Suli Golf Residence New Capital

Suli Golf Residence New Capital
Prices start from 3,100,000 EGP
10% Down payment
8 Installment years
Prices are subject to change
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Project details
Project Name Suli Golf Residence
Project Location New Capital, R8.
Available Units Apartments- duplexes
Payment System 10% down payment, and the remaining can be installed over 7 years.
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Suli Golf Residence in New Capital City is developed by Uc. Development in alignment with the top worldwide and modern techniques grants residents the highest levels of comfort and luxury, because of its elegant design, integration, and unit prices.

Uc. Developments managed to exceed the typical boundaries for residences by introducing the superior architectural design of Suli New Capital Compound that mainly depends on using landscapes, representing around 80% of the compound space, as an element in the scene.

In one of the most strategic areas in New Capital City “R8’, UC. Development launched Suli with a high level of integration, as the project includes a commercial mall, nursery, kids’ areas, a multi-use plaza, ATMs, and medical clinics.

Moreover, the developer succeeded at providing competitive prices for apartments in Suli Golf Residence New Capital that start from 3.600 per meter

Suli Golf Residence Compound in New Capital City

Suli Golf Residence by UC. Development

The Location of Suli Golf Residence

Because the project location is the first feature that concerns buyers, Uc. Development was keen to choose a central spot to locate its project “Suli Residence” inside the administrative capital city. residents think Suli Golf Residence is located in the 8th district of the New Capital City, inside plot 03.

The fact that Suli New Capital is situated in R8 enables residents to access the most important facilities in the city, such as the diplomatic district, and the green river, in addition to its proximity to the ring road through which residents can visit different places outside the city.

The Architectural Design of Suli Golf Residence New Capital

UC. Development introduced a one-of-a-kind residential design for its customers that blends the authentic classic style of Egypt with the current contemporariness; the design is expected to be listed among the best compounds in New Capital City.

Residents in Suli Golf Residence New Capital Compound will be privileged to enjoy the landscape view from their balcony because of its panoramic smart design.

All Residential units in Suli New Capital Compound are uniquely-designed to offer residents panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes.

Suli Golf Residence New Capital design

the design of suli golf residence

The Land Space of Suli New Capital

Suli Compound in New Capital City was constructed on a mid-size land space of 26 Feddan compromising a total number of 42 Residential Buildings.

UC. Development planned to take the luxury in Suli New Capital Compound to the next level by covering the largest area of the compound, which represents around 80% of the total space, with landscapes and eye-pleasing views.

Glass Facades in Suli Golf Residence New Capital are constituent in the design of the unit that is classified as soundproof and dustproof.

Types of residential units in Suli Gulf Residence by UC. Development

Uc. Development focused on the most-required type of units, which are apartments and duplexes. However, the company managed to distinguish its project “ Suli Golf Residence New Capital” by offering different spaces for each type.

As mentioned before, the compound includes around 40 residential blocks, with a total number of 7 floors; each floor contains 4 units.

  • The space of duplexes in Suli New Capital starts from 299 Sqm, and up to 335 sqm.
  • The space of two-bedroom apartments starts from 155 Sqm.
  • The space of 3-bedroom apartments starts from 188 sqm.

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suli golf residence apartments

Apartments in Suli New Capital Compound

Top Features & Services in Suli New Capital

Despite the relatively minor space of the project, the company was keen to create a life balance between the residential units and other critical highly-needed services.

  • The clubhouse in Suli Golf Residence New Capital Compound is the first place residents visit to spend quality time with their beloved ones sharing their favorite meals.
  • Suli New Capital offers Work Space for residents where they can hold their meetings and conduct their tasks.
  • Suli Golf Residence enable residents to keep their life balance between their working hours and their ability to practice their favorite sport, by building multiple fields for football, tennis, and squash.
  • Uc. Development announced the construction of 3 kids’ areas, so parents can let their children have some fun safely.
  • Suli Golf Residence includes around 3 swimming pools for adults, and kids, and private for women. The compound comprises one of the biggest gulf lands that amounts to 4 Feddan.
  • The compound features a 2-floor parking lot, that is built on 52 Feddan, to prevent crowding.
  • The developer launched a multi-use commercial mall with a total land space of 7.500 meters to host local stores, brands, and grocery stores.
  • Security is one of the main priorities of Uc. Developments, therefore; Suli New Capital is supported with a smart surveillance system.
  • Last, but not least, Suli New Capital depends partially on solar energy as a clean resource for renewable energy.

Suli New Capital Prices

UC. Development managed to offer a competitive price list for its project “ Suli Golf Residence Compound” in New Capital City, which can stand alone as the foremost feature of the compound.

  • The meter price starts from 3.500 Egp and up to 6,500 Egp; varying with the unit type and other specifications.

Check the price of each unit:

  • The average price for a 195 m2 apartment in Suli New Capital is 3.100,00 million Egp.
  • Bigger apartments that feature 215 meters are sold at 3.400,000 Egp
  • 4.600,000 million Egp is the average price for a medium-sized duplex in Suli Project.

Kindly, consider that the above-mentioned prices can be changed according to the dollar price change.To know the current prices for the project, Press one of the following buttons, and contact our Consultants.

The Payment System of Suli Golf Residence Compound

To keep pace with market needs and buyers’ different purchasing capacities, UC. Developments intended to diversify its payment plans and its installment periods.

If you are willing to luxuriate your lifestyle in Suli Golf Residence Compound, explore the available payment plans and pick your perfect match:

  • 1st Payment Plan in Suli New Capital requires paying a 10% down payment and installing the remaining cost over 7 years.
  • 2nd plan enables residents to install their dues over 7 years, provided that they have to pay a 20% deposit in two installments: an initial payment of 15% while signing the contracts, and 5% after 2 years. The remaining cost has to be paid over 7 years.
  • The 3rd system is set as follows: the buyer has to pay a 15% down payment while signing the contracts, and more 10% down payment of equal two installments over 3 years.

The developer of Suli Golf Residence Compound| UC. Development

Suli Golf Residence Compound was launched by UC. Development; one of the dominant companies that conquered the real estate market with its compelling experience, which has been driven through the contribution of experts in the engineering, architectural, and project management fields.

Since the company’s inception 20 years ago, it has been striving to deliver high quality for its residents in terms of cutting-edge design, strategic location, and well-crafted units.

Indeed, the company possesses a strong portfolio of residential projects across Masr Gedida, Mokattam, New Capital, and New Cairo.

East Tower is one of the prominent milestones launched by CU. Developments on a total land space of 12,000 m2, which needed more than +7 million as a capital flow.

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FAQ Related to Suli New Capital

Who is the developer of Suli New Capital?

Uc. Development

Where is Suli New Capital located?

New Capital City, R8

What are the types of units in Suli New Capital?

Duplexes- apartments

How can I contact the consulting team in Suli Golf Uc. Development?

Call the following number: 01101112515


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