Zed Towers Sheikh Zayed| Upgrade your lifestyle with 10% down payment

Zed Towers Sheikh Zayed| Upgrade your lifestyle with 10% down payment
Prices start from 8,600,000 EGP
10% Down payment
9 Installment years
Prices are subject to change
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Project details
Compound Name Zed Towers
Compound Location Sheikh Zayed, only 3 minutes from Hyper one
Available Units Duplex- Apartments- Penthouses- Studio- Twin House
Payment Plans 10% down payment & 8-year instalment
The Developer Ora Development
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Zed Towers is a prestigious 165-Feddan Compound launched by Ora Development in the heart of Sheikh Zayed to be one of the top requirements for property buyers in Egypt.

Ora Development has exerted its capacity to the full to provide a fully-integrated community, Zed Towers Sheikh Zayed, where endless types of amenities are provided to boost the daily lifestyle of residents. 

Some of the available services provided in Zed Towers are Sports and social clubs, private and shared garages, commercial malls, cultural-based services, entertaining activities, huge parks, pharmacies and medical clinics, security, and, finally, multiple housing options.

Yet, the company managed to keep its outstanding level by providing state-of-art landscapes and breathtaking views so you can get a one-of-a-kind housing experience.

It’s time to take your experience to the highest level in one of the best compounds in 6 October, Zed El Sheikh Zayed, here’s detailed info regarding prices and available units for sale.

Zed El Sheikh Zayed

Where is Zed Towers Compound located? 

Near the top residential compounds in Sheikh Zayed, Zed Towers Compound is strategically located to be featured with its lively location on El Nozha Street.

The Compound’s proximity to both the 26 July axis and the Alex-desert road provides you with high accessibility to your destination around Egypt. 

Nearby Places from Zed Towers Zayed

  • Zed Towers is located 8 minutes away from American Plaza
  • Zed El Sheikh Zayed is located 3 Minutes away from Hyper One 
  • Just 11 Minutes to arrive at Juhayna Square from your home at Zed Towers.
  • The compound is situated in high proximity to Ahly Club, Rabwa Compound, and Yasmine Compound.

The Architectural Design of Zed Towers Sheikh Zayed 

On a massive space of 165 Feddan, Zed Towers Sheikh Zayed has taken place to give you the opportunity to experience an opulent lifestyle where the top-flight architectural designs and awe-inspiring landscapes.

Ora Development announced its contribution with Watg London, one of the designing pioneers in more than 170 countries, to bring more contemporary and mixed-use designs.

To align with the company’s main vision of bringing happiness to the smallest details in both residential and business projects, Zed Towers Sheikh Zayed was designed with huge breathtaking views to be essential elements for all the residential units. 

Zed Towers Sheikh Zayed Landscapes

Landscapes of Zed Towers Sheikh Zayed

Types of Residential Units in Zed Towers 

Ora Development is committed to offering a wide variety of residential units in different spaces and unique interior divisions in Zed Towers, so customers can find the most appealing choice for their families.  The available types are ( Duplex- Apartments- Penthouses- Studio- Twin House)

  • Each Residential block in Zed Towers Compound is designed either on 10 floors or 20 floors.
Type of Unit Average Space
Apartments The minimum space for apartments is 53 Sqm for 1 Bed Garden (A E5), while the maximum space is +190 Sqm. 
Duplex The average space is 213 Sqm up to 443 Sqm for a five-bedroom duplex.
Penthouse The space of an average 3-Bedroom Penthouse starts from 208 Sqm.
Studio 55 Sqm is the smallest space provided for a small studio in Zed Towers.

Kindly note that customers can choose to receive their unit in Zed Towers In a fully super finish.

What are the Top Amenities attached to the Blocks of Zed Towers Sheikh Zayed?

Zed Towers Sheikh Zayed is featured with two different types of buildings; Park Towers and Prime Towers.

Park Towers, 20-Floor buildings, allocate nearly the first three floors for retail shopping while the remaining floors, starting from the fourth, are dedicated to residential use. A direct view of the central park in Zed Towers Zyaed is what distinguishes Park Towers.

Residential Towers are considered a mid-level size that includes 10 floors offering different types of residential units including Ground Floor apartments, and roof-based penthouses. 

Ora Development introduces a totally new concept in “Zed El Sheikh Zayed” of shared residential buildings by providing a wide group of amenities inside each building.

  • Shared and children’s pools
  • Covered Parking 
  • Looby
  • Study Area
  • Kitchen Applies
  • Children Playground 
Zed Towers compound apartments

Interior Design for apartments in Zad El Sheikh Zayed

Top Features & Services in Zed Towers  

“Next to Your Door” is a new approach that Ora Development applies while setting the master plan of Zed Towers, the company meant to enable residents to get all their needs with no further steps.

Regarding entertainment, the compound specialised space for each member of the family provides the exact type of joy they need. For example, Zed Park is the place where multiple types of activities are executed throughout the year delivering high levels of amusement, which include the sports complex, Winter festival, and Meme Festival. 

Residents can enjoy daily and yearly theatric views in the Park which is announced previously by the compound management team.

If you are willing to upgrade your lifestyle where all kinds of amenities are steps away from your home, or even provided in the same building, check now the available features in Zed Ora.

  • Retail stores and well-known local brands have an offshoot inside Zed sheikh Zayed Towers.
  • Sports Clubs offer different types of physical games under the supervision of Egypt’s top trainers and coaches.
  • Pharmacies in Zed Towers Zayed operate their businesses 24h a day.
  • Cinema multiplex adds more fun to the community.
  • The design of Zed Park, in Zed Towers, is outlined in alignment with the French building styles to give more urban-mixed vibes.
  • Zed Towers includes huge and perfectly-equipped Gyms for both genders; most importantly, Ora is keen to hire only well-experienced coaches with a nutrition background.
  • The bookstore is a cultural-based addition to Zed Towers for those who love to keep enriching their knowledge constantly. 
  • Banks and ATM machines are installed all over Zed Towers.
  • The extensive security level provided in Zed Zayed is one of the main features that push buyers to take their housing experience to the next level.
  • The compound paved tracks for residential uses.
  • Zed Zayed features the launch of multiple Kids’ areas with a wide group of games that fit children of different ages.
Zed Towers Sheikh Zayed

The Plaza in Zed Towers

Zed Park in Zed El Sheikh Zayed

Ora Company managed to promote its project “Zed El Sheikh Zayed” with the splendour design of Zed Park, which is constructed on a vast space of 65 Feddan. The park showcases an exceptional level of majesty as Dr Maher Stino, a professor of architecture who supervised the construction of Al Azhar Park, was keen to set an enchanting design driven by the French vibes.

Zed Towers Park is meant to provide the ultimate happiness for residents through an amusement park, in addition to the possibility to hold different activities. One of the main activities that can be played on a weekly basis in Zed El Sheikh Zayed is theatric plays where actors are performing shows for both adults and kids.

Zed Towers Prices & Payment Plans

Zed Towers prices are considered a genuine opportunity for investment or housing purposes due to the high lifestyle quality provided in the Project.

  • The price of a two-bedroom apartment in Zed Towers that is designed within a space average of 98 meters is 3.300.000 Egp.

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The Instalment Plans of Zed Towers Sheikh Zayed

Upon customers’ requirements, Ora development declared the launch of two prominent instalment plans featuring ease of payment. 

If you are about to purchase a luxurious unit in Zed Towers, you can choose one of the following systems:

  • (The six-year system) Customers can pay a 10% down payment and then pay 5% after three years from the date of contracting. The rest of the dues can be paid within 6 years. 
  • (The eight-year system) Customers pay a 10% down payment, while the remaining has to be paid for 8 years.

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Ora Development: Zed Ora 

Ora Development is one of the pioneering developers in the real estate industry that managed to acquire a huge percentage of the Egyptian market because of its unique selling points.

As an Egyptian joint stock company, Ora was introduced to customers for the first time in 2016 under the name of Gemini International for Real Estate Development. After two years of its inception, the Chairman “ Naguib Swiris” decided to change its name to “Ora Development”

Throughout the last 6 years, the company launched inspiring projects that were positioned as Egypt’s top residential projects viral because of its solution-based approach in which a customer can find a customized option to his needs.

Ora Development Portfolio 

  • Zed East 
  • Pyramids Hills 

Other Projects in October City 

FAQ about Zed Towers Sheikh Zayed

Who is the developer of Zed Towers Sheikh Zayed?

Ora Development

What is the location of Zed Towers Sheikh Zayed?

Zed Towers is located in Sheikh Zayed, 8 minutes from American Plaza

What is the prices of Zed Towers Sheikh Zayed?

The average price is 3300000

What is the land space of Zed Towers El Sheikh Zayed?

165 Feddan

What is the payment system of Zed Towers Sheikh Zayed?

10% down payment & 6-years instalment

How can I contact the sales team in Zed Towers Sheikh Zayed?


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