Hadaba Compound | luxurious residences in 6 October city

Developer: PRE
Hadaba Compound | luxurious residences in 6 October city
Prices start from 15,000,000 EGP
10% Down payment
6 Installment years
Prices are subject to change
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Project details
Project name Hadaba compound
The developer PRE developments
Project Location 6th of October city, Giza Governorate
unit types villas - town houses - twin houses
payment system 10% down payment, 6 years installments
For inquiries 01101112515

Hadaba Compound is one of the prestigious projects of Rooya Company, one of the market leaders in Egypt, renowned for its splendid level of luxury and design authenticity.

Al Hadaba project by Rooya Development features unique housing options fitting customers’ different needs, such as villas, twin houses, and townhouses.

In a new approach to providing all the means and possibilities for an opulent lifestyle, the company set competitive prices for its units and services, exceeding its customer’s expectations.

If you are looking for a top-flight community where you can experience the location’s proximity to the main highways and gateways in addition to being extremely privileged with all the needed daily and lavish services, Hadaba Compound 6 October shall be your first choice. 

Hadaba Compound Location

The foresight shown in choosing the Hadaba Compound’s strategic location proves the solid expertise of Rooya Company in its projects’ location that grants its customers high accessibility.

The Hadaba Compound 6 October is located near Cairo’s main gateways that facilitate the transportation network, such as the Cairo-desert Alex road and the regional ring road.

More importantly, the compound is located in great proximity to a group of the most livable and significant areas in the 6th of October. 

  • Juhayna Square
  • Oasis Road
  • Misr Mall
  • Egypt museum 
  • Remaya Square
  • Ring road
  • Cairo-Alexandria desert road.
  • Axis road.

The prime location of Al Hadaba Project in October City makes it a perfect opportunity for both residence and investment purposes. As the fact that October city is considered one of the third-generation cities that received high interest from developers and the government to be fully stable for residence, which increases its value as a property asset.

The Luxurious Design of Hadaba Compound 

Hadaba Compound is constructed on a vast land space of 35 where there is a space for facilities with its different types included.

Roya Development assigned the process of designing to its best teams, classified as market leaders, that are capable of inventing new inspiring designs based on practical solutions.

Regarding the outlining phase of the residential units in Hadaba 6 October, the company was keen to provide a great diversity in which the buyer could pick the favorite type for his family effortlessly.

Some available types in the compound are villas, twin houses, and townhouses.

hadaba compound contains many villas

The Residential Units in Hadaba 6 October Compound

The variety of residential units in Hadaba 6 October Compound is one of the main reasons behind the project’s virality; as Rooya Group exerted more efforts in providing the exact specifications that customers are looking for.

  • The space of two-floor villas in Hadaba Compound that includes a private entrance and garden starts from 500 Sqm to 587 Sqm.
  • Twin house space starts from 300 Sqm to 362 Sqm.
  • The townhouse space that includes three or four bedrooms starts from 242 Sqm.

All units in the Hadaba 6 October are ideally designed with glass facades that add more sense of opulence to the overall design. Most importantly, property owners are entitled to ask to receive their unit in a semi or full finish.

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a luxurious villa in al hadaba compound

a villa overlooks the Giza pyramids in Hadaba Compound

Top Services & Features of Hadaba 6 October

Rooya Company, the developer, is committed to equipping its prestigious residential projects with all the needed services to represent one of the most fully-integrated communities people would prefer, among other choices.

In a 35-Feddan Compound, residents can find all types of services and facilities without the need to step out of Hadaba 6 October.

  • The commercial mall in Hadaba October is an essential feature that enables residents to get whatever they need for daily and luxurious needs.
  • PREE Company, the developer, was keen to provide a highly strengthened infrastructure system for the compound to prevent any sort of issues.
  • Hadaba 6 October provides an intense level of safety through an intelligent security system that is operated through advanced cameras and E-gate.
  • The compound’s landscapes stretch across the compound to be a primary frontage for all units.
  • Rooya Development is committed to dedicating large spaces for different types of sports.
  • Residents in Hadaba compound have the privilege to do their shopping inside the compound through local stores and brands.
  • The compound is provided with well-trained safeguards to add an extra level of safety.

The prices of Hadaba Compound & its Payment System 

Hadaba prices is deemed the perfect investment opportunity in October City, not only for its competitive price but also for its premium value received in return. As Rooya Group set hadaba compound prices in accordance with different features; such as high-class services, outstanding interior design, and the compound premium location.

The apartment price in Al Hadaba Compound starts from 15,000,000 Egp.

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hadaba compound contains many villas

The Instalment Plans of Hadaba Project

Rooya Company has diversified Hadaba Project payment system for the sake of facilitation and encouraging customers to upgrade their lifestyles without the tension of hardened short-time payment plans.

  • The new plan allows customers to pay a 10% booking fee and the remaining has to be paid over 6 years.

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Villa in hadaba compound 6 october

Villa in Hadaba October Compound

The Developer of Al Hadaba Compound 

Rooya Group, or as it was named recently ‘ PRE Development, is a development-based subsidiary of TIBA entity launched in 2007 to set its blueprint in the housing industry in Egypt; Hadaba Compound is one of the company’s milestones that received a good reputation & feedbacks from customers.

TIBA, the mother company, is an integrated pioneering firm with different fast-growing sectors, such as tourism & Real Estate Development, consultancy, Investment & Contracting, etc. TIBA was founded by Hisham Shoukri in 1997 with a capital of $2 billion sufficient to expand into different niches.

It’s worth of mention that Pioneer has bought 60% of Rooya’s market share to take the company to another advanced level. After that, and after 7 years of its inception, the company’s remaining share was bought by both EGYCap Investment Ltd. and Castle Property Ltd. 

The Market share in Rooya Development is divided as follows; 52.2% is owned by Pioneer, 34.6% is held by Hesham Shoukri, EgyCap owns around 8.8%, and finally, the remaining part of 4.4% is owned by Castle Property Company Ltd. 

Besides Rooya Development’s contribution to developing residential projects, the company has been expanding in coastal cities, such as North Coast, El Sokhna, and Al Alamein City.

 Rooya Company Development

  • Stone Park
  • Stone Residence 
  • Telal EL Sokhna 
  • Stone Towers
  • Canal Village 
  • La Vista 
  • El Patio 

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FAQ about Hadaba 6 October

Who is the developer of Hadaba 6 october?

Rooya Company for Development

what is the location of Hadaba Compound?

6 October

How can I contact the Consulting Team in Hadaba Compound 6 october?

Call the following number: 01101112515


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