Genista New Zayed| Your Villa with 10% depoist

Genista New Zayed| Your Villa with 10% depoist
Prices start from 8,000,000 EGP
10% Down payment
8 Installment years
Prices are subject to change
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Project details
The Project Name Genista
The project Developer Al Amaken
The project location New Zayed
Available units Standalone Villas & Townhomes
Payment System 10% down payment and up to 8-year installments
For Inquiries 01101112515

With over 15 years of experience, Al Amakan Development launched Genista Compound in the heart of New Zayed , one of the recently-developed and most luxurious areas in Sheikh Zayed, with an exceptional level of luxury and comfort.

Genista New Zayed Compound features a mesmerizing design where nature is the dominant theme; a gated community where each detail is brilliantly designed to capture the eye and bless the soul.

Al Amakan Company distinguished its project ” Genista” with a variety of residential units in multiple spaces; starting from 235 SQM for townhouses.

Genista Compound in New Zayed

The location of Genista Compound

Genista Compound is located in a central spot inside Sheikh Zayed at a 10-minute distance from the Mall of Arabia.
How Al Amaken Development managed to choose a strategic location for its new projects is a real advantage that provides residents with high accessibility to all significant facilities and vital roads in October & Zayed.

The Nearby Places from Genista New Zayed

  • Genista New Zayed is located only 2 minutes away from Mehwar Road Farag.
  • The distance between the project & Al Dabaa Corridor is 1 minute.
  • The distance between the project & Cairo-Alex Road is 3 minutes.
  • Both Sphinx airport and the International Cairo University are nearby located from Genista Zayed at a 10-minute distance.
  • To arrive at the nearest Hospital from the compound which is Dar Al Fouad, residents will need to drive only 12 minutes.
  • The time needed to drive along to Hyper 1 is 15 minutes.

The land space & Architectural Design of Genista Sheikh Zayed Compound

Al Amaken Development Company proved that a brilliant mindset is all that the housing industry needs to transform such a mid-size land space of 5 Feddan into a real community where residents can find capturing views and facilities.

Al Amakan Company for development called its project “Gensita” a legume-rooted type of flower that specifically blooms in Europe. Such resemblance tends to connotate how the architectural design depends mainly on including eye-pleasing landscapes and parks, which represent the largest area of the project, as the main theme.

According to the design of buildings in Genista Sheikh Zayed Compound design, the developer revealed that it would resemble a cutting-edge milestone that intertwines the modernity of the era of urban designs with the classicism of Egypt.

Genista Sheikh Zayed villas

Genista Sheikh Zayed villas

Types of Residential Units in Genista Compound in Sheikh Zayed

El Amaken Development decided to dedicate the project to the mostly-required types which are standalone villas & townhouses.

Genista Compound in Sheikh Zayed includes around 35 residential units that are designed as follows: 20 townhouses 8 twin houses, and around 7 standalone villas.

Check the space of each unit in Genista Zayed & don’t hesitate to ask about your favorite now:

  • The space of the standalone villa type A is 546 Sqm: 223 Sqm for the ground floor- 258 Sqm for the first floor. A roof of 56 sqm is attached.
  • The space of the Standalone Villa type B is 376 Sqm: 160 Sqm for the ground floor- 1st floor is 173 Sqm. The roof space is 60 Sqm.
  • The space of Villa Type C is 304 Sqm: the land area of the ground floor is 130 Sqm- the first floor is designed with an average space of 139 Sqm. The space of floor area is 39 Sqm.
  • Villa Type D space in Genista Compound Sheikh Zayed starts from 230 Sqm: the ground floor area is 102 Sqm- the first-floor area is 110 Sqm. This type features a smaller roof space of 23 m2.

Which Unit Suits You The Most?

Villa in Genista Compound Sheikh Zayed

Villa in Genista Compound Sheikh Zayed

Top Features & Services in Genista Sheikh Zayed

Genista Sheikh Zayed offers a highly-connected lifestyle in which residents are capable of getting all their needs without stepping out of the compound.

Most importantly, Al Amaken Company didn’t stop at providing the essential needs only; as it partnered with Egpt’s top company that is specialized in providing entertainment activities. For more details check the below-mentioned bullets now:

  • The compound includes one of the most recently entertaining sports which is the Paddle.
  • The Clubhouse in Genista Al Amaken is the first place residents will head to for a blessing day with their families and community members.
  • The project is designed with circular running and promenading tracks to give residents the space where they can keep their activity performing.
  • Genista Sheikh Zayed offers a Kids area with a huge playground and some entertaining activities.
  • The compound features a strong security system that guarantees customers’ safety through guards, E-gates, and CCTV systems.
  • The developer launched 2 huge swimming pools in the clubhouse for both adults & kids.

Genista Sheikh Zayed prices & Payment System

Genista Sheikh Zayed prices are a true opportunity for passive investment that grants people the double amount of savings because of the project’s premium quality & strategic location.

  • The price of starts from 8,000,000 Egp.

The payment system of Genista New Zayed

Al Amaken Company aims to meet all customers’ requirements by offering several payment systems with easy conditions:

  • The new plan allows customers to pay a 10% booking fee and the remaining has to be paid over 8 years.

In the latest announcements of Kayan, it’s figured out that all units in Genista Compound Sheikh Zayed will be delivered to their owners within 3 years.

The developer of Genista Compound

Genista Compound is one of the main development of Al Kayan Company in Sheikh Zayed; a real estate company that conquered the market with remarkable projects & well-curated units 15 years ago.

Al Amaken Development celebrates the launch of around remarkable 60 projects all over Egypt: Maadi, Hadaba Wost, First Settlement, Sheikh Zayed, and October.

Other Projects in New Zayed

Faq about Genista New Zayed

Who is the developer of Genista New Zayed?


Where is Genista Compound located?

New Zayed

What are the types of units in Genista New Zayed?

Standalone villas- Townhomes

How can i contact the consulting team in Genista Al Amaken?

Call the following number: 01101112515


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