Kayan Compound 6 October by Badreldin Company

Kayan Compound 6 October by Badreldin Company
Prices start from 7,500,000 EGP
35% Down payment
3 Installment years
Prices are subject to change
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Project details
Compound Name Kayan Compound
The Developer Badr Eldin Company
Available Units Apartments- townhouses
Payment System 35% down payment, and 3-year instalment
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Kayan Compound in 6 October is one of the top prestigious projects of Badr Eldin Company for developments that offers a perfect variety of apartments and townhouses.

Kayan Compound is uniquely developed to offer a fully-faceted housing experience in which residents can get a top-flight level of services without the need to step out of the compound.

Some of the available services in Kayan are (Sports club- jacuzzi hub- commercial area- Bbq venue- food corner- landscapes).

Indeed, the extent level of how Badr EL-Din Company listened to its customers’ voices didn’t stop at providing amazing service structure and fascinating design in Kayan 6 October, as the company prioritized setting competitive prices as one of their main considerations to gain customers’ satisfaction.

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 residential buildings in kayan compound

Residential space in Kayan Overlooking green spaces

The location of Kayan Compound

Kayan Compound features a highly strategic location inside Grand highest in October City, on plot 10. The fact that Badr Eldin company decided to launch its prestigious project on one of the most accessible roads “Boulevard Road” through which residents can move freely inside and outside the city makes it a unique experience for property owners.

  • Kayan Compound Sheikh Zayed is located near Hyper One
  • Arabia Mall is the rear destination for Kayan Compound
  • Sheikh Zayed City is one of the main vicinities for Kayan October
  • Most importantly, the compound’s proximity to the 26 July axis enables residents to arrive at whatever their destination effortlessly.
  • Kayan is also close to Nogom Al Mostakbal Studium, Juhayna Square, Mall of Egypt, and Wadi Degla Club.

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The land space of Kayan Compound

Badr El Din Company specified a huge area of 83 Feddan to launch its milestone “Kayan Compound”; a sufficient space to provide a wide selection of residential units of different types.

It’s worth mentioning that Badr Eldin Company hardened its recruitment criteria to choose the eligible designing team to outline the Kayan Sheikh Zayed Compound space; an expert team capable of turning a piece of land into a state-of-art.

In order to add a sense of elegance, the architect team who is responsible for designing Kayan Compound 6 October determined to dedicate around 80% of the compound total space to building landscapes and facilities.

Kayan Compound

Types of Residential Units in Kayan Compound Sheikh Zayed

Kayan Compound in Sheikh Zayed features an excellent diversity of residential units in a perfect space for each type. Each unit is designed with premium glass facades to cope with modern European techniques.

Check the available types now:

  • The apartment space in Kayana Sheikh Zayed starts from 90 m2 to 165 m2.
  • Type A apartments include three bedrooms.
  • Type B apartments include two bedrooms.
  • Type C apartments include two bedrooms.
  • The minimum space for a townhouse in Kayan Compound is 200 m2, four bedrooms are included.

Property Buyers who decide to buy a unit in Kayan are privileged to receive their units fully finished in terms of the quality of walls, floors, and interior division.

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Villa in Kayan October Compound

Residential building in Kayan

Top Features & services in Kayan 6 October Compound

Badr El Din Company for Developments prioritizes customers’ interests and demands as a success factor that can classify their efforts at the top list of the dominating real estate companies in Egypt.

Therefore, Badr Eldin Company was keen to feature its project” Kayan 6 October Compound” with a high level of integration and functionality, so customers can enjoy a multi-faceted enriched housing experience, where all services are available next to their doors.

  • Jogging tracks in Kayan Compound ins Sheikh Zayed are designed at a distance from the traffic areas which grants more level of safety.
  • The Market is minutes away from the residential spaces, and it provides endless types of grocery and home needs.
  • Kayan 6 October includes cafes and restaurants that provide the best taste and unique staff hospitality
  • The design of the Landscapes in Kayan Sheikh Zayed distinguishes living in Kayan as a unique experience for a fascinating scenery view.
  • Many Kids’ areas are perfectly spread around the residential spaces.
  • Kayan Compound Zayed includes a BBQ area where residents can enjoy the vibes of grilling.
  • Kayan 6 October provides a high level of security for its customers through smart and advanced surveillance systems.
  • The social club in Kayan is a place where family members can enjoy doing different activities or meeting their beloved ones.

Kayan Prices & Payment System

Kayan prices are set in variance according to the unit type and its space, letting customers experience price competitiveness according to the prices of the neighbourhood.

The average price of a mid-size unit in Kayan October is 7,500,000 Egp.

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The down payment & delivery date of Kayan October

A 35% of the total cost is required as a down payment to purchase a unit in Kayan October, and a 3-year period is the eligible instalment period for customers to pay their dues. As the company realizes how the instalment period plays a critical role in the purchase decision for customers.

What is the delivery date for units in Kayan Compound?

The said Delievery period in Kayan October is set inn accordance with the unit type, check now

  • Apartments for types (A, B, and C) will be delivered after two years.
  • The townhouse will be delivered after three years.
  • The apartment (Type D) is expected to be delivered after four years.
Kayan Compound residential unit

Residential unit designed with glass facades in Kayan Compound

The developer of Kayan Compound 6 October

The fact that Badr Eldin Company is the developer of the Kayan Compound 6 October Compound led to the construction of one of the most prominent residential projects in October City.

Badr Eldin Company has contributed to mega projects in the real estate industry since 2006. During its successful presence in the market, the company was always keen to prove integrity in developing and customizing what benefits the resident.

Badr El Din Company established other residential projects such as Arkan Plaza, Karma 1, Karma 2, Karma 3, Karma Residence, and Mazzar Mall.

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FAQ about Kayan October Compound

Who is the developer of Kayan October?

Bad El Din Company

What is the location of Kayan Compound?

kayan is located in October city

What is the prices of Kayan?

The average price is 7,500,000

What is the land space of Kayan October?

83 Feddan

What is the payment system of Kayan October

35% down payment & 3-years instalment

How can I contact the sales team in Kayan October?



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