De Joya New Capital Compound

De Joya New Capital Compound
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Project details
Compound Name DE JOYA
The compound Location 8TH District in New Capital city, B2 plot.
Project owner Taj Misr
Types of Residential units Duplexes- Villas- Apartments- villas
Payment Plnas 0% down payment, and up to a 9-year instalment.
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DE Joya New Capital compound offers an exceptional deluxe lifestyle where your dreams of a prime location and an integrated community become reality.

DeJoya is considered one of the prominent milestones of Taj Misr Company, in which the company managed to prove its solid expertise in designing breathtaking landscapes, offering customized housing options, and providing high-class luxurious services.

Moreover, the announced price list of De Joya New Capital is classified with its competitiveness among the neighbourhoods.

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The Location of De Joya New Capital

The location of De Joya Compound was chosen in the heart of the New Capital City in R8, by Taj Misr, more specifically in the B2 plot.

The compound’s perfect location provides residents with more accessibility to all the following areas:

  • Dejoya New capital compound is 10 minutes away from the opera house
  • The compound is located 10 minutes away from the international Airport in the New capital city.
  • It’s only 10 minutes To arrive at the expo land from De Joya Compound.
  • The compound is close to Green Park and the government district.

In addition to the above-mentioned nearby places, living in DeJoya Compound New Capital is considered a real-life opportunity for whoever looking to plan an enlightened future for his family.

In other words, the Compound is surrounded by an endless number of luxurious facilities, including the education hub, the medical city, and the diplomatic district.

Land Space of De Joya New Capital Compound

On a 23-Feddan land, Taj Misr Company launched its milestone “Dejoya New Capital” with a great master plan of top-needed facilities and services.

Taj Misr Company set a distinctive vision for the project’s space division which lies in dedicating the larger part of the compound to designing wide awe-inspiring landscapes to provide residents with the highest levels of sophistication and luxury.


The Architectural Design of De Joya Compound in New Capital

The architectural design of buildings in De Joya Compound in New Capital is a true simulation of the European lifestyle where the high blocks designed with glass facades overlook lush greenery views and the water-based elements are well-built to fascinate eyes.

The modernity represented in DeJoya New Capital is perceiving the elegant antiquity of the Egyptian culture, which led to classifying the design of the compound as the smartest in the New Capital City.

Taj Misr company was keen to provide turquoise views in the compound through fountains and a small splendid lagoon.

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Types of residential units in De Joya New Capital

Besides the brilliant design of the residential units in De Joya Compound in New Capital, the interior design was perceived as much attention by buyers due to its smart division.

De Joya New Capital features a well-studied variety of residential units in different spaces, so residents can get their perfect unit.

Check the available spaces:

Type of unit  Space 
Two-bedroom apartments (Type A)  It starts from 136 m2.
three-bedroom units ( A)  The minimum space is 179 m2.
one-bedroom units (B)  The average space is 72 m2.
three-bedroom units (B) The unit space Starts at 112 m2.
Four-bedroom unit (B) The unit space starts from 149 m2.
five-bedroom unit (B ) The unit space starts from 177 m2.
two-bedroom unit (C) The unit space starts from 129 m2.
Three-bedroom unit  The minimum space is 151 m2, one terrace included.
Three-bedroom unit ( C) The unit space starts from 112 m2

Finally, a variety of Sky Villas is provided in an average space of  300 Sqm.

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Dejoya compound in New Capital

Top features in DeJoya in New Capital

In the most fully-integrated communities in the New Capital City, you will experience a high sort of luxury and comfort. Check the available services in the compound:

  • De Joya New Capital Jogging tracks add more safety for joggers because of their separation from the transportation network.
  • De Joya 3 compound’s new capital includes three huge swimming pools
  • A Huge commercial mall that is full of the most known brands and stores.
  • Private and shared garages in both residential and commercial spaces.
  • A clubhouse that connects all the community members together with a clear consideration of their different interests by providing distinctive social and sports activities.
  • Medical clinics and pharmacies are open 24/7h.
  • Spa and Jacuzzi Center
  • Constant Maintenance services for all units.
  • Taj Misr deals with the best security companies for experienced safeguards.
  • De Joya New Capital features awe-inspiring breathtaking views of green parks and waterways.

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De Joya New Capital Prices & Payment System

Whether you are looking for an investment opportunity or a perfect residential unit, De Joya New Capital competitive prices shall be on your top list.

Moreover, Taj Misr company set up a smart payment system in which residents are privileged to choose their perfect plans.

Check the available payment plans in De Joya Compound New Capital:

  1. The first plan, the easiest one, requires a 0 % down payment and a 7-year instalment.
  2. The second plan allows buyers to pay only 5 % of the total cost as a down payment and pay
  3. The remaining periodically over 8 years.
  4. The third plan came as follows: paying a 10% down payment and paying the remaining over a period of 9 years.
  5. Kindly consider that the maintenance fee is 5%.

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The developer of Dejoya Compound in New Capital

Taj Misr Company is one of the forerunner companies in the real estate industry since 2006, the company is globally known as a subsidiary of the Egyptian International Construction Company.

During its long journey in the market, Taj Misr Company has been endeavouring to gain customer satisfaction as the main growth factor; offering fully-integrated residential spaces to the lifestyle in Egypt, including Dejoya new capital

Accordingly, Taj Misr developments are featured with exceptional premium quality that guarantees the highest value for its customers through a premium location and

De Joya Compound is not the only successful project for Taj Misr in the New Capital City, as the company is already cooperating to develop fourth-generation cities-based projects, which include 15 buildings in the R3 and an approximate number of 32 budlings in R5.

Other projects by Taj Misr:

  • Dyar Park Sabbour Compound
  • Bloom Bank Egypt
  • The address Compound

FAQ about De Joya New Capital Compound 

Who is the developer of De Joya New Capital?

Taj Misr

Where is De Joya Compound located?

Fifth Settlement

How can I contact the Consulting Team in Mountain View Icity?

Contact the following number: 01101112515


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