Rivers New Zayed by Tatweer Misr

Rivers New Zayed by Tatweer Misr
Prices start from 9,500,000 EGP
5% Down payment
8 Installment years
Prices are subject to change
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Project details
Compound Name Rivers
Compound Location New Zayed, 3 minutes from Sphinx International Airport
The Developer Tatweer Misr
Compound Space 100 Feddan
Types of units Townhomes- Twinhomes- Standalone Villas
Payment plans 5% down payment with 8-year instalment system
For inquries 01101112515

A New Milestone is about to launch in one of the luxurious areas in Sheikh Zayed ” Rivers New Zayed“. Tatweer Misr represents a revolution in the housing industry in Egypt by developing “Rivers” in terms of luxury and integration.

The architectural design of the project, which occupied social media attention the last few days, would showcase a distinctive level of gleaming authentic print where the deluxe symmetrical building is well-blended with the enchantment of the landscapes and water-based elements.

Tatweer Misr announced that Rivers Compound would encompass a group of well-chosen services, that include (a medical clinic, clubhouse, maintenance hub, kids areas, and retail stores).

According to the pricing strategy, Rivers New Zayed features an easy-to-handle instalment plan that lasts up to 8 years.

Time to Expose a New Realm of Luxury

The location of Rivers Compound

Rivers Compound by Tatweer Misr is located in the west of Cairo in New Zayed City, 3 minutes from Sphinx International Airport. The prudency in choosing Rivers New Zayed Location lies in its proximity to the most livable areas in the West, as the compound is only 12 minutes from the center of Sheikh Zayed City.

Rivers New Zayed Vicinities

  • Rivers Tatweer Misr is 3 minutes away from Sphinx International Airport
  • The Compound is located 12 minutes from sheikh zayed
  • The distance between Lebanon Square and the compound is only 20 minutes.
  • Those who are heading to Heliopolis and Masr Gedida from Rivers New Zayed Compound will need to drive the normal distance of 45 minutes.

The Land Space of Rivers New Zayed Compound

In the latest announcements of Tatweer Misr Company, it was revealed the total land space of Rivers New Zayed is 100 Feddan. Such as massive space is expected to play a significant role in qualifying the project for integration; as the more the compound space is huge, the more services are included.

Yet, the space isn’t the only gent in the blooming of any project, in Other words, how the space is utilized is considered the dominating agent in deciding how the project would be and how people will heavenly react to the provided services.

Due to the space utilization of Rivers New Zayed Compound, it shows an outstanding division between the allocation of services, landscapes, and residential units.


Types of Residential units in Rivers Compound by Tatweer Misr

Rivers Compound by Tatweer Misr offers a variety of residential units to satisfy customers’ different needs. Besides the variations of units types, the company decided to provide each unit in different spaces.

  • The provided units in Rivers Tatweer Misr are Twinhouses, townhomes, and standalone Villas.

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Rivers New Zayed Compound

The symmetrical designs of Rivers Compound in Zayed

The Archtcitrual Design of Rivers New Zayed

Tatweer Misr revealed the concept behind the construction of Rivers New Zayed through its slogan “Experience the Joy of Riverside living”.

This discloses how the architectural design of the project would be; a one-of-a-kind design that blends the artistic features of the aqua-based elements of lagoons and fountains with the solution-based residential blocks in a streamlined view.

Similar to Tatweer Misr Projects, the design of the residential villas in Rivers New Zayed encompasses smart geometrical shapes that allow for the natural sunlight to touch the corners, in addition to giving space for fresh air to pass.

Rivers El Sheikh Zayed

Rivers El Sheikh Zayed

Top services & Features in Rivers Tatweer Misr Compound

Tatweer Misr Company aims to classify its flagship project “Rivers Tatweer Misr Compound” with integrated facilities; thus; the company is getting ready to build a boutique of facilities and amenities inside the compound that would be easy to access from all the residential areas.

  • Rivers New Zayed will include a social club hosting different restaurants, and cafes, in addition to working spaces.
  • Health Complex that includes medical clinics, and physical therapy clinics, in addition to other relaxation services.
  • Rivers Zayed includes a Sporting field where residents can practice paddle, football, and tennis.
  • For sports enthusiasts in Rivers in Sheikh Zayed, there’re Swimming pools of different sizes.
  • The jogging tracks in Rivers Ttaweer Misr will be designed at a distance from the transportation network to ensure residents’ safety.
  • Fascinating turquoise-based features would be installed all over the compound.
  • The Compound will host reputable restaurants and cafes that serve different eastern and western tastes.
  • Tatweer Misr makes great effort in securing its projects; therefore, Rivers New Zayed would be supplied with huge security members who are perfectly trained to ensure residents’ safety.
  • The compound would be supplied with a smart air conditioning system.
  • Kids’ playgrounds in Rivers Zayed provide the ultimate fun and safety.
  • A public park-based avenue would be a suitable option for events and parties.

Rivers New Zayed Compound

Rivers New Zayed Prices & Payment System

The prices of Rivers New Zayed Compound would be revolutionary because of its high return value provided, as the compound features a deluxe premium quality in terms of construction, material, services, and location.

Here’s an overview of the starting price of the most-required units:

  • The average price of a mid-size unit in Rivers New Zayed is 9,500,000 Egp.

Meet Our Consulting Team Now to select your perfect unit!

Rivers New Zayed Prices

The Installment Plans of Rivers Compound in New Zayed

Facilitating the payment process for a residential project represents a critical purchasing decision for all customers. Accordingly, TatweerMisr Development announced a simple and easy payment system with a 5% down payment:

  • Buying a unit at Rivers Compound requires paying an initial down payment of 5% while signing the contracts, and another 5% after 3 months.
  • The remaining cost shall be installed over a periodical period of 8 years.

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The Developer of Rivers New Zayed Compound: Tatweer Misr

For the first time in New Zayed, Tatweer Misr launched a top-notch residential project “Rivers Compound” to capture one of its booming projects.

Tatweer Misr is renowned for its long and solid history of mixed-use residential projects that later were honored by worldwide and local institutions for development. One of the top rewarded projects of Tatweer Misr is Fouka Bay & Il Monte Galala in North Coast.

Since the company’s commencement in 2014, it has been endeavouring to dominate the real estate market in Egypt with deluxe residential projects, it’s noteworthy to mention that all projects of Tatweer Misr are featured with its unique philosophy that depends on a solution-oriented base to enhance the lifestyle and upgrade its luxury.

Faq Related to Rivers El Sheikh Zayed Compound

Who is the developer of Rivers El Sheikh Zayed Compound?

Tatweer Misr

Where is Rivers Sheikh Zayed Compound located?

New Zayed, 13 minutes away from Lebanon Square

What are the types of units in Rivers El Sheikh Zayed Compound?

Townhomes- villas

How can I contact the consulting team in Rivers Zayed Compound?

Call the following number: 01101112515


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