could encapsulate up to 1500 cars.
  • For a delicious meal, inspired by western or eastern cuisines, residents will be only a few steps away to visit the nearby plaza will take a few minutes.
  • The designed eye-pleasing Lagoons take the design of the Groove Sokhna to exceptional levels of luxury.
  • The Groove Resort includes public spaces and promenade tracks where adults and kids can enjoy a morning walk or a tranquil stay.
  • Safety and comfort are taken into consideration as a high priority; as DM Development launched a multi-use application that enables residents to access the gates, book a parking lot, make orders, and pay bills.

The Groove Village Prices & its Payment System

The Groove El Sokhna is positioned as one of the best coastal projects that offer standard quality for a competitive price.

  • The chalet price in the Groove Village starts from 3,500,000 Egp.

Kindly, consider that the above-mentioned price is subject to change, and we do our best to keep you updated. For the current prices for the groove, Contact us now.

The Payment process in the Groove DM Development

DM Development facilitates the payment process for the available units in the groove village by offering a prolonged installment period that lasts up to 8 years.

  • To get your unit in the Groove DM Development, all you need is a 25% down payment from the total unit cost.

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Groove Resort in Ain Sokhna

Groove Resort in Ain Sokhna

The developer of the Groove El Sokhna Resort

The Groove Resort was launched by Dar Misr Development, a leading real estate company in Egypt that launched in 2014 with an expert team that possessed a long experience in the housing industry of more than 35 years.

Since the company’s foundation, it has been improving its quality by delivering contemporary architectural designs, a variety of units, well-developed spaces, and solid infrastructure.

For instance, Dar Misr Development partnered with LSF Egypt and South Africa company to be one of the first companies that use the Geocell system; a modern construction system that aims to lessen erosion, stabilize soil and reinforce the structure of load support.

FAQ About the Groove Resort

Who is the developer of the Groove Resort?

Dar Misr Development

Where is the Groove Resort located?

Ain Sokhna, El Zafrana Road

What are the types of units in the Groove Resort?


How can i contact the consulting team in the Groove Resort?

Call the following number: 01101112515

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