Creek Town Il Cazar

Creek Town Il Cazar
Prices start from 9,000,000 EGP
10% Down payment
7 Installment years
Prices are subject to change
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Project details
The project Name Creek Town
Project Location New Cairo, First Settlement
The developer Il Cazar
Available Units apartments, villas, penthouses
Installment period 7 years
For inquires 01101112515

Creek Town is a new prime residential community established by il Cazar Development in the first settlement providing high living standards for comfort and a deluxe lifestyle.

Il Cazar Development aims to empower residents to experience a distinguished degree of integration through luxurious amenities that serve each family member regardless of age and interests.

Creek Town Compound in New Cairo promises you an endless variety of elegant residential units designed in different spaces to meet your specifications, and, directly, the prices are second to none.

Creek Town Compound

Creek Town Compound

The Location of Creek Town

Creek Town Compound is located in a central spot in the first settlement, New Cairo, close to several well-served commercial and residential areas for a super integrated lifestyle.

  • Creek Town New Cairo is located 2 minutes from Rehab City
  • 90 North Road will be only 5 minutes away from your home.
  • The compound is 5 minutes from the international airport
  • The distance between New Capital and the project is 12 minutes.
  • 20 minutes from Tolip Hotel

However, the compound’s proximity to both Cairo-Suez Road and N’Teseen Road enables residents to go to whatever their destination is in just a few minutes.

The Land Space of Creek Town Compound

Creek Town is considered one of the largest compounds in the first settlement that features an exceptional level of integration and lavish design. As the compound’s total land area is 100 Feddan.

What distinguishes Creek Town Compound is its prominent verdant space, as around 80% of the project’s space is designed with eye-pleasing landscapes according to Il Cazar Development’s collaboration with Okoplan; a dominating company in designing landscapes.

The master plan of CreekTown il Qazar highlights the company’s expertise in representing a balance between connectivity and privacy.

To elaborate, the residential areas inside the compound are situated near several well-served spaces to enable residents to feel connected and get all their needs fulfilled.

On the other hand, a considerable space between each residential block was considered to reinforce residents’ privacy.

The Architectural Design of Creek Town in New Cairo

Creek Town New Cairo is categorized as one of the most opulent residential compounds that give property owners the prestige they look for through its modern and authentic design.

The exterior design of the project, implemented by K Designs, is set in alignment with the urban up-to-date urban developments in which geometrical shapes are used to offer chic facets.

Types of residential units in Creek Town New Cairo

Il Cazar Development pays attention to customers’ different demands by providing Creek Town New Cairo in different distinguished units in different spaces, so each interested customer can find the space, the design, and the price he/she wants.

  • The space of the penthouse is 350 Sqm (168 m2 for the first floor & second floor is 182 m2)
  • The space of the penthouse type 2 is 420 Sqm (168 m2 for the ground floor, 182 m2 for the first floor, and 70 m2 for the penthouse).
  • The space of the standalone villa starts from 255 Sqm ( 113 m2 for the ground floor, 102 m2 for the first floor, and 40 m2 for the penthouse).
  • The space of the standalone villa type 2 is 305 Sqm ( 125 m2 for the ground floor, 130 m2 for the first floor, and 50 m2 for the penthouse).
  • The average space of standard villas is 230 Sqm, designed as follows: 95 m2 for the ground floor, 100 m2 for the first floor, and a small penthouse of 25 m2.
  • The space of prime villas in Creek Town Compound starts from 277 Sqm and up to 330 Sqm. ( a garden and penthouse are attached in each design)
  • The space of the town villas starts from 180 Sqm.
Creek Town Villas

Villas in Creek Town Il Cazar

The space of apartments in Creek Town Compound

  • The space of the apartment in Creek Town Compound is 150 m2; 3 bedrooms are included.
  • The space of a 3-bedroom apartment model c is 170 m2.
  • The space of duplex starts from 195 m2 ( 98 m2 for the ground floor & and 96 m2 for the first floor)
  • The space of the penthouse starts from 220 Sqm.
  • The space of a one-bedroom apartment is 85 Sqm.
  • The space of a two-bedroom apartment (model b) starts from 128 m2 and up to 140 m2.
Creek Town Apartments

Creek Town Apartments

Top Features & Services in Creek Town

Creek Town New Cairo is designed to be a gated residential compound that meets residents’ top needs, whether it’s categorized as essential or just a luxury.

  • The compound includes 2 clubhouses to strengthen the community members’ relationships.
  • Il Cazar Company supports a healthy lifestyle by building a sporting area in which residents have access to the gym and different sporting hubs.
  • Your young kid will be taken care of in the highly-equipped kid’s area in Creek Town Compound.
  • a kid’s playground that will exclusively serve the community
  • Creek Town is designed with Smart gates that disallow non-resident people to enter the compound without being checked.
  • A small hotel offers 5-star services for residents and visitors
  • Promenade tracks are one of the most significant design additions that enable walking and promenade safely.
  • Cafes and restaurants at Creek Town Il Cazar perfectly serve Eastern and Western tastes.
  • An Admin Office is available inside the compound to ease communication with residents and fulfil their requirements.
  • The project includes medical clinics and pharmacies to serve residents’ well-being.

Creek Town prices & Installment plans

Creek Town prices are considered one of the best investment opportunities in New Cairo, whether you’re going to buy for residence or investment purposes, because of its prime living quality and strategic location.

  • 9,000,000 Egp is the average price for apartments and villas in Creek Town Compound.

The payment system of Creek Town Il Cazar

Il Cazar Development does consider customers’ purchasing capacity, therefore, it offers a super flexible payment system that comes as follows:

  • A 10% down payment is required to sign your contracts in Creek Town il Cazar in New Cairo.
  • The installment period lasts up to 7 years.
Creek town prices

Creek Town Payment System by il Cazar

The Developer of Creek Town New Cairo

Creek Town Compound in New Cairo is one of the preliminary flagship projects by il Cazar Development; a pioneering real estate company that joined the market in 2019.

Il Cazar Real Estate approaches a centric customership strategy, in which the voice of the customer is the main factor that influences the company’s vital decisions.

The company was previously known as Go Khozam, however, it changed its name to il Cazar referring to the championship of Ceaser who transformed Rome into an empire

The Company launched several flawless residential projects all over Egypt such as Go Heliopolis and il Cazar Vile, in addition to a commercial project called “the Greek District” in New Cairo.

Faq about Creek Town

What is the available units in Creek Town?

apartments, Standalone villas, penthouse

what is the required down payment in Creek Town?

10% deposit


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