Bluetree New Cairo Compound by Abu Dhabi

Bluetree New Cairo Compound by Abu Dhabi
Prices start from 7,000,000 EGP
10% Down payment
8 Installment years
Prices are subject to change
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New Abu Dhabi Sky Launches a New luxurious residential project in the heart of New Cairo “ Blue Tree Compound” Challenging all the conventional housing standards.

Sky Abu Dhabi is one of the Diamond Group Dominating subsidiaries that specializes in the real estate industry in the Emirates with more than 20-year expertise in providing premium housing quality.

The master plan of Bluetree Compound in New Cairo takes luxury to the next level with its exquisite architectural design that would simulate the urban developments.

Moreover, Sky Abu Dhabi Company announced that the Compound will comprise a variety of residential units (apartments- duplexes) in different spaces.

So, if you are looking for an opulent gated community in the Fifth Settlement that offers exceptional quality and competitive prices, Blue Tree New Cairo shall be your first choice.

Blue Tree Fifth Settlement

The location of Blue Tree New Cairo

Blue Tree New Cairo by Sky Abu Dhabi is located in one of the most vital areas in the fifth settlement” B2 plot”, a deluxe space where residents can experience a highly-served lifestyle, which is minutes away from Teseen Street.

The Compound is located near several education entities, commercial malls,  and medical hospitals which adds a vibrant experience to its location.

Bluetree new cairo location

The land space of BlueTree Compound in New Cairo

In the latest announcements of Sky Abu Dhabi Company, it’s revealed that the total space of the Bluetree Compound in New Cairo is 50 Feddan so the company can build the compound in alignment with the worldwide standards of how integration should be.

The residential space of the BlueTree Fifth Settlement Project will represent the smallest portion of the compound’s space, while the largest area of the project will be glamorized with greenery landscapes and facilities.

In other words, the compound will be constructed on an ample space that enables residents to experience the highest level of vibrancy through social and luxurious activities, and, surely, essential services.

bluetree compound

The Architectural Design of the Bluetree compound by sky Abu Dhabi

Sky Abu Dhabi development partnered with Yasser El Beltagy, a brand in Egyptian development that consulted Al Alamein Towers design, to bring the company’s vision into reality.

The construction of the Bluetree compound by Sky Abu Dhabi resembles an island structure surrounded by 4 central streets, the width of the smallest of them amounts to 40 meters. and for more privacy, the company decided to set around 35 m2 between each residential building, so property owners can enjoy the eye-pleasing landscapes.

Blue Tree New Cairo

the design of residential blocks in Bluetree Sky Ad

The Residential units in BlueTree New Cairo

Sky Abu Dhabi Company partnered with branded names in designing and planning firms to set an exquisite layout for building luxurious residential units that would represent a revolution in the housing industry due to their commonly-required type, internal design, and space.

The company announced that the Blue Tree New Cairo will contain around 1300 units, varying between garden-base units, floor-garden units, and units on typical floors.

  • The space of 2-bedroom duplexes in Bluetree starts from 115 Sqm.
  • The average space of penthouses is 300 Sqm.

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Top Features & Services in Bluetree New Cairo

Bluetree New Cairo features an exceptional level of integration by providing residents with different types of services and facilities through which all their needs are immediately fulfilled.

  • A huge central park that is rolling over 42,000 is one of the perfect additions to the compound that is meant to provide residents with a high sort of elegance and sophistication.
  • Parking is easier in Bluetree New Cairo Compound because of the parking lots allocated over the residential units.
  • Sporting Club is attached to the project masterplan to enable residents to practice their favorite sport, it includes grounds for paddling, football, and tennis.
  • Health Club in Blue Tree compound is meant to take residents’ experience to the highest levels of luxury; a well-developed center where they can relax from the week’s stress and enjoy some professional massage.
  • Supermarkets are perfectly distributed around the residential areas.

BlueTree New Cairo Prices & Payment system

Sky Abu Dhabi Development is renowned for its premium living standard represented in its projects. Yet, the company always pays attention to the importance of offering alluring prices that cannot be missed out.

  • The average price for in Blue Tree New Cairo is 7,000,000 Egp.

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The Installment system of Blue Tree Sky Ad

knowing that how an easy-to-handle payment system is a key factor when people look for luxurious residential units to settle in enabled Sky Ad to offer a remarkable system that came as follows:

  • A 10% down payment is required to buy a duplex or penthouse in Bluetree Sky Ad of, in addition to a prolonged installment period that extends over 8 years.
  • All residential units will be ready for delivery during the coming 4 years.

The Developer of Blue Tree Compound New Cairo

Sky Abu Development Company is one of the leading real estate companies that managed to dominate different sectors; such as the housing industry, commercial, and medical projects.

The company has been striving, since its inception 20 years ago to keep with the same premium quality provided to its customers, in terms of location, design, and integration to enhance the living standards in the region.

In the residential industry, Residence 8 Compound is one of the company’s previous projects that went viral and received publicity from customers.

FAQ Related to Bluetree

Who is the developer of Bluetree ?

Sky Abu Dhabi

Where is Bluetree located?

New Cairo

What are the types of units in Bluetree Compound?

Duplexes- apartments

How can I contact the consulting team in Bluetree Sky Abu Dhabi?

Call the following number: 01101112515


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