Salt North Coast Resort

Developer: Tatweer Misr
Salt North Coast Resort
Prices start from 6,000,000 EGP
10% Down payment
8 Installment years
Prices are subject to change
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Project details
The project Name Salt
Project Location North Coast, on the killo 185.
The developer Tatweer Misr
Required Down Payment 100k for chalets, which is 10%
Installment period lasts over 8 years.
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Salt Village is the latest Tatweer Misr Project located in the heart of the North Coast, where residents will be exposed to an exquisite and charming nature where the sea view is the main component.

Over 249 Feddan, Tatweer Misr set the milestone of Salt North Coast Village with an intelligent master plan that guarantees residents of different residential areas access to all the served commercial areas.

The project is distinguished by a variety of well-chosen amenities that serve residents’ main and luxurious needs, such as a health hub, retail stores, and a beverage zone.

Salt El Sahel is a destination to rejuvenate, reserve your appealing unit now and get ready for an all-year-round-sea experience that doesn’t end.

Salt El Sahel

Salt North Coast coming soon

The location of Slat North Coast

Tatweer Misr is renowned for its prudence in choosing premium locations through which property owners are able to arrive at their destination back and forth with ease. it’s Clyster clear in their decision to situate Salt North Coast on the killo 185 on Alexandria- Marsa Matrouh Road.

Most importantly, Salt Village on the North Coast is located near several remarkable coastal projects, of which MV Ras El Hikma is the nearest and most luxurious destination.

The Land Space of Salt North Coast Village

Salt North Coast Village is rolling over 294 Feddan representing an accumulated balance between the residential spaces, verdant, and, most importantly, the commercial areas.

Salt El Sahel Village is considered the perfect destination on the north coast to embrace nature as an essential part, as the crystal lagoon, that distinguishes the project, is spinning over 25 Feddan.

Highlighting how Tatweer Misr is keen to provide a sense of connectivity for residents between the residential areas and commercial spaces is a must, as each residential area in the project is served with a commercial area through which residents are able to fulfill their needs.

The Architectural Design of Salt El Sahel

A project that 90% of its total space resembles aqua features and an enthralling sea view, it has to feature a remarkable design that fits its core.

Accordingly, the architectural design of Salt El Sahel on the North Coast is inspired by the vibes of the Greek Isles where the white colour is a dominating building element to provide an open scene with the clyster sea and the cloudy sky.

Salt North Coast Village

Salt El Sahel Village

Types of Units in Salt North Coast Village

Tatweer Misr espouses a unique approach to building units that truly depends on meeting customers’ needs in terms of the desired unit, space, and interior division.

For this reason, Salt North Coast features 3 types of the most required residential units in different spaces:

  • Chalets
  • Twin houses
  • Townhouses

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Top Features & Services in Salt Village by Tatweer Misr

Salt North Coast is perfectly designed to offer residents a rejuvenating experience in which residents are going to enjoy a peaceful morning on their beachfront house and in the afternoon will spend quality time with their beloved ones in the below-mentioned places:

  • At Salt Village North Coast, residents can pick their delicious meals from a distinguished menu of Western and Eastern cuisines.
  • The spa and jacuzzi are meant to break the conventional frame of a usual day, where residents can feel more energetic and healthy.
  • The project hosts a modern Gym that provides all the latest gymnastic physical activities to guarantee the best results.
  • A group of well-known local retail stores will be provided in Salt North Coast to enable property owners to purchase their needs.
  • Swimming pools are provided in different sizes so both adults and

Moreover, the Salt Tatweer Misr is provided with a group of other features:

  • Tatweer Misr considers the importance of safety for daily living in coastal areas by contracting with security companies that offer CCTV systems and safety guards.
  • Salt Tatweer Misr Village offers multiple parking lots to prevent crowding.
  • All units feature a considerable space between the nearby unit to promote privacy

Salt village by tatweer Misr

Salt North Coast Prices & Payment System

Salt North Coast prices are considered the first feature, after its premium quality, that enacts interested buyers to pick their dream home in El Sahel because of its affordability.

  • The required deposit to own a Chalet in Salt Village North Coast is 100k.
  • Only 150,000 is all you need to reserve your special twin house.

The Payment Plans of Salt El Sahel

Salt El Sahel offers a flexible payment process by providing 2 distinguished payment plans that appeal to customers’ different needs.

  • The 1st plan in Salt North Coast requires paying a 7% down payment and paying the remaining cost over 7 years.
  • The 2nd plan enables residents to extend the installment period over 8 years, instead of 7, on equal installments, provided that interested buyer has to pay a 5% deposit after three months from paying the original 10% down payment.

It’s important to highlight that Salt Tatweer Misr announced that collecting EOIs will be on both starting Sunday.

The developer of Slat North Coast Village

Salt Village on the North Coast was recently launched by Tatweer Misr in Egypt, a pioneering real estate company that aims to enhance the residence experience by providing a prime location, authentic designs, well-served communities, and competitive prices.

Throughout its compelling journey in the Egyptian market during the last 9 years, Tatweer Misr managed to prove itself as a trendsetter by launching a group of MEGA Residential and Coastal Projects that are second to none.

Through a group of well-curated projects, Tatweer Misr managed to situate itself as a forefront real-estate company that won multiple prizes for its compelling approaches that espouse the customer voice as the main factor in the decision-making process.

Tatweer Misr Projects on the North Coast

  • Bloomfields
  • Rivers New Zayed
  • D Bay North Coast

FAQ about Salt North Coast

What is the down payment required in Salt North Coast?

10% deposit, 100k for chalets

what is the installment period allowed in Salt North Coast?

8 years


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