Rivan Compound New Capital by Al Tmaeer Arabia

Rivan Compound New Capital by Al Tmaeer Arabia
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Project details
Units types: apartments, duplexes, penthouses, standalone villas, and suspended villas.
The Owning Company: The Arab Development and Real Estate Development Company.
Payment systems: without down payment and in installments of the unit price for a period of up to 10 years.
Rivan Compound Location: It is located in the new administrative capital in the seventh district, plot F5.
Sales number: 01101112515
compound name: Rivan New Capital
spaces of units: start from 250 m2

Rivan Compound New Capital is one of the top prestigious compounds that was launched recently by Al Tameer Arabia in the R7 plot near the Green River.

providing various housing options in well-utilized spaces to match customers’ different needs, in addition to a group of essential and luxurious services.

People show interest in Rivan Compound New Capital because of its premium services provided which include housekeeping services, a Commercial hub, gyms, and an entertainment zone.

If you are looking to enhance your lifestyle in one of the most prestigious compounds where you can enjoy competitive prices, Rivan Compound shall be your first choice.

Rivan Compound New Capital Location

Rivan Compound New Capital

Rivan Compound is located in the heart of the capital city in R7, among the most prestigious and most integrated neighbourhoods where all the capital facilities and main buildings are steps away from the compound.

The strategic location of the Compound, near the Green River, is considered a plus for anyone who desires to be away from the hustle and bustle of the crowded area while still being connected to the city’s main gateways and axis.

Check the nearby places from the Rivan New Capital

  • The compound is located near both the diplomatic and financial districts.
  • Rivan Compound is 10 minutes away from the New Capital International Airport.
  • The distance between rivan compound Egypt and the cathedral is around 5 minutes.
  • Al Masa Hotel is one of the nearby landmarks of the project.

Land space of Rivan Compound New Capital

Al Tameer Company managed successfully to choose a strategic spot land near all the facilities of the capital city with a total space of 17 Feddan, which is a perfect space to provide residents with the most needed services in addition to fun areas.

Rivan Compound New Capital is perfectly designed to form an integrated community, where property owners don’t necessarily have to step out of the compound to get their needs.

Accordingly, the compound is designed with green areas allocated all over the compound to provide a sense of tranquillity and provide more privacy in terms of designing spaces between units.

Al Tameer Arabia selected the best design companies in the market that are capable of outlining contemporary architectural techniques for an enhanced lifestyle, where sophistication and elegance is the main theme.

Last, but not least, a huge commercial zone is under establishment in Rivan Compound to be the first choice for residents when they need to shop or enjoy mouth-watering dishes in one of the fancy restaurants.

Types of residential units in Rivan Compound

Rivan Compound New Capital

IN Rivan Compound, a wide selection of residential units is perfectly designed in different spaces to match your requirements for a better lifestyle.

Starting from 77 Sqm for a small studio or a commercial mall to 590 for a twin house or villa is the space standards provided in the compound. Considering that the total number of residential buildings inside Rivan Compound New Capital is 15, with around 7 floors attached to each building.

  • Duplex Space in rivan compound starts from 267 M2 and up to 396 M2.
  • Apartments space starts from 77 M2 and up to 250 M2.
  • The space of a standalone villa in Rivan starts from 300 M2 and up to 550 M2.
  • Linked Villas are designed with an average space of 88 M2.
  • The space of three-bedroom apartments is 164 m2.
  • The space of four-bedroom apartments starts from 254 M2.
  • The space of two-bedroom apartments starts from 114 M2.

What distinguishes Rivan’s buildings is the new addition of “ the Roof Top Lounge”, a terrace of shared facilities for the building residents, represented in the Gym, swimming pool, Spa, and jacuzzi.

Top 17 services in Rivan Compound New Capital

rivan compound

The provided services and amenities in Rivan Compound New Capital are the main reason why” you have to choose it for a prestigious and fully-sufficient lifestyle.

Besides the flawless compound’s location in the New Capital city, the master plan of Rivan New Capital Compound set by AL Tameer is meant to provide a premium quality lifestyle through a group of different services that match the needs of family members.

  • Rivan’s commercial zone includes a variety of shopping stores and local brands.
  • The compound offers its residents a high-quality medical service through pharmacies that operate its business 24/7h.
  • Rivan compound New Capital is designed with paved tracks and parks where residents can practice their physical activities effortlessly.
  • The compound provides a high-security level through safeguards whose responsibility is to make sure of the visitors’ identity.
  • The compound is provided with the latest camera system to ensure their system.
  • Rivan New Capital offers a zone for entertainment where family members can enjoy quality time.
  • The central kitchen is meant to facilitate the daily beverage mission, and it can be considered an advantage for holding events.
  • Laundry and housekeeping services.
  • All buildings are privileged with a terrace lounge that includes a swimming pool, spa, and Gym.
  • Daily and constant maintenance services.
  • The compound features Green areas and water-based elements to add a high sense of sophistication.
  • Kids’ area that implements the best safety labels for children.
  • Rivan’s Yoga hub is available to provide training services for both kids and adults.
  • Safeguards are responsible for ensuring residents’ safety.
  • Shared garages for vehicles in Rivan New Capital ensure belongings’ safety.
  • The compound resources support Solar energy as an alternative to clean energy.
  • Cycling tracks guarantee more safety for cyclists.

Rivan Compound Prices & Payment system

The prices of Rivan Compound New Capital are ideally set by AL Tameer Company to provide their customers with a genuine opportunity for investments where they can enjoy a premium quality of both services and home finish.

For a more easy payment process, the company announced that the installment period may last up to 9 years, with the needed facilities applied.

  • Finding a property for sale in rivan new capital without paying any down payment of the total unit cost and paying the remaining over 10 years.

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Rivan New Capital Compound Developer

al tameer arabian development

Al Tmaeer Arabia is an Egyptian Saudi Joint Company specializing in the real estate industry with a solid expertise of 27 years. Through its long journey, Al Tameer Company initiated partnerships with local and international consultancy firms.
Al Tameer Arabia outlined a clear vision of representing a transformation in the housing development industry through innovative designs and well-personalized facilities, with the main focus of gaining customers’ satisfaction as the main metric for the company’s growth.

Rivan Compound is considered one of the primary achievements of Al Tameer Company in Egypt, through which the company managed to imply its main success pillar of premium quality and authentic design.

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FAQ about Compound Rivan New Capital

Who is the developer of Rivan New Capital Compound

Al Tmaeer Arabia Company

Where is Rivan Compound located?

It is located in the new administrative capital in the seventh district, plot F5.

How can I contact the Consulting team in rivan?

Contact us through the following no: 01101112515

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