Terrace El Sheikh Zayed

Terrace El Sheikh Zayed
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8 Installment years
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Project details
Compound Name Terrace Compound
The Developer Housing and Development Properties
Payment Plan a 10% down payment is required for booking and an 8-year instalment.
Types of residential units apartments- duplexes
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Terrace El Sheikh Zayed is one of the Upcoming projects of HDB Company that would make a revolution in the housing industry in Egypt because of its exceptional luxury level, residential units’ variety, and premium quality.

The housing and development properties Company was keen to classify its project with a prime location and sufficient land space which came true! Terrace Compound that showcases a perfect place on the 26 July axis is constructed on a 31-Land Space.

On the facilities level, Terrace Sheikh Zayed is surrounded by a group of different facilities and services for a non-stopping lifestyle, in addition to the built-in services inside the compound.

If you are looking for a luxurious project with a trusted developer who offers superior quality, prime location, and instalment facilitations that last up to 8 years, Terrace El Sheikh Zayed is your perfect match.

A new Experience awaits you in Terrace Compound Zayed!

apartments in terrace el sheikh zayed

Terrace compound in Sheikh Zayed

The location of Terrace Compound in Zayed

Terrace Compound is located in a strategic spot in Sheikh Zayed City near Nile University, which 3 minutes away from Juhayna Square and Arabia Mall. The fact that the compound is directly situated on 26 July access is considered a huge plus for property owners as they could arrive at their destinations more easily.

The Nearby Places From Terrace Sheikh Zayed

  • Terrace Sheikh Zayed is located 10 minutes away from the Mall of Egypt.
  • Terrace by HDP is 20 minutes away from Sphinx airport.
  • The distance between Juhayna Square and Terrace El Sheikh Zayed is 3 minutes.

The Land Space of Terrace El Sheikh Zayed

Terrace El Sheikh Zayed Compound is constructed on a considerable land space of 31 Feddan that comprises a huge variety of recreational and essential services.

The compound’s position on a high summit will provide residents with a flawless panoramic view and accentuates the compound’s safety.

HDP Representers announced that the largest space of Terrace El Sheikh Zayed would be dedicated to building lush greenery areas and modern facilities, while the remaining part, which represents around 18% of the total space, would be dedicated only to residential units and commercial buildings.

The Architectural Design of Terrace El Sheikh Zayed

HDP company collaborated with Egypt’s top engineering consultants to develop a new authentic and solution-based design for Terrace El Sheikh Zayed”. One of the main icons who would be working on setting layout designs for Terrace Project Design is Eng/ Yaser El Beltagi.

The company promises its customers a state-of-art community with awe-inspiring views driven by natural elements, that’s why it is named “Terrace”.

In one of HDP announcements, they revealed that the residential buildings in Terrace Sheikh Zayed would reflect a classic footprint with its quadruplets floors.

The solid expertise of the mother company ”Housing and Development Bank” empowered its new subsidiary to provide the type of units that customers are looking for.

Terrace el sheikh zayed buildings

The outstanding archtictural design of Terrace Sheikh Zayed

Types of residential units in Terrace El Sheikh Zayed

With a total number of 700 residential units on 31 Feddan, HDP Company managed to diversify the residential unit types, providing apartments, duplexes, and I-villas in different spaces.

The minimum space provided on Terrace El Sheikh Zayed is 100 Sqm, and it increases gradually due to the unit type reaching 250 Sqm.

  • The space of Two-Bedroom Apartments in Terrace El Sheikh Zayed is 100 Sqm.
  • The space of three-bedroom apartments starts from 130 Sqm to 172 Sqm.

One of the main advantages that Housing and development properties provide for its customers regarding the units is the option to receive their apartment or the duplex in a semi-finish.

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apartments in Terrace el sheikh zayed

Apartments and duplexes on Terrace El Sheikh Zayed

Top features and services in Terrace Compound by HDB

Terrace Compound by HDB reflects a high level of integration which is clear in the types of services and facilities that are under construction.

Indeed, HDP declared publicly about a small percentage of the essential service that would be provided, yet, there’s more to be surprised with!

  • The Clubhouse would be one of the main luxurious facilities in Terrace El Sheikh Zayed where community members visit with their beloved ones to enjoy quality time in one of their preferred restaurants or cafes.
  • The Terrace Commercial Hub will offer property owners plenty of stores and supermarkets to get their essential needs.
  • The master plan of Terrace Compound includes private jogging tracks.
  • The Terrace project would be distinguished by its extensive security, as announced by HDP representatives, through smart 4d Cameras planted all over the palace and E-gates.
  • Landscapes are essential, not a luxury, as the compound is garland with enchanting views.
  • Terrace will include a working hub to enable residents to keep practising their tasks without leaving their homes with the same quality of concentration.
  • Pharmacies in Terrace Zayed will be open to serve residents 24/7h.

Terrace Compound prices & Payment System

The prices of Terrace Compound Sheikh Zayed are considered a clear competitive value for buyers.

  • The price meter in Terrace El Sheikh Zayed starts from 24,000 Le.
  • All units shall be delivered within three years of purchasing

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The instalment system of Terrace Sheikh Zayed

HDP Compound was prudent to facilitate the payment system of the residential units in Terrace Zayed to create a real investment opportunity for buyers.

  • Only a 10% down payment is required to reserve a unit in Terrace Sheikh Zayed, the remaining cost can be installed over 8 years.
  • Kindly note that the maintenance fee is 8%

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The Developer of Terrace Sheikh Zayed: Housing & Development Properties

Terrace Compound in Sheikh Zayed is considered the first milestone of HDP Company; a strong launch indicates booming projects in the future.

Housing and Development Properties is a new addition to the real estate market in Egypt that launched as a supporter of housing and banking development, a joint stock real estate company that dominates real estate marketing by empowering and investing in housing opportunities since 2003.

HD Company handed over the responsibility of promoting and enhancing the projects of all the company subsidiaries to reach better results in the field.

Indeed, HDP’s responsibility won’t stop at the promotional level, the company would be authorized to handle different operation services after or during the project construction.

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FAQ about Terrace El Sheikh Zayed by HDP

Who is the developer of Terrace El Sheikh Zayed?


Where is Terrace El Sheikh Zayed located?

Sheikh Zayed, 3 minutes from Juhayna Square

What are the types of units in Terrace El Sheikh Zayed?

apartments- duplexes

How can I contact the consulting team in Terrace El Sheikh Zayed?

Call the following number: 01101112515


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