Palm Hills October Your Luxury Home With 10% down Payment

Developer: Palm Hills Development
Palm Hills October Your Luxury Home With 10% down Payment
Prices start from 15,000,000 EGP
10% Down payment
7 Installment years
Prices are subject to change
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Project details
Project name Palm Hills October compound
The developer Palm Hills developments
Project Location 6th of October city, Giza governorate
Unit types Duplexes - apartments - twin houses - townhouses - standalone villas
payment system 10% down payment, 7 years installments
For inquiries 01101112515
spaces of units: start from 150 sqm

Palm Hills October is a frontier project for Palm Hills development where the company’s solid expertise is embodied in contemporary architectural design.

The company’s collaboration with Egypt’s top designers and construction companies led to the creation of a fruitful and practical master plan for Palm Hills October where perfectionism is the main theme.

Notably, the provided specifications of the compound have exceeded customers’ expectations becoming one of the best residential compounds in Sheikh Zayed.

Palm Hills Sheikh Zayed promises premium quality services that include medical centres, a wellness hub, a sporting club, an international school, and commercial malls.

If you are looking for a home featured with a premier location and surrounded by high-class communities, Palm Hills October Shall be your favourite choice.

Palm Hills Compound Your way to a prestigious lifestyle

Palm Hills October Location‌‌

residential area in palm hills sheikh zayed

Palm Hills October, west of Cairo city, has become the first superior choice for experiencing lavishness and integration in one of the most livable areas in Sheikh Zayed. As the compound is highly close to Egypt’s main gateways, including the 26 July axis and regional ring road.

Knowing the main places to the place that you are planning to reside in helps you to get an estimated time to arrive at your destination and acknowledge the top nearby places that you can visit.

Nearby places to Palm Hills October

  • The distance between the compound and Giza downtown is 2.5 km.
  • 26 July axis is situated at a distance of 2.5 km from Palm Hills Zayed.
  • People heading to Arabia Mall will drive a distance of only 5 km.
  • The distance between New Sports Giza club and the compound is 2.5 km.
  • Palm Hills October is situated within 5 km of the regional ring road.
  • The compound is located in the proximity of 4.89 km to Dream Park.

The Authentic Design of Palm Hills October

On a massive land space of 2 million Sqm, the Company constructed its flagship project “Palm Hills Zayed” to represent an exceptional level of integration and opulent design.

It’s worth mentioning that Palm Hills Development is one of the top companies in Egypt that approached the E-compound system for providing smart-based solutions that facilitate everyday tasks for residents.

Moreover, Palm Hills October supporting the ecosystem in Egypt by providing solar energy as an electricity resource alternative is one of the main reasons that classified the compound at the top list in Sheikh Zayed.

It’s clear from Palm Hills compound master plan that the green colour is dominating the compound structure through private and shared green parks and paved tracks for residents.

The compound’s perfect division mentioned in its master plan enables customers to relieve their daily stress by enjoying the simplicity of nature because of its allocated green spaces, which represented the largest part of the compound compared to the residential area.

Palm Hills October dedicated a large area for amenities that are set on sprawling 23-hole golf.

Top 3 Residential Phases in Palm Hills October

unique designs of buildings in palm hills October

In the heart of Sheikh Zayed, the developer Company launched its prestigious compound in a 445-Feddan Land where all the luxurious life possibilities are provided.

The residential area in Palm Hills October is allocated between three successive phases( Queen Palm- King Palm- Princess Palm) with a unique design for each one, yet, they share the same level of luxury.

Queen Palm is set in the western north of the compound with a total space of 20 Feddan, which is a capacious space for building around 56 residential units including different options.

Secondly, King Palm in palm hills compound is constructed in a sprawling 37 Feddan with a total number of 37 units.

Finally, Princes Palm, 41-Feddan Land, is the most significant phase among all, which is set at the heart of the compound between the other two phases with the same range of units provided in Queen Palm; 56 units.

Each phase is featured with its own amenities and facilities, which include parks, swimming pools, supermarkets, restaurants and cafes, and stores.

For a one-of-a-kind experience, Palm Hills October is competent to uplevel your lifestyle where luxury and comfort are the main elements.

Get an overview of the available residential units in Palm Hills Compound

The solid expertise of Palm Hills development is represented in its recognition of people’s different requirements when it comes to choosing the home of their dream.

Garden-based duplexes, apartments, twin houses, townhouses, and standalone villas are the 5 main options in Palm Hills October:

  • Apartments space in Palm Hills Sheikh Zayed starts from 150 Sqm
  • Villas space starts from 300 Sqm.

The compound structure considered privacy as one of its priorities by providing green spaces between each bundling.

Top 11 Services in Palm Hills Sheikh Zayed

Units in palm hills october

Units in Palm Hills Zayed

Palm Hills Sheikh Zayed is one of the best-integrated communities in Shiekh Zayed where owners enjoy the immediate delivery of their needs in different aspects (recreational, commercial, residential).

The provided services in Palm Hills Zayed are set in consideration of residents’ different ages, as both adults and children can find a place or utility to perform their desired activities.

Most importantly, the compound included an international school for different ages supported by an up-to-date curriculum.

  1. A five-star hotel where both non-Egyptians and Egyptians can spend quality time inside the compound.
  2. Playground areas for kids are set all over the compound to enable residents of each phase to avail of the service.
  3. Palm Hills Zayed is supported by a super security system where each corner of the compound is secured by 4d cameras or safeguards.
  4. Palm Hills October has dedicated large spaces for residents to break the traditions of the day by holding different activities.
  5. The clubhouse is the perfect place to spend quality time with your beloved ones in Palm Hills Sheikh Zayed.
  6. A group of restaurants and cafes where residents can taste mouth-watering dishes, and different types of western and eastern cuisines.
  7. Palm hills compound October offers its residents a top-notch gym equipped with twenty-one-century tools and machines.
  8. Swimming pools are essential features across the compound.
  9. Palm Hills October constructed commercial malls that hosted different stores and brands.
  10. Pharmacies are set all over the compound for 24 hours.
  11. Medical clinics are supported by well-experienced staff to service residents in Palm Hills Sheikh Zayed.

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Palm Hills prices & Payment System

The price list offered by Palm Hills October is considered the perfect choice for wherever looking for degradable prices.

  • The average price of a mid-size unit in Palm Hills October is 15,000,000 Egp.

The Instalment Plans of Palm Hills October Compound

People consider ease of payment one of the main purchasing factors; therefore, the company announced different systems that suit each buyer in Palm Hills 6 October Compound.

  • To purchase a unit in Palm Hills in October, paying 10% of the total cost as a down payment is essential.

The company is committed to delivering the units to owners fully or semi-finished after three years.

Get Your Home Now in palm hills Zayed & Enjoy Easy Payment System

Pros of investing in Palm Hills October

Villas in palm hills zayed

Owning a unit in Palm Hills October Compound has become one of the main demands for investors in Egypt because of its solid value in the market that cannot be truly impacted by the economic changes.

  • First of all, investing in a real estate property doubles the possibility of not only keeping the unit price while the fluctuation is at the peak but also increasing its value.
  • Secondly, the more the property “Palm Hills October” is classified with its luxury, integration, and prime location, the more it is easy to sell the unit when it’s needed.
  • Last, but not least, purchasing a unit in a well-developed space guarantees a monthly fixed income that if saved would be equal to the same amount paid while buying the unit.

Palm Hills Development

Since 2005, the company has been contributing to developing inspiring urban-based communities that offer premium quality and customized choices for its owners.

Palm Hills 6 October is one of the company’s best projects that received endless inquiries from property buyers in Sheikh Zayed which led to the selling of almost all of the units in a short period.

In the first quarter of 2022, the company recorded high revenue of 5.5 billion EGP which is a 62% increase compared to 2021. Despite the increasing growth of the current year, the company managed to sell around 12.137 residential units in all its projects in the last quarter of 2021.

Other projects by Palm Hills Development

  • Palm Hills Zayed.
  • Badya Palm Hills, a 3000-Feddan Compound.
  • Hacienda Bay, a coastal village located at the 124th kilometre on Alexandria – Matruh Highway.

Frequently Asked Questions about Palm Hills October

Who is the developer of Palm Hills October?

Palm Hills Development Company

Where is Palm Hills located?

October City

How can I contact a representative from Palm Hills October?

Contact the following number: 01101112515


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