Floria New Capital Compound

Floria New Capital Compound
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Project details
Compound Name Floria
Compound Location New Capital City, R8.
Project owner Four Seasons Group
Types of units apartmnets- villas- duplexes
Payment system 5% is required as a down payment, and the rest can be paid over 12 years.
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Floria Compound is one of the recent projects in New Capital City that has been labelled as one of the top choices for buyers when it comes to a perfect variety of appealing housing options.

Four Seasons Groups, the project owner, introduced a top-notch architectural design in Floria New Capital Compound that speaks for practicality, authenticity, and splendour.

Yet, what makes Floria Compound residents’ first choice is its prime location in New Capital City, a strategic location that provides residents with a high level of accessibility.

Time to take your lifestyle to the next level with Floria

Floria New Capital

The location ofFloria Compound

Floria Compound is located in the heart of the New Capital City in R8, more specifically the compound is situated inside L1 Plot, one of the most prominent neighbourhoods in the administrative city, which is 10 minutes away from the diplomatic districts and Expo land.

Moreover, Floria’s strategic location guarantees access to three central streets, which adds a panoramic view for residents of different areas in the New Capital City.

The exceptional level of integration provided in the New Capital City, in addition to more benefits available inside the compound, is a plus for residents who are looking for an easy-to-handle and luxurious lifestyle.

For example, Floria Compound in New Capital City is surrounded by many facilities such as the medical city, financial districts, central park, monorail station, and the presidential palace.

The land space of Floria Compound in New Capital City

Floria New Capital Compound stretch over a 23-Feddan land space, offering a top-flight level of luxurious and practical designs. Four Seasons Group was keen to not only choose a prime location for its project but also a sufficient space that covers all owners’ needs and demands.

Four Seasons Group for Developments collaborated with Egypt’s best design team to turn the dream of experiencing tranquillity, the compound is a masterpiece of stunning views and each colour, design, and all the smallest details are ideally chosen to run in harmony melded in the remarkability of the architectural design.

As natural landscapes have become an essential part of luxurious lifestyles especially when it gets merged with the realms of modernity, the lush greenery areas in Floria New Capital Compound account for around 80% of the area’s total space.

The considerable space designed between each unit of around 20 or 50 meters is meant to bring more privacy.

Compound Floria

Types of residential units in Floria New Capital

Though the fact that the residential areas represent the smallest percentage of the compound space, the company managed to provide a wide selection of the top-required units, such as apartments (Small and mid-sizes), duplexes, and villas.

The internal design of homes provides residents with the top cosy lifestyle, as the company implements the latest architectural techniques that guarantee more space, fresh breezy air, and natural lights.

  • Four Seasons Group Development announced the availability of units for sale in perfect spaces that start from 120 m2.

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Top features & services in Floria New Capital Compound

The vitality represented in Floria New Capital compound is a focal purchasing factor for buyers, as living in an integrated community where all residents’ needs are fulfilled with excellence is a dream for many.

If Floria Compound is one of your preferences, check the available services and facilities:

  • Floria New Capital is designed with awe-inspiring parks and greenery landscapes.
  • The design of Floria Compound includes spaces for jogging tracks and cycling trails.
  • Four seasons Group developed a premium clubhouse where community members can enjoy their time sharing their interests.
  • Floria New Capital includes a huge commercial area where residents’ favourite brands and stores exist to offer the best shopping experience.
  • Floria Compound partnered with many famous restaurants and cafes that serve an exceptional level of deliciousness.
  • Four Seasons Group was keen to use a high surveillance system to monitor and preserve the residents’ safety.
  • The compound includes swimming pools suitable for adults and children.
  • Floria New Capital includes different outdoor activities for adults such as the cinema hub, lounges, the spa centre, in addition to a huge playground area for kids.
  • The maintenance services provided in Compound Floria shall be highlighted as one of the top benefits, as the company collaborated with a proficient team who offers an immediate premium service.

Floria New Capital prices & its Payment Plans

Four Seasons Group managed to exceed customers’ expectations in all the project aspects, yet, Floria Compound Prices came to dazzle customers with its competitivity regarding the surrounding projects that share the same luxurious quality in New Capital City.

Four Seasons Company for developments announced units for sale in Floria New Capital at unbeatable prices, contact us now.

The payment plan available in Floria New Capital Compound

Four Seasons Group is renowned for its facilitated payment programs that appeal to buyers’ needs, a small down payment and prolonged instalment system is always the perfect choice for customers.

  • A 5% down payment is required to get your unit in Floria Compound with the ability to pay the remaining cost over 12 years.

The developer of Four Seasons Group

Four Seasons Group Company has contributed to the development of the New Capital City by building Floria New Capital Compound, one of the top remarkable projects in the present time.

Four Season Group is one of the leading real estate companies that has been in the market for 12 years; the company features a long record of successful projects in the residential and commercial fields all over Egypt in both East and West of Cairo.

Some of these projects are Blue Mall, Evira Mall, Rixoz, and 7enty Mall are the top projects developed by Four Seasons in New Capital City.

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FAQ about Floria New Capital Compound

Who is the developer of Floria New Capital Compound?

Four Seasons Company

Where is Floria New Capital Compound located?

New Capital City

What are the types of units in Floria New Capital Compound?

Townhomes- villas- apartments

How can i contact the consulting team in Floria New Capital Compound?

Call the following number: 01101112515


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