Kardia New Capital by Capital Link

Kardia New Capital by Capital Link
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Project details
Compound Name Kardia
Project Owner Capital Link for developments
The Compound Location New Capital City, 8th district
Types of units apartments- duplexes
Payment system The company offers a wide selection of payment plans that start from a 5% down payment.
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Kardia New Capital Compound is a state-of-art community launched recently by Capital Link Developments, which is considered the company’s fifth project in the New Capital, where the fascinating landscapes and the European design are the main elements.

Capital Link Company entitled its project with “Kardia“, which means heart in Greece, to refer to its prime location in the heart of New Capital City which represents a linkage to the other districts and facilities. Yet, choosing a Greek-based word has a greater indication of the outstanding architectural design that implies an exceptional level of sophistication and opulence.

Capital Link for developments set a stunning variety of residential units for its project “Kardia New Captial” which includes apartments and duplexes in different spaces at competitive prices.

The location of Kardia Compound

Kardia Compound is located in a strategic spot in the New Capital City inside the 8th district, the vital location of Kardia is surrounded by multiple prominent facilities in the administrative city, such as the diplomatic district, the green river, and the New Museum.

Check the nearby palaces from Kardia New Capital:

  • Sokhna Road.
  • Muhamed Ben Zayed axis.
  • The new Capital airport.
  • The financial district
  • Opera House
  • Mostakbal City & New Cairo.
Kardia Compound location

Location of kardia compound

The land space of Kardia New Capital

Kardia Compound is situated on a huge land space of 23 Feddan, a community that promises its customers an exceptional level of integration, variety, and vitality.

According to the exteriors of Kardia New Capital Compound, one can notice how the use of minimal symmetrical designs with sharp edges intertwined with the glass facades has elevated the housing experience to the peak. Kardia New Capital is a place where first sight is pleasant.

The land division & Architectural design of Kardia Compound

Capital Link Partnered with prominent branded names in the architectural designing firms who succeeded in representing a perfect land division that is full of amenities and services.

For a visionary experience of how the lifestyle is functioning in Kardia New Capital, it’s necessary to know that the Compound is tied together with three main axes ( Enlighten, Hub, and Pixel).

The enlighten axis is the route through which residents can reach the centre of the community where the swimming hub and different corners for reading and relaxation do exist.

On the other side, the Pixel is the access to the yard where multiple social and physical activities are being performed, the yard is embraced with the simplicity of nature.

Finally, the Hub Axis is one of the significant places inside Kardia, as the hub comprises different sporting activities such as the paddle tennis court and the Olympic swimming pool.

Kardia New Capital Compound

Kardia Compound by Capital Link

Types of residential units in Kardia New Capital

Capital Link Company put into consideration people’s different tastes and inspirations for the place they’d like to live in. If you are of those people who admire living in wide spaces for more freedom, and if you are the one who is always looking for a medium space that is attached to a breezy Garden, Kardia is the place for both of you!

Accordingly, Capital Link introduces a well-decided variety of residential units in the Kardia New Capital Compound that includes apartments and duplexes.

Type of unit Space & Division
Three-bedroom apartments
  • The unit space is 147 Sqm.
Three-bedroom apartments ( a larger space)
  • The space of a larger 3-bedroom apartment is 167 Sqm. It includes one bedroom in a master size that includes a private bathroom and dressing area.
Three-bedroom apartments (2 terraces included)
  • The unit space is 188 Sqm.
Four-bedrooms apartments
  • The space of 4-bedroom apartments is 221 Sqm. one of the included bedrooms is designed in a master size with a dressing area and bathroom.
Duplex 1
  • Its space is 287 Sqm. The lower floor includes a Reception- A terrace- 3 Bathrooms- A kitchen- Bedroom 1- Maid Room- Maid’s Room.
  • While the upper floor includes 2 Bedrooms- 3 Bathrooms- Living Room- A lobby- A laundry space.
Duplex 2
  • The space of duplex 2 is 289 Sqm. The upper floor includes three bedrooms, while the lower floor includes a reception & dining area, Maid room, kitchen, etc.
Duplex 3 The space of Duplex 3 is 337 Sqm, the upper floor includes four bedrooms, two of which are provided in Master Size.

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Kardia New Capital Duplex

Duplex view in Kardia Compound

Top features & Services in Kardia Compound

Living in Kardia New Capital Compound promises the ideal housing experience that combines safety, comfort, and luxury.

Everything a resident may need is perfectly delivered in Kardia to support a non-stopping lifestyle, Kardia is the place where residents can start their morning by taking their coffees on their wide balcony where the sky and landscapes are dominating the scene.

Thereafter, Residents are privileged to have a quick smooth shopping in the plaza in the afternoon. when the sun goes off, and the enlightened city is under the spotlight, A blessed evening where children can enjoy quality time in the kids’ area, and adults can either go to the gym or have fine dining.

If Kardia Compound is one of your preferences, discover more available facilities now:

  • The kid’s area in Kardia guarantees a blessed experience for kids through different types of games.
  • An innovative working hub that promises a safe and quiet paced environment for whoever is willing to find a place that can boost his/her productivity.
  • The Sporting Club in Kardia New Capital Compound is well-equipped with new equipment that boosts the registrants’ proficiency. The available sports for the current moment are tennis paddle, swimming, and squash.
  • The modern Crossfit area at Kardia New Capital is meant to help people to enjoy a balanced healthy lifestyle with nutrition-based plans and exercise plans.
  • Connect Link partnered with a well-known security company to supply the compound with the latest CCTV System, which guarantees the highest levels of safety.
  • The food court in Kardia Compound hosts many branded restaurants and cafes to provide residents with exceptional beverage experiences.
  • Hypermarkets, clothing stores, and furniture stores are available to service residents 24/7 h.
  • The compound includes pharmacies and emergency clinics.

Time To Experience a New Realm of Luxury!

Kardi New Capital Compound

Kardi New Capital Compound

Kardia New Capital Prices and its payment plan

Capital Link Developments announced a competitive price list for the available units for sale inside Kardia. Indeed, what distinguishes the prices of Kardia Compound is the fact that premium quality is received in return.

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The Payment Plans in Kardia New Capital

Capital Link Compound managed to make its project under the spotlight because of its competitive prices and its controllable payment plans. Capital Link Compound announced the availability of three different payment plans upon customers’ demands.

  • The Eight-Year Plan:

It requires paying 15% of the total cost as a down payment while reserving and signing the contract and paying around 5% after one year. The rest shall be paid in 32 instalments.

  • The Nine-Year Plan:

Property Buyers are privileged to pay only 20% of the unit total cost, provided that he/she has to pay an amount of 5% after one Year. The remaining cost shall be paid in 36 periodical instalments.

  • The Ten-Year Plan:

The last system allows buyers to pay the unit cost over 10 years provided that they have to pay an initial payment of 25% and 5% after one year.

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The developer of Kardia New Capital: Capital Link

In 2020, Capital Link Company set its first milestone in the Egyptian Market as a certified real estate company that aims to create well-curated housing opportunities for Egyptians.

Capital Link Company strives to provide its customers with the highest return on investment by providing authentic practical design, multiple housing choices, a prime location, and integrated services.

Kardia Compound in New Capital City is considered the first milestone on the real land for Captial Link to be added to its residential portfolio. It’s worth mentioning that the company invested an initial amount of 2 billion in developing Kardia New Capital, and it’s expected to fund more.

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FAQ related to Kardia New Capital Compound

Who is the developer of Kardia New Capital?

Inertia Company

Where is Kardia Compound located?

New Capital

What are the types of units in Kardia New Capital Compound ?

Townhomes- villas- apartments

How can i contact the consulting team in Kardia New Capital Compound ?

Call the following number: 01101112515


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