Anakaji New Capital by Aqar Misr – 2023 Prices

Anakaji New Capital by Aqar Misr – 2023 Prices
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10% Down payment
7 Installment years
Prices are subject to change
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Project details
Compound Name Anakaji
The compound Location New Capital city, R8.
Payment Plan Down payment starts from 5% and the instalment plan extends up to 10 years.
The Compound Space 20 Feddan
For inquries 01101112515

Anakaji New Capital is considered one of the most luxurious compounds in the New Capital City launched by Aqar Misr Company.

Aqar Misr went choosing “Anakaji“, which is a Nubian word that means “Home”, to reflect and embody the main theme of the compound which is “recalling home”.

The main design of the compound is generated from the colour base of the Nubian homes, where simplicity and warmth are mixed together.

Anakaji New Capital Compound introduces a new housing experience in Egypt that enables residents to get all their needs within a step away from their space. The available services in the compound include a medical centre, spa centre, sports club, shopping mall, food corner, maintenance services, swimming pools, etc.

Time to take your housing experience to the next level by booking your unit in Anakaji Compound with a down payment starting from 5%, Contact us now! 

Anakaji Compound Location

Anakaji Compound is located in the R8 area, one of the most luxurious areas in New Capital City selected by Aqar Misr.

The Compound location in the heart of the New Capital City grants residents an exceptional level of luxurious lifestyle because of the efforts of both government and developers to qualify the city to be real potential.

Anakaji is located within high proximity to the Capital’s main network of roads, including the Mehwar Bin Zayed and Ring Road.

The nearby places from Anakaji Compound

  • Anakaji Compound is located 5 minutes away from Green River.
  • The compound is 15 minutes away from the presidential palace and the financial district.
  • The distance between Anakaji New Capital and the regional rind road is 18 km.
  • To arrive at the fifth settlement, residents will drive around 20 minutes.

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The Architectural Design of Anakaji New Capital Compound

The effort of Dar Mimar Company is the reason behind the seamless design of Anakaji New Capital Compound; a unique design that provides a top-flight level of opulence.

The mixture between colourful designs and the simplicity of the Nubian vibes classified Anakaji as one of the most eminent residential compounds in the Capital City.

Yet, the company didn’t fail to amaze its customers with the interior design of the residential spaces that were outlined due to the latest architectural techniques that allow residents to reform and perfectly utilize the unit.

Anakaji New Capital

Anakaji New Capital

The land space of Anakaji Compound in New Capital City

Aqar Misr showcases high prudence while choosing both the compound location and its space; as Anakaji Compound is developed on a 20-land space where almost of customers’ needs are ideally delivered.

The master plan of Anakaji Aqar Masr came distinctive from the other projects; as around 18% of the compound’s space is dedicated to residential spaces.

This means that the remaining areas in Anakaji New Capital, 82%, are filled with magnificent landscapes and luxurious facilities.

Residential units in Anakaji Compound

Aqar Misr was keen to match the exact needs of customers by providing different options for residential units (Apartments- duplexes)

Anakaji Compound New Capital is designed with an average of 10 residential towers with a total number of 800 units. Each building is composed of one ground floor and 7 other typical ones.

  • The space of two-bedroom apartments is 124 m2.
  • The space of four-bedroom apartments is 241 m2.
  • The space of three-bedroom apartments is 156 m2.
  • The space of three-bedroom of luxurious apartments is 208 m2.
  • The space of three-bedroom duplexes is 391 m2.
  • The space of four-bedroom duplexes is 286 m2.
  • The space of the one-bedroom studio is 91 m2.

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Anakaji compound

Balcony view inside Anakaji Compound

Top Services in Anakaji New Capital Compound

Purchasing a unit in Anakaji New Capital guarantees a prestigious lifestyle, in which residents can enjoy an endless number of high-class residential services.

Check the available services in Anakaji Compound New Capital:

  • Anakaji New Capital is designed with eye-inspiring landscapes of lush greenery areas.
  • Sports facilities offer different types of sports for both adults and children with a professional team of trainers who ensure the advancement phase of members.
  • Anakaji Spa Center offers top-flight services to help residents to relieve their stress.
  • Anakaji Compound includes a huge Shopping mall that hosts many eminent stores Anakaji
  • The clubhouse in Anakaji Aqar Misr is provided with multiple activities and sports to meet customers’ different tastes.
  • Anakaji Compound is designed with jogging tracks all over the compound to provide extra safety for residents.
  • Anakaji’s Waterways and artificial lakes add more sense of elegance to the place.
  • The smart security system in Anakaji Compound ensures residents’ safety 24/7h.
  • Swimming pools in Anakaji Compound are an essential area for all residential spaces.
  • Residents in Anakaji Compound are privileged with a group of five-star restaurants and cafes.

Anakaji New Capital Prices & Payment System

Aqar Misr distinguished Anakaji Compound with its competitive price list and controllable payment plans.

Aqar Misr offers its customers an unmissable investment opportunity where they can grant a bright future for their families and children in the heart of New Capital City.

Don’t miss the opportunity to experience luxury in Anakaji! 

The Payment System of Anakaji Compound:

Besides Anakaji’s captivating prices, the company announced multiple payment plans with distinctive rules to match buyers’ requirements.

  • 1st plan: Customers have to pay 5% as a down payment and pay the remaining over 6 years.
  • 2nd plan: Customers can pay around a 10% down payment and pay the remaining over 7 years periodically.
  • 3rd plan: Paying 15% as a down payment is required to own your unit in Anakajo, while the remaining can be paid over 8 years.
  • 4th plan: Customers can pay a 15% down payment and pay the rest over 9 years.
  • 5th plan: it’s one of the easiest plans that allows customers to pay the cost over 10 years, provided that they have to pay 25% of the total cost as a down payment.

The developer of Anakaji Compound: Aqar Misr

Aqar Masr is the owner of Anakaji Compound, one of the real estate leaders in Egypt with a considerable portfolio of residential projects in the West and East of Cairo, and the North Coast.

With 25 years of experience in the real estate field, Aqar Misr managed to reshape the housing experience in Egypt by providing one of the most fully integrated compounds in New Capital City.

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FAQ about Anakaji Compound in New Capital

Who is the project owner of Anakaji New Capital?

Aqar Masr

Where is Anakaji Compound located?

New Capital City, R8

How can I contact the Consulting Team in Anakaji New Capital?

Contact the following number: 01101112515


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