Telal Shores El Sokhna by Roya Development

Developer: Roya
Telal Shores El Sokhna by Roya Development
Prices start from 4,000,000 EGP
5% Down payment
8 Installment years
Prices are subject to change
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Project details
The project Name Telal Shores
Project Location Ain Sokhna, 10 minutes from Zafrana Road
The developer Roya Development
Project space 88 Feddan
Payment systems 5% down payment - 8-year instalments
Available units Villas- Chalets- Lofts
For inquiries 01101112515

Roya Development adds a new milestone to the record by announcing the launch of “Telal Shores El Sokhna“, The company promises its customers a unique coastal experience in which practicality and luxury meet together in perfect coherence.

Telal Shores span over an incredibly huge space of 88 Feddan, as the company revealed in the latest press, which equips the project to become a one-of-a-kind destination in El Sokhna.

Roya Development opens its doors for booking places within a range of 50k to 100k, to know more details about Telal Shores Ain Sokhna, Read this information to the full.

The location of Telal Shores

Telal Shores Village is located in clear proximity to both Zafrana Road and Porto in Ain Sokhna, with a distance of only 30 minutes from Suez City. The project features a water depth of 650 meters.

  • 10 minutes from Al Galala City
  • 15 minutes from Zafrana Road
  • 40 minutes from New Capital City
  • 65 minutes from Cairo

The Land Space & Design of Telal Shores El Sokhna

Telal Shores Ain Sokhna is your opportunity to be exposed to a distinguished mixture of natural beauty and sophisticated and modern designs. The master plan set by Roya Development for the project is meant to take your coastal experience to the next level.

The project is rolling over 80 Feddan, in addition to occupying a total sea length of 6km and  16,800 meters of swimmable lagoons which add a stunning paranormal view of the turquoise crystal water.

During the press and the announcement of the project’s launch, Roya Company highlighted its pride in choosing modern elegant designs that reflect the spices of nature through nude colours of earth and greenery shades.

Available Units in Telal Shores Ain Sokhna

Roya Development offers a wide collection of residential units, inspired by the Mediterranean Sea vibes for a seamless coastal experience.

The available units in Telal Shores are standalone, twinhouses, townhouses, chalets, and apartments.

  • Standalone Villa: BUA space is 300 Sqm- Garden average Space is 400 Sqm,
  • Twin house: The space starts from 185 m2, in addition to a huge garden with an average space of 154 m2.
  • Townhouse*Middle: 150 sqm- the corner space is 162 sqm- the Average garden space is 88 sqm.
Telal Shores El Sokhna Villa

Luxury Villa for sale in Telal Shores Ain Sokhna

The space of chalets in Telal Shores Village

Roya Development spotted the light of 3 prominent types of chalets that would be available for sale in Telal Shores Village in Ain Sokhna, which are Horizon Chalets- Typical Chalets- Sky Chalets

  • The average space of 2-bedroom Horizon chalets in Telal Shores Roya starts from 184 Sqm (Ground Floor)
  • The space of typical chalets is 109 Sqm.
  • The space of 3-bedroom typical chalets is 130 sqm.
  • The space of Sky Chalets in Telal Shores Ain Sokhna that includes 2 bedrooms starts from 101 sqm to 108.
  • The space of a 1-bedroom loft is 72 m2, in addition to a 33-meter garden.
  • The space of a 2-bedroom loft (typical floors) ranges from 116 Sqm.
  • The space of the 3-bedroom loft starts from 130 Sqm.
Telal Shores Chalets

Chalets for sale in Telal Shores

Top Features & Services in Telal Shores

Roya Development introduces a coastal community that speaks for rejuvenation, through a well-planned scheme that connects the residential areas with the served areas in Telal El Sokhna Shores.

In Telal Ain Sokhna, you are going to experience the coastal vibes of the Red Sea and still enjoy the same facilities as the main cities.

  • Telal Shores includes a sports court to activate your body and mind during the vacation.
  • supermarkets are well-spotted around the residential areas, in addition to a pharmacy to get all your medications within a few steps.
  • The project beach front side is 500 meters.
  • The swimmable lagoon spans a giant space of 16,800 m.
  • Roya said that Telal Shores El Sokhna will include a huge mosque.

Telal Shores El Sokhna Prices & Payment System

The company surprised its customers with a stunning collection of residential units in prime quality and different spaces, offered at competitive prices that start from 4.5 million Egp.

  • Lofts at Telal El Sokhna are available for sale at 3.7 million.
  • The price of a 2-bedroom Horizon chalets with an average space of 184 Sqm, including the garden, is 5.3 million Egp.
  • Sky chalets are available for sale at 5.7 million Egp.
  • The townhouse prices start from 7.5 million Egp.
  • The average price of 2-bedroom chalets (typical floors) is 4.7 million EGP

The instalment system in Telal Shores El Sokhna

If you are willing to indulge your family in a one-of-a-kind coastal vacation where they can feel the Red Sea vibes and still enjoy da distinguished level of tranquility, Telal Shores El Sokhna is what you are looking for.

  1. pay a 5% down payment.
  2. enjoy long instalments of up to 8 years.

Note that units will be available for residence during the next 4 years.

How I can book my place in Telal Shores Ain Sokhna

Simply, all you need to do is pay 50k if the preferred unit is a chalet. And if you are looking for luxury villas, you can book your place with 100k. Considering that this amount is totally refundable.

The Developer of Telal Shores in Ain Sokhna

Telal Shore is considered a new phase in Telal El Sokhna Village. Both projects are developed by Roya Development; a pioneering real estate company in launching branding residential and coastal projects that perfectly curate to buyers’ needs.

Rooya Development

Roya Company- the developer of Telal Projects

Since the company’s commencement in 2007, it has been endeavouring to reframe the housing experience, more specifically focusing on  4 vital factors:

1- How a perfect location can make residents’ lives more easier, in terms of how they can move around without spending too much time.

2- Using modern designs that are applied with advanced building techniques that aim to provide practical and creative solutions for a better and easier lifestyle.

3- A community that serves all residents’ needs ( medical- recreational- essential) is one of the first features customers look for, thus, Roya pays more attention to providing multi-use spaces for different facilities.

4- Unsurprisingly, the more the Payment system is easy, the more customers are willing to grab their opportunities.

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