Belle Vie Compound by Emaar Misr

Developer: Emaar Misr Development
Belle Vie Compound by Emaar Misr
Prices start from 15,000,000 EGP
5% Down payment
8 Installment years
Prices are subject to change
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Project details
Compound Name Belle Vie
The Developer Emaar Misr
Available Units Villas- Townhouses- apartments
The Compound space 500 Feddan
The average sapce of units The space of the residential units in Belle Vie starts from 86 m2 and up to 516 m2.
Payment plans 5% down payment, and an 8-year instalment.
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Belle Vie Compound is considered one of the top breakthrough projects launched by Emar Misr Company in New Zayed with worldwide-class standards.

Emar Misr Company is meant to redefine the housing experience in Egypt through its flagship project “ Belle Vie New Zayed” which is developed on 500 Feddan; a gated community where residents are privileged to get whatever they need within one step away from their homes.

Yet, the project of “Belle Vie Emaar” surpassed customers’ expectations with its outstanding residential unit variety that lies on a solution-oriented approach.

In a nutshell, Belle Vie Compound comprises all the possibilities that classify the compound as one of the top luxurious residential communities in Sheikh Zayed City.

Time to upgrade your experience now!

Belle Vie Compound Location

Belle Vie Compound is located in Sheikh Zayed City, more specifically situated within a 3-minute distance from the Cairo-Alex desert road. Such a strategic location that is connected with the main gateways is the first privilege that shall be mentioned; as residents will be able to commute freely around the city arriving at their destinations within minutes.

The neighbourhood of Belle Vie Compound in New Zayed is considered a plus for property owners to reside near the top high-class communities in October, such as Beverly Hills Compound.

The nearby places from Belle Vie:

  • Mall Hyper is 3 minutes away from Belle Vie.
  • Belle Vie New Zayed Compound is located 3 minutes away from Alexandria-desert road.
  • It’s only 8 minutes away from Sphinx airport.
  • Going to Cairo Gate from Belle Vie Emaar requires 15 minutes.
  • The distance between Al Dabaa Corridor and Emaar Project is 8 minutes.
  • The distance between the Rwod Al Faraj axis and Belle Emaar is 3 minutes.
Belle Vie New Zayed Location

Belle Vie New Zayed map

The land space of Belle Vie New Zayed & its iconic design

Emar Misr Launched a new Mega Project “Belle Vie New Zayed” on a massive land space of 500 Feddan, such a spacious space was one of the main reasons behind providing the top-notch integrated residential compound in October City.

How the compound is divided into connected valleys with so much space of lush greenery areas in between is a manifestation of the contemporary lifestyle brought recently in the fourth-generation cities.

Belle Vie New Zayed is ideally designed & partitioned into different spaces where each space comprises a certain type of unit.

For example, Lake Villas and Garden Villas feature elegant villas only, Plaza residents and Beach View Residence are the top two spaces to find well-utilized apartments in Belle Vie New Zayed, and finally, the space of valley villas is dedicated to town villas.

The Architectural Design of Belle Vie

Belle Vie  is classified as one of the top flagship projects in Sheikh Zayed City due to its remarkable architectural design, which was a clear scheme for Emaar Misr Company.

The flawless facilities allocation and the iconic design represented in Belle Vie that enable residents to move from their houses to drive their kids to their school and then move to their business space is the newly lavish lifestyle of 21 century that makes life easier.

Most importantly, the space designed between the residential units is wide enough to ensure safety and privacy, as the design team outlined trails of 50,7 m2 in width to separate between villas.

vIilla Belle Vie Emaar Misr

Residential Villa in Belle Vie Emaar

Types of residential units in Belle Vie Emaar

Emar Company was keen to offer the most required residential units that customers are looking for; as the unit space in Belle Vie Emaar plays a critical role in the purchasing factors for property buyers.

If Belle Vie in Sheikh Zayed is one of your top preferences for the ideal home, you can choose from the following types (Standalone Villas- apartments- Quad Villas, Town Villas), check the average space of each type of unit:

  • The space of Apartments in Belle Vie Emaar starts from 86 to 215 m2.
  • The Duplexes space starts from 164 m2 and up to 260 m2.
  • Townhouses in Belle Vie feature an average space of 200 m2.
  • The space of Villas starts from 204 m2 and up to 516 m2.

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Villas for sale in Belle Vie

Villa with Glass facades in Belle Vie

Top Features & Services in Belle Vie Compound by Emar

Belle Vie Compound supports the integration model as its main approach, thus, residents can find a wide range of services and facilities within minutes from their homes.

  • BV Club is constructed on a large land to provide residents with ultimate support for their favourite sports through expert trainers and well-prepared grounds, and advanced equipment.
  • On second place, the education facility in Belle Vie comprises an international school, a nursery, and a learning hub so residents can boost their children’s knowledge level.
  • Belle Vie Emaar is renowned for its strong surveillance system that covers all public spaces.
  •  A complex of stores and bakeries is available inside the Plaza, where elegant apartments exist.
  • The Town Center is the ideal space for Belle Vie New Zayed residents as they can enjoy five-class beverage service at their favourite restaurant.
  • One of the main benefits provided by Belle Vie Compound is the health complex that hosts a gym, a spa centre, and physical therapy clinic.
  • The compound is designed with lengthy Jogging trails that embrace all the residential spaces.
  • Belle Vie Emar includes Many playgrounds for children
  • The commercial area in Belle Vie Compound offers a five-star shopping experience for its residents as it includes well-known stores and brands.

Belle Vie Prices & Payment system

Belle Vie New Zayed by Emaar offers super competitive prices for its units that grant a premium quality in terms of finishing and the surrounding facilities.

Belle Vie Prices: 

  • The average price for Villas in Belle Vie Compound is 15.000.000 Eg.

Instalment System of Belle Vie New Zayed

For the reason that how the total cost is paid impacts buyers’ decisions, Emar Misr announced that property buyers are allowed to pay the remaining of their costs over 8 years.

  • Purchasing a unit in Belle Vie New Zayed requires a 5% down payment.

Why Choose Belle Vie Emaar?

Indeed, Belle Vie Emaar Compound is expected to be the first choice for property buyers who are looking for a distinctive level of elegance and luxury.

The Name of the developer always plays a critical factor in the making-decision process for any buyer. In other words, purchasing a unit from a good-reputed company guarantees customers their rights to all the said specifications.

Launched by A dominating company such as Emaar Misr accentuates the real value of the compound among the other residential projects. As Emaar aims to provide its customers with the best strategic location, the highest level of integration, and a perfect variety of unit types. Investing in a real estate property is a lifesaver hack to not only keep the value from fluctuations but also to double its value.

In a nutshell, owning a property in the heart of New Zayed where all the services and facilities are provided inside or near the compound is worth each pound.

The developer of Belle Vie New Zayed Compound: Emar Misr

Emar Misr Company, a leading real estate Company, was introduced to the global market in 1997. Since then, the company kept making huge progress in the housing industry in Egypt and other different countries, by providing exquisite personalized services.

Belle Vie New Zayed is classified as one of the top projects of Emaar Misr in a fourth-generation city “New Zayed”, Belle Vie is expected to dominate the housing industry during the coming period. 

After 25 years of success, Emar Misr today is celebrating the development of 1.6 million meters for residential and business purposes, with an approximate number of 105,500 buyers.

Emar Misr has been contributing to launching top-notch projects with a clear focus on the fourth-generation cities, such as Uptown Compound in the heart of New Cairo, Cairo Gate in Zayed City, and finally, Marassi Compound on the North Coast.

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FAQ about Belle Vie Emaar Compound

Who is the developer of Belle Vie Sheikh Zayed?

Emaar Misr

What is the location of Belle Vie Compound?

Belle Vie is located in New Zayed, 3 minutes from Hyper Mall

What is the prices of Belle Vie Sheikh Zayed?

The average price is 15,000,000

What is the land space of Belle Vie?

500 Feddan

What is the payment system of Belle Vie

5% down payment & 8-years instalment

How can I contact the sales team in Belle Vie Emaar?



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