Lhiver New Alamein

Developer: New Generation
Lhiver New Alamein
Prices start from 4,000,000 EGP
5% Down payment
9 Installment years
Prices are subject to change
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Project details
Project Name L'Hiver
Project Location New Alamein City
The Developer New Generation Development
Types of units Studios- apartments- chalets
Payment Plnas 5% down payment, and an instalment system that lasts up to 9 years.
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Are You ready to experience a new realm of luxury where the turquoise sea and the golden sand are embracing the scene? If the answer is yes, then L’hiver Village in New Aalmein is what you are looking for.

L’HIVER New Alamein Village is one of the recent coastal projects launched by New Generation development in collaboration with both armed forces authorities and Urban Communities authorities in front of the cabinet.

The reputable and powerful authorities collaborated to launch this milestone is proof that the project would exceed customers’ expectations in terms of design, facilities, and prices.

l’hiver New Alamein offers a mixed-fancy experience where residents are going to enjoy both the vibes of the coastal lifestyle, and still get their needs fulfilled with the superior integration level provided.

L'hiver New Alamein Village

Lagoons in L’hiver Village

The Location of L’hiver New Alamein Village

L’hiver New Alamein Village is located on a vibrant plot in New Alamein City on the kilo of 106 with considerable proximity to both the Minister Building and the Presidential Palace.

New Generation development was prudent to launch its project ” L’hiver project” in one of the fourth-coastal generation cities “New Alamein” because of the government’s decision to be a main coastal city, as it is located near the assembly cabinet, diplomatic district, and presidential palace.
Most importantly, the village extends over the New Alamein sea with a depth of 1000 meters.

The Architectural design of L’hiver Village in New Alamein

L’hiver Village in New Alamein is a gated coastal community that is constructed on a huge land space of 75 Feddan, surrounded by the breathtaking sea.

Starting with the exterior design of the project, which means Winter in French, one can notice that the village is a mixed masterpiece of white and blue colours to reflect the midwinter vibes.

Around 18% of L’hiver North Coast space is outlined to build residential units, while the rest is embraced with lagoons and seas.

New Generation Development stated their prudence when it came to picking a design company to set a remarkable outline for the project. Hence, KAD, a 12-year experienced company specializing in the development field, won the selection.

In the latest publication about l’hiver Village New Alamein, it’s figured out that the length of the building wouldn’t exceed three floors, the ground floor included, in order not to lose the artistic factor of mid-level buildings.

Types of units and their designs in L’hiver New Alamein

The lack of variety in the residential units is an essential factor that can prevent any deal from going on. Therefore, New Generation development introduced L’hiver New Alamein with an outstanding masterplan that includes a variety of studios, duplexes, and chalets.

  • The space of the ground floor studios in L’hiver New Alamein is 43 m, a 19-meter garden is attached to the unit.
  • The space of studio type 2 is 42, yet it features a little bit bigger garden of 25 m.
  • The space of a 1-bedroom loft is 83 sqm, and it features an 18-meters garden. The company offers the same option with a 20-meter garden.
  • The space of two-bedroom apartments in L’hiver Resort is 83 sqm, it includes a vast garden of 70 meters.
  • The space of three-bedroom apartments is 123 sqm, buyers of this option can enjoy a fast garden of 136 m2.
  • The space of the townhouse starts from 176 sqm.

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L'hiver New Alamein Village

Twin house in L’hiver New Alamein Resort

Top features and services in L’hiver Village by New Generation

What distinguishes L’hiver New Alamine Project from its being a brilliant masterpiece is the fact that it offers a wide variety of commercial and beverage services.

So whether your age is, and whether you have unique or publicly known interests, you will find the perfect activity to enjoy in adults and kids.

Most importantly, to create a competent lifestyle for everyday life, New Generation Development promises customers high medical service for emergency cases.

  • L’hiver Village includes a fancy mixed-use plaza that hosts restaurants, cafes, and retail stores.
  • The project provides residents with health services through a well-integrated Spa Center.
  • New Generation Development offers residents membership to Ronald Garros Club.
  • L’hiver New Alamein is supported by a strong security system to ensure residents’ safety and detect the identity of anyone who enters the village.
  • L’hiver North Coast represents exceptional breathtaking views of landscapes, lagoons, and swimming pools.
  • The village includes a luxurious hotel to enable visitors to enjoy the vibes.

L'hiver New Alamein resturants

The Prices and Payment System of L’hiver New Aalemin Village

New Generation Developments conquers the market with its flagship project which offers several housing options at different prices, to be the perfect fit for all.

  • The garden-based studio is available for sale at L’hiver New Alamein at 1,746,000 Egp.
  • The average price for a one-bedroom loft, 102 sqm, is 3,345,500 Egp.
  • The price of two-bedroom apartments, on the ground floor, is 3,498,800 Egp.
  • The three-bedroom chalet is for sale at 4,578,000 Egp, with a private garden included.

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Down Payment in L’Hiver North Coast

New Generation Development facilitated the purchasing process in L’Hiver North Coast by offering multiple payment systems.

  • The first Payment system requires paying a 15% down payment equivalent to three settlements; a 5% down payment while signing the contracts, 5% after two months, and the last 5% shall be paid while receiving the unit. The instalment period for this system is 7 years,
  • The second system enables property buyers to own their units with only a 20% down payment on 3 settlements. The first one amounts to 6% and shall be ready while signing the contracts, the second payment of 6% is delivered after two months, and the last portion shall be paid when the owner receives the unit. The instalment period lasts up to 8 years.
  • The last payment system available at L’hiver allows buyers to extend the installment period up to 9 years, provided that the down payment would be a little bit higher which is 32%, yet it can be paid over 3 years from the date of signing the contract.

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New Generation Development| The developer of L’hiver Village

L’hiver Village was launched by New Generation Development; one of the recent companies that managed to promote its brand during a short period by launching solution-oriented residential and coastal projects, such as Winter.

The foundation of New Generation Development (Ngd) was initiated as a collaboration between both Emirate Misr for Import and Export and Cairo Capital Company.

New Generation company stated that its main mission is to provide the highest levels of luxury that customers deserve in terms of authentic design, real solutions for their problems, and prime location.

FAQ about L’hiver Village

What is the starting price for units in L'hiver Village?

1,746,000 Egp

what is the installment period of L'hiver Village?

it offers different plans that lasts up to 9 years


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