Abha October Compound by SRD Company

Abha October Compound by SRD Company
Prices start from 6,000,000 EGP
55% Down payment
4 Installment years
Prices are subject to change
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Project details
Compound Name Abha
The location October City
Available Units Apartments- villas- penthouses
The minimum space of units A mid-size residential unit starts from 168 m2 to 391 m2
Instalment period The instalment systems last up to 4 years.
For inquries 01101112515

Abha Compound is one of the top compounds in October City that promises its customers an exceptional level of both luxury and practicality, by providing highly customized services and options.

Abha October Compound is developed by SRD Company, El Shaboury for development, on a 16 Feddan with a perfect variety of residential units, apartments, villas, and penthouses are included, that appeal to customers’ demands.

Yet, the price unbeatability provided in Abha Compound 6 October is one of the top reasons that make the compound one of the first choices for buyers.

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The location of Abha Compound

Abha Compound by SRD Company is located in the heart of October City, 5 minutes away from the 26 July axis and Alexandria-desert road.

The company, SRD, intended to distinguish its milestone with a vital neighbourhood where the top governmental, recreational, and education facilities are the prominent nearby destinations. So it would be an unmissable opportunity for new couples who are looking for a promising future for their families; a future where the prime location can make everything smooth.

Nearby Places from Abha 6 October Compound

  • Abha 6 October Compound is 4 minutes away from Waslet Dahshour.
  • Abha October is 7 minutes from the Mall of Arabia.
  • The distance between the Compound and Al Hosary Square is 15 minutes.

Yet, living in October City has become a clear demand for many property buyers in Egypt because of the opulence provided there, in terms of the residential compounds and the surrounding facilities, in addition to the fact that the city is situated far away from the hustle of Cairo.

The land space of Abha October Compound

On a 12-Feddan Land, Srd Company launched the newest “Abha Compound ” in October City, a considerable space where residents can avail the availability of the essential facilities, in addition to other outdoor activities.

Through a smart plan of land division, the company dedicated around 25% of Abha October Compound’s space to building different types of residential units, whereas the remaining area which represents 75% is the perfect left space for providing the most-needed facilities and landscapes.

The fact that the master plan of Abha October compound includes greenery landscapes that fill the gaps between the residential units is expected to upgrade the residents’ housing experience where luxury is the main element.

residential building in Abha October Compound

Abha Compound in October City

Types of residential units in Abha 6 October Compound

The residential area in Abha 6 October Compound includes around 42 residential buildings with around 3 remarkable types of units: homes, villas, and penthouses.

  • The space of apartments in Abha starts from 149 m2.
  • The villas’ space starts from 272 m2 to 391 m2.
  • 177 Sqm is the minimum space for a penthouse in Abha October Compound

It’s noteworthy to mention that SRD Company, Abha October Developer, is renowned for its premium quality of construction that guarantees long-term durability.

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Top services & facilities in Abha Compound 6 October

SRD Company aims to bring pleasure and comfort to its customers by developing a luxurious fully-faceted community in Abha October Compound, where the smallest details in the compound’s construction and the provided services are set according to the residents’ requirements.

  • Abha Compound 6 October is designated with paved tracks for promenading to provide residents with a super elegant and practical design.
  • Abha October Compound offers five-star maintenance and housing services for property owners.
  • Abha offers an extensive security system to ensure residents’ safety.
    guarantees a high safety level for their belongings.
  • Abha Compound in 6 October features vast breathtaking green spaces all over the compound.
  • A Food Corner area that includes different restaurants and cafes, serving mouthwatering dishes.
  • The commercial area includes different hypermarkets and well-known stores.
  • Last, but not least, Abha Compound includes a small mosque where residents can practice their rituals.

Abha Compound

Abha October Prices & Payment system

Purchasing a unit in Abha October Compound is considered a perfect investment opportunity for many reasons; including its competitive price, premium quality, and easy-to-handle payment plans.

6,000,000 Egp is the average price for available units for sale in Abha Compound.

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The top 3 payment plans to purchase a unit in Abha October Compound

SRD Company announced the launch of  different payment plans from which customers can choose their most appealing choice according to their needs. Each plan is perfectly outlined with a certain instalment period that lasts up to 4 years.

The first plan in Abha 6th of October guarantees a 4-year instalment provided that the resident has to pay around 55% of the total cost as a down payment.

The developer of Abha Compound

Abha Compound was brought into reality through the efforts of both SRD Company, an acronym that stands for Al Shaboury Development, and Al Mamoura Company.

SRD is one of the leading companies that was introduced to the market for the first time in 2006 by providing construction and investment services.

And after 6 years of success, the company started to concentrate its efforts on the real estate industry by contributing to the development of residential and commercial projects all over Egypt.

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FAQ related to Abha Compound 6 October

Who is the developer of Abha Compound 6 October?

SRD Company

Where is Abha Compound located?

October City

What are the main units in Abha October Compound?

Penthouses- villas- apartments

How can i contact the consulting team in Abha Compound 6 October?

Call the following number: 01101112515


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