Residence 8 New Capital

Residence 8 New Capital
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Project details
Project Name Residence Eight
The Developer Sky Abu Dhabi
Available Units Apartments- duplexes
Payment Plans a 5% down payment is required, and the remaining cost can be paid over 10 years.
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Residence Eigh Compound is the first milestone for Sky Abu Dhabi Developments to be set in one of the most prestigious places in Egypt, representing the future of housing, in the Heart of New Capital City.

Sky Abu Dhabi Development, an Emirati Real estate Company, exceeded property buyers’ expectations for the definition of luxury by providing innovative design, customized options, premium services, and different types of units.

Despite the extreme lavishness represented in Residence 8 Compound, the announced prices are categorized as being competitive.

Time to Experience New Realm of luxury!

Residence 8 Compound

Residence Eight Compound by Sky Abu Dhabi

The location of the Residence 8 Compound

Residence 8 Compound possesses a centric location in New Capital City in the eighth district, which is 1.6 km from the Opera House. SKY Abu Dhabi Developments highlighted the importance of choosing a vital neighbourhood that is full of amenities and recreational services.

Check the nearby places from Residence 8 Compound in New Capital:

  • Residence 8 Compound is 2.5 KM from New Capital Cathedral.
  • The distance between Residence 8 and the Investment Zone is 5.5 km
  • It’s only a 3.2 KM distance from New Capital Mosque.
  • The New Capital Airport is located within a distance of 10 KM from Residence 8.
  • Residence 8 is 60 km from Ain Sokhna.

The land space of Residence Eight New Capital

Residence 8 New Capital is constructed on a 23-Feddan land area that is ideally divided between different types of residential units that are embraced with the lush greenery areas.

The seamless flow planned in the Residence Eight Design and how services are distributed across the compound showcase a harmonious and balanced lifestyle where residents are entitled to perform their labour duties, enjoy quality time with their families, and get enchanted by the fascinating landscapes.

The Architectural Design of Residence 8 Compound, New Capital City

Sky AD. Developments partnered with Egypt’s best companies in both designing and architectural consultancy firms to introduce an innovative and brilliant architectural design for Residence 8 that speaks only for luxury and sophistication.

One of the icons in the consultancy firm that oversees the construction phase of Residence 8 was Yaser El Beltagi, one of the branded names in the Egyptian market.

Starting from the used colours in painting the residential blocks, which perfectly goes intertwined with the surrounding nature, the painting quality, the outer symmetrical appearance of each block, and, most importantly, the internal design of each unit.

And, to maximize the scene, the company decided to design around 80% of the compound’s space “Residence 8” with landscapes that are complemented by lush greenery parks and turquoise-based elements.

Residence Eight New Capital

The outstanding design of Residence 8 New Capital

Types of residential units in Residence 8 New Capital

Residence 8 New Capital is classified as one of the top compounds that provide residential units in different spaces, starting from 110 m2 for two-bedroom apartments to 360 m2.

The residential area in the Residence 8 Compound includes around 26 mid-length blocks in addition to stand-alone units, with a total number of 950 residential homes of luxury.

Around 60% of the residential blocks in Residence 8 Compound possess a perfect view of the clubhouse, while the spinal landscapes embrace the blocks from the other side.

Check the space of each unit in more detail:

  • The space of garden-based apartments ( A-G1/G2) is 210 m2, it includes one Master bedroom and three mid-size bedrooms.
  • The space of garden-based apartments (A-G3) is 175 m2, it includes three bedrooms, with the master one included.
  • The space of a garden-based duplex (A-G4) is 245 m2, the garden space is 58 sqm.
  • The space of duplex apartments (Typical floors) is 220 m2, it includes four bedrooms.
  • The space of Sky Duplex is 360 Sqm, it includes two master bedrooms and three in a mid size.
  • The space of a premium apartment in Residence 8 is 190 Sqm.


Residence 8 New Capital

Villa view in Residence 8 Compound

Top Features & Services in Residence 8 Compound

SKY AD. Developments Company intended to enhance residents’ experience by producing a highly-integrated compound where residents can spend all day with his/her needs fulfilled without stepping out of the place.

Residents’ blessed experiences can be highlighted starting with the promenading trails infused with open green spaces passing by courtyards, the clubhouse, hypermarkets, the fun zone, etc.

  • Residence Eight’s Club House includes integrated open spaces with different social activities that go perfectly with the personality of each family member, starting from the socializing corners around the dining restaurants to the swimming pools.
  • The Spa centre in the Residence 8 Compound is the perfect place to get a treat from the week’s stress to rejuvenate
  • The shopping spine in Residence 8 is perfectly designed to be accessed from all over the compound, it includes different branded stores and local ones.
  • Visiting the food corner area is an irreplaceable experience to enjoy mouth-watering food.
  • The compound is designed with lengthy jogging trails that embrace all the residential spaces.
  • Residence Eight Compound features a strong surveillance system that is hard to overrun.
  • A mid-size fun zone for little kids is designed with the highest safety standards to ensure children’s safety.

Residence 8 New Capital Prices & its Payment Plans

Looking for the highest levels of luxury provided at competitive prices is one of the top concerns for buyers, especially those who are looking to invest for the future in such a futuristic place.

Accordingly, Sky Abu Dhabi Developments surprised its customers with a perfect pricing strategy for the available units for sale in Residence 8.

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The payment system provided in Residence 8 New Capital

Besides the perfect prices of residence 8 New Capital, the developer announced its payment system comprises two features: ease and period longevity.

  • A 5% down payment is required to own a unit in Residence 8 New Capital
  • The remaining cost can be paid over 10 years.

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Compound Residence Eight

Luxury in Residence Eight New Capital

The developer of Residence 8 New Capital Compound

SKY Abu Dhabi Developments is one of the leading real estate companies in the Emirate that have a notable portfolio of 17 residential projects, the company is considered the top subsidiary of Emirate Diamond Group.

Sky Ad. set its first milestone in Egypt through “Residence Eight” in the New Capital City, achieving a huge sales number of one billion through the first six months.

Sky Ad. Developments revealed its intention to seize the opportunity in the Egyptian Market to develop and create new luxurious homes with an initial investment of 15 billion.

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FAQ about Residence 8 New Capital Compound

Who is the developer of Residence 8 New Capital?

Sky Abu Dhabi

Where is Residence 8 New Capital?

New Capital

What are the types of units in Residence 8 New Capital?

Townhomes- villas- apartments

How can i contact the consulting team in Residence 8 New Capital?

Call the following number: 01101112515

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