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Last updated 2022-04-19

Information about IL Bosco New Capital Compound

IL Bosco New Capital is one of the latest residential projects in the New Administrative Capital, as it is a new urban breakthrough implemented by one of the leading giant Egyptian companies in the field of real estate development.

IL Bosco New Capital is located in a strategic location, to say the least, as it is close to the important vital potential, and it was developed on a huge area with green spaces, as well as providing different units with various spaces that suit all social and age groups.

The prices of il Bosco New Capital are the most characteristic of the compound, as they are very ideal prices followed by ideal payment systems that have high flexibility that facilitate the purchase process for customers, and other advantages are available, follow us in the following article to learn about them.

Apartments for sale in IL Bosco, the administrative capital, in installments over 9 years, book your unit now

Apartments for sale in IL Bosco New Administrative Capital

What is the location of the Bosco New Capital compound?

The location of IL Bosco Compound is characterized by its central geographical location between the most famous and most prestigious areas and neighborhoods in the New Administrative Capital, as it is a residential, commercial, and administrative compound located directly on the main southern street of Mohamed bin Zayed.

Places near Compound il Bosco New Capital

The strategic location of Bosco Administrative Capital was one of the most important reasons for the popularity of the project, which was the reason why customers and investors searched for apartments for sale in the Compound IL Bosco, due to its location near several important areas, as follows:

  • IL Bosco is located near the Al Massa Hotel and the Medical District.
  • Misr Italia, the administrative capital, is also located 5 minutes from Al-Fattah Al-Alim Mosque.
  • And it is about 5 from the diplomatic district.
  • The compound is located near the new opera house.
  • It is located 5 minutes away from the diplomatic area.
  • It is 5 minutes away from the Green River.
  • 15 minutes from Capital International Airport.
  • 5 minutes from the fairgrounds Expo.
  • And it is about 20 minutes from New Cairo and the assembly.

What are the services and features of IL Bosco New Capital Compound

The Bosco New Capital compound provides its residents and patrons with all basic and recreational services so that life inside it is complete and full of vitality and meets all requirements, as follows:

  • In Bosco New Administrative Capital, there is a gym on a large area.
  • The Bosco Capital project contains many green spaces that are spread throughout the project so that all units can enjoy a unique view and a completely healthy and calm atmosphere.
  • For lovers of jogging and cycling, Bosco the capital has dedicated tracks for this special sport.
  • There are also tracks for running, walking and cycling within the Il Bosco Misr Italia compound.
  • The IL Bosco project includes a well-equipped Club House.
  • il Bosco New Capital houses a commercial area with the most famous international brands.
  • In the IL Bosco Misr Italia compound, there are social centers.
  • In the IL Bosco compound, the new administrative capital, Central Park, for more comfort in the compound.
  • Private garages to prevent crowding in il bosco new capital.
  • 24-hour security and guard are available.
  • In addition to the presence of high-quality surveillance cameras that work day and night throughout the compound to monitor all movements within the Bosco Capital project.
  • The project includes many swimming pools that are suitable for adults and children.
  • Beautiful turquoise-colored artificial fountains.
  •  There are international and foreign schools within the IL Bosco Misr Italia compound to ensure a high level of education.
  • Integrated administrative units for companies and individuals.
  • A cultural center with a theater that displays many plays.

The area of ​​il Bosco Compound

The space of il Bosco New Capital joins one of the most important advantages provided by Misr Italia for Real Estate Development in its residential project in the Administrative Capital, as the compound was built on an estimated area of ​​200 acres, i.e. more than 840,000 square meters.

The project includes all the basic and recreational services that made life inside the IL Bosco compound unique among the green spaces and all the factors of comfort, tranquility and complete privacy.

The space of apartments for sale in IL Bosco New Capital?

The huge space of the project was the reason for the multiplicity of units and their areas, and it contained many apartments for sale in the Compound IL Bosco Administrative Capital with different areas that give all clients all the needs they are looking for, as follows:

  • Apartments.
  • Separate villas.
  • Townhouse.
  • Twin house.

And each of these residential styles varies in terms of spaces and internal divisions of the number of rooms. The apartments start with their divisions from two rooms up to 3 rooms, with spaces for each room that vary according to the area of ​​the whole unit and the division of the apartment.

As for the villas, townhouses, and twin houses, they certainly have different areas and different subdivisions. In general, the apartment spaces in the IL Bosco project start from 130 square meters up to 200 square meters.

The spaces start from 297 m² up to 530 m² for villas, townhouses and twin houses. It is worth saying that the exterior design of the units of IL Bosco New Administrative Capital was implemented by the company on the latest modern architectural styles.

While the interior designs of the units remained the property of its owner to be distinct and different from any other apartment in the compound.

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The area of ​​​​the apartments in Bosco compound, the capital

What are the prices of IL Bosco Egypt Italy?

The units within the il Bosco New Capital compound were provided at ideal and wonderful prices compared to the other services and features that are provided within the compound, as it is impossible for the customer to face a problem in prices when acquiring a unit from the apartments of the Compound Bosco New Capital.

What are the payment and installment systems for IL Bosco New Capital

Misr Italia was not satisfied with offering competitive and unparalleled prices in the heart of the New Administrative Capital, but rather completed what it had started and aimed at, which is to provide all amenities for customers by offering multiple payment and installment systems, including the following:

  • The customer can pay 5% of the unit price as a contract payment, then install the rest over 9 years , and the units are delivered semi-finished .

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Why the project of the capital Bosco?

The New Administrative Capital is located on a large and extended area of ​​more than 200 acres, in a privileged location in the heart of the New Administrative Capital in the R7 area on the southern axis of Mohammed bin Zayed.

Which is considered the future of the Egyptian urban space with its distinguished location on the borders of Badr City between the Cairo/Suez and Cairo/Ain Sukhna roads, and in the east of the regional ring road immediately after New Cairo and the Madinaty and Mostakbal projects.

This makes the entire administrative capital only 60 kilometers away from the heart of Cairo, and IL Bosco represents an integrated residential community in this pristine region of all of Egypt.

It is the ideal choice for lovers of comfort and tranquility, as it offers an innovative concept of modern housing with international designs surrounded by a lot of green spaces and water bodies.

The importance of housing in the new administrative capital

There are many wonderful features that are available within the city of the New Administrative Capital, which are sure to push you to live within one of its projects. The capital has wonderful ingredients that make you enjoy living inside it, and these features include the following:

  • The strategic location is located on the borders of Badr City in the area between Cairo Suez and Cairo Ain Sukhna, which is located directly after New Cairo, Mostakbal City and Madinaty.
  • The location of the new administrative capital is one of the most important landmarks, as it is about 60 km from Ain Sukhna, Suez, and from the areas of downtown Cairo.
  • The new capital has a large central park called Capital Park with an area of ​​more than 1,000 acres and a length of more than 10 km – equivalent to two and a half times the size of Central Park in New York, and the first model was built on only about 7 acres and is considered one of the most important investment opportunities in the New Administrative Capital.
  • An opera house will be established in the new administrative capital, and many cinemas and theaters in the new capital will witness the establishment of the first integrated international medical city, which is the exhibition city, which will be the largest international conference center, to serve the exhibition sector, and the establishment of many international conferences there.
  • The most luxurious types of residential units in it, whether apartments for sale in the New Administrative Capital, villas, twin houses, luxury homes and other units.
  • The new capital project will be connected with a new railway line with all railway networks in the republic.
    The inner streets of the capital are wide, with a street width of up to 120 meters.
  • The price per square meter for administrative capital units starts from 7 thousand Egyptian pounds, and the units can be purchased in installments over several years, without a provider, and a large space has been provided to suit all families.
  • About 3,500 Ministry of Finance employees will be transferred to the new administrative capital by March 2020, after receiving their units in the government district in January 2020. The Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs plans to transfer 40 percent of its employees in public positions to the new administrative capital.
  • Designed by world-famous real estate developers, the most luxurious compound in Egypt is characterized by many other luxury companies that provide all spaces and prices that suit you and all units.
  • The administrative capital has all the financial, administrative and commercial centers that serve the city, as well as its good architectural design, which separates the residential and industrial areas so that its residents can calm and rest.

Villa Compound IL Bosco Administrative Capital

Who is the real estate developer of IL Bosco Misr Italia compound

Misr Italia has established IL Bosco New Capital, and Misr Italia is one of the largest real estate companies in the Middle East, and it has established a wide range of real estate projects such as:

  • Sila New Cairo project.
  • Kai Sokhna Resort.
  • Kaye Resort North Coast.
  • La Nuova Vista Compound project in New Cairo.
  • Lanova Vista Mall, Fifth Settlement.
  • Vinci New Capital Compound.
  • Cairo Business Park Compound.
  • Vinci Street Mall, New Capital.
  • Mousa Coast Village.
  • El Bosco City Mostakbal Compound.

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