Carnelia Resort in Ain Sokhna

Carnelia Resort in Ain Sokhna
Prices start from 1,735,000 EGP
8% Down payment
12 Installment years
Prices are subject to change
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Project details
Project Name Carnelia
Project Location Ain Sokhna
Available units Chalets at Carnelia are provided at the following spaces (90, 115, 150, 165,)
Payment System 8% down payment, and 12-year installment
For inquires 01101112515

A new mesmerizing destination featuring spectacular views of the turquoise crystal lagoons and the golden sun is awaiting you to experience the highest volumes of luxury in “Carnelia Resort” in Ain Sokhna.

Carnelia Sokhna Resort was recently launched by Anja Development near Al Galala City to showcase how elegance and vibrancy can be perfectly immersed in one place.

Anja Development distinguished the Resort with a huge variety of activities & services, such as an aquarium club, venues, health clubs, restaurants & Cafes, retail stores, security, etc.

It’s notable to highlight how the Carnelia project in Ain Sokhna can stand alone in the rival competition between the coastal projects with its luxurious chalets and villas that are provided at Competitive prices.

So, if you are looking for a premium spot to spend an enthralling vacation with your family where they can unlock the secrets of elegance and luxury, check out all the available features of Carnelia El Sokhna Resort.

The location of Carnelia Resort by ANJA

Carnelia Resort is located in one of the foremost strategic and luxurious spots in Ain Sokhna with obvious proximity to Al Galala City of 11.6 km. The significance of the project location lies in its closeness to different vital places and the nearby cities, a perfect location that provides property owners with accessibility to the main highways:

Nearby Places from Carnelia Sokhna & Other Vicinites

The distance between Carnelia & Sokhna Toll Station is 30 km
The distance between the resort & Suez—Sokhna Road 40 km
The distance between the resort & Katameya—Sokhna Highway is 95 km
The distance between Carnelia Sokhna and Cairo Gates is 120 km
The distance between the resort & Cairo—Suez Highway is 120 km
The distance between the resort & Kuraimat—Zaafarana Road is 120 km
The distance between the resort & Hurghada—Zaafarana Road is 320 km

The Land Space of Carnelia Sokhna Resort

Carnelia Sokhna Resort is stretching over a huge land space of 100 Feddan, which is approximately 42,0000 meters, that takes the coastal experience to a new level of integration and vibrancy.

A seamless experience where the enchanting natural views are embracing your home, as the resort is built over a high cliff with 160 meters of height above sea level giving a panoramic view for residents. In addition to 12,000 meters of brilliantly-designed lagoons that add an extensive sort of elegance and luxurious atmosphere.

Indeed, the magnificence of Carenlia El Sokhna Resort lies in its sustainable and smart master plan that lies on the landscapes as the main component for buildings, covering more than 75% of the total land space.

Carenlia Sokhna

The Crystal Sea in Carnelia village

Types of residential Units in Carnelia Resort in Ain Sokhna

Ajna Company recently announced the available residential units at Carnelia Resort in Ain Sokhna, which reflects the company’s deep understanding of the market needs.

  • The space of Chalet A10 – Ground floor that includes 3 bedrooms in Carnelia Sokhna is 150 Sqm.
  • The space of Chalet A10, only 2 bedrooms are included, is 110 Sqm.
  • The space of Chalet A10 – Type A- that includes 3 bedrooms is 160 Sqm. [ First Floor]
  • The space of Chalet A10 – Type B- that includes 2 bedrooms is 115 Sqm. [ First Floor]
  • The space of Chalet A10 – Second floor that includes 3 bedrooms is 150 Sqm.
  • The space of Senior Chalets B1 is 175 Sqm, the roof space is 26 m2, while the penthouse is designed with a considerable space of 55 m2.
  • The space of Chalet Building D – First Floor is 90 Sqm.
Chalet in Carenlia Sokhna

Two-floor chalet in Carnelia ain sokhna

The Architectural Design of Carnelia Sokhna Resort

Anja Development partnered with Creato Design Company to consult the designing phase of Carnelia Sokhna Resort, one of the dominant design consultants known globally.

The reason behind this partnership is Anja’s determination to introduce a new innovative design that is second to none, an authentic design that unifies and models the latest architectural techniques with a superb artistic scene.
Keeping in alignment with the cliff-based designs found in Sokhna, enabled the company to luxuriate in the scene.

According to the interior designs of Carnelia Ain Sokhna, Anja showcased expertise in providing an ultra-modern design that is clyster clear in how the porcelain, marble, and painting colours are perfectly intertwined to provide the highest realm of luxury.

Carenlia Sokhna

Top Features & Services in Carnelia El Sokhna Resort

Carnelia Resort is placed on the top list of the most integrated projects in Ain Sokhna that offers a fully vibrant lifestyle through several activities, services, and facilities.

Most importantly, Anja Company paid attention to the top obstacles that may face a special needs person, and provide a vital solution. One of these solutions is the precisely-equipped elevators and stairs to suit their needs.

  • The residence and commercial areas in Carnelia El Sokhna include a variety of Restaurants and well-known cafes
  • Anja launched a mid-size commercial mall where residents can find their daily shopping needs, in addition to different ps activities.
  • Carnelia Ain Sokhna Resort is highly secured by implementing E-gates, safety guards, and CCTV systems.
  • Anja offers a well-equipped Health Club to simulate the capital city quality, comprising different services, such as a spa, jacuzzi, and gym
  • Carnelia Anja includes Venues that can be exploited to hold different types of events, barbecues, engagements, and parties.
  • The company didn’t stop at providing mesmerizing crystal lagoons, they built several swimming pools all over the project.
  • Aqua park is one of the main spots in Carnelia village that add more fun for residents, regardless of their ages, through water-based activities
  • The resort offers a Kids’ area where children can enjoy a super exciting night.

Carnelia Sokhna Prices & its Payment System

Anja Company was keen to offer competitive prices and an easy-to-control payment system to categorize its project ” Carnelia” as one of the top investment opportunities in Ain Sokhna.

  • The average price for a mid-size chalet in Carnelia Sokhna starts from 1,735,000 Egp.

Kindly, consider that the mentioned price is subject to change.

The Payment System of Carenllia Resort

In addition to Carnelia prices, which are hard to resist, Anja announced 4 flawless payment systems to suit customers’ different needs.

  • The first plan requires paying an 8% down payment and installing the remaining cost over 12 years, no interest is added.
  • The 2nd plan is set as follows: the interested buyer has to pay 5% to book his place and pay the second down payment of 5% after three months. The installment period lasts up to 8 years.

For More Payment systems with detailed info,

Don’t hesitate to Contact us.

Carenlia ain sokhna lagoons

crystal lagoons in ain sokhna

The developer of Carnelia Ain Sokhna Resort

Carnelia Resort was launched by Anja Development, a leading real estate company launched in 2019, in Ain Sokhna with a total capital investment of 3 billion.

Anja Development is a holding real estate company under which there’re four other subsidiaries working in the construction and development fields, under the supervision of Eng/ Sherif Saleh.

Anja Company seeks to make an impact in real estate in Egypt by boosting lifestyle quality and breaking traditional bounds.

The company announced that the first phase of the Carenlia project will be delivered in 2024.

FAQ about Carnelia Resort Ain Sokhna

Who is the developer of Carnelia Resort Ain Sokhna?

Anja Development

Where is Carnelia Resort located?

Ain Sokhna, Near Al Galala City

What are the types of units in Carnelia Resort Ain Sokhna?


How can i contact the consulting team in Carnelia Resort Ain Sokhna?

Call the following number: 01101112515


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