IL Mondo Compound New Capital by RAFCO

IL Mondo Compound New Capital by RAFCO
Prices start from 2,543,600 EGP
0% Down payment
10 Installment years
Prices are subject to change
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Project details
Compound Name Il Mondo Compound
The Develoepr RFCO
The compound location New Capital City, R7.
The space of apartments The minimum space in Il Mondo is 80 m2, while the maximum is 240 m2.
For inquries 01101112515

Il Mondo Compound is a recent top-notch residential project that is added to the New Capital City, the future city for housing in Egypt, to reflect an exceptional level of luxury and elegance.

Il Mondo New Capital, 23-Feddan Compound, is renowned for its outstanding architectural design and awe-inspiring landscapes; a brilliant artwork where modernness and practicality are blended together so it became hard to recognize one feature as a separate element.

Besides Il Mondo compound’s remarkable design, the compound is classified with its high level of integration. Residents will be privileged to start their day knowing how their day is going to be, and when their missions will be accomplished through one of the available facilities inside Il Mondo.

Il Mondo Compound New Capital includes a huge commercial mall, wellness hub, social club, sporting fields, modern parking lots, children’s playgrounds, and landscapes.

Time to highlight the most required part “Prices and units”, Il Mondo New Capital Compound is cosndiered one of the most ideal choices for those looking for competitive prices and perfect housing options, check out more details by reading the following paragraphs.

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Il Mondo Compound Location

Il Mondo Compound is located in a strategic plot in the New Capital City on R7, more specifically inside G7. RFCO Company aims to provide its customers with a high level of integration by choosing the compound’s location in great proximity to the top prominent facilities in New Capital City, including the medical city, the education complex, and the commercial area.

Get a glimpse of the nearby vicinities:

  • Il Mondo Compound is 2 minutes away from the knowledge hub in the new capital city.
    Il Mondo Compound is located 10 minutes from the Capital International Airport
  • The distance between New Capital City and Ain Sokhna road is 5 km.
  • Il Mondo Compound New Capital is surrounded by one of the top prestigious neighborhoods such as City Compound, Oya Compound, Midtown Sky, Il Bosco New Capital.
  • The Cathedral Church & Abd el-Fattah Mosque are
  • The diplomatic district shall be highlighted as one of the most nearby facilities to il Mondo.

The land space of Il Mondo New Capital Compound

Il Mondo Compound is constructed on a partially huge land space of 23-Feddan; the compound is ideally divided into three distinctive spaces: Residential, Commercial, and Landscape.

The residential space in Il Mondo New Capital Compound, which represents around 22% of the compound’s total space, includes different types of residential units.

Il Mondo Compound in New Capital City is designed with vast landscapes that embrace the residential and commercial areas to reflect a high sort of elegance.

The project owner has set a smart master plan for il Mondo that enables residents to enjoy a highly fulfilled experience, thus, the commercial mall is constructed on 7144 meters of land.

Providing an energetic lifestyle was one of the main priorities of the project owners, which is crystal clear in dedicating around 4062 meters to building a modern sporting club.

IL Mondo Compound New Capial

Il Mondo New Capital Compound

The Architectural Design of Il Mondo Compound

RFCO Company owns the superior hand in constructing il Mondo Compound in New Capital City, which is considered the first reason behind its outstanding quality and perfect design.

RFCO Company, one of the leading construction companies in Egypt, was keen to implement the latest architectural designing techniques that guarantee a sophisticated premium lifestyle, thus the company partnered with SPACE Company, an engineering design company.

Il Mondo New Capital Compound reflects a high level of vibrant lifestyle in terms of designs, as the colours used in painting the outer layer of blocks form a state-of-art symmetrical layout.

il mondo Il Mondo New Capital

Types of residential units in il Mondo Compound New Capital

Il Mondo New Capital Compound considers the customers’ requirements for fixed specifications in terms of space and interior design.

Accordingly, Il Mondo New Capital Compound offers distinguished spaces that start from 80 m2 for a small studio to 244 m2 for a mid-size apartment.

  • The space of a one-bedroom apartment is 80 m2.
  • The space of two-bedroom apartments starts from 115 m2 to 145 m2.
  • The space of three-bedroom apartments starts from 150 m2 to 210 m2.
  • The space of four-bedroom apartments starts from 215 m2 to 245 m2.

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Il Mondo New Capital

Top features & services in Il Mondo New Capital Compound

Il Mondo New Capital Compound resembles the proper luxurious lifestyle that people deserve in a top-flight quality, by providing customized spaces that cater to the needs of each family member.
Whatever your age is, and whatever your interests are, you will always find a place where you can express yourself.

Check now:

  • Il Mondo New Capital includes a commercial complex where brands and stores sell customers’ top-needed merchandise, providing a premium quality shopping experience.
  • Il Mondo Compound solved the parking issues by comprising shared parking lots all over the compound.
  • Il Mondo New Capital showcases a brilliant level of man-made breathtaking elements of green spaces and water features.
  • Il Mondo Compound New Capital surprises its customers with the weekend reward; a wellness hub where residents can get rid of their stress.
  • The developer is keen to provide residents with a smooth and non-stopping lifestyle by providing excellent daily maintenance services.
  • Swimming Pools are provided in three sizes to suit swimmers of different ages.
  • The safety level provided in Il Mondo New Capital is considered one of the top features, as the compound implements a strong surveillance system and hires experienced guards.
  • Because food quality is people’s concern for blessed dining, Il Mondo compound partnered with reputable Restaurants and cafes that serve delicious western and eastern cuisines.
  • Children playground

IL Mondo Compound New Capital

Il Mondo New Capital Prices & Payment Plans

Il Mondo compound prices are considered one of the top privileges that property buyer considers as a purchasing factor. In other words, Il Mondo New Capital offers an opportunity for a promising future with unbeatable prices, that start from 2.543.600 Egp for a mid-size apartment.

Top 3 payment plans in Il Mondo Compound

The developer of Il Mondo Company New Capital realized the importance of providing different options regarding payment plans, so buyers can choose the perfect one that appeals to their purchasing capacity.

Accordingly, Il Mondo New Capital Compound announced three remarkable payment plans:

  • The first plan requires a 0% down payment, provided that buyers have to pay the cost over 5 years only.
  • The second plan allows customers to purchase their home with a 10% down payment, and pay the remaining over 7 years.
  • The third plan is the top favourite one for many; as it features a 10-year installment with a 15% down payment.

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The developer of Il Mondo New Capital Compound

RFCO Company for development and construction owns the superior hand in constructing IL Mondo Compound in New Capital City. A 7-year experience in the real estate industry empowered RFCO to develop a prestigious project in a prime location that ideally meets customers’ expectations for the perfect housing experience.

Indeed, Il Mondo New Capital Compound’s construction was supervised by other 3 top legends in the real estate development industry; Dr. Medhat Al Durra, Projacs Company, DMA, and DSC.

FAQ about Il Mondo Compound New Capital

Who is the developer of Il Mondo Compound?

RFCO Company

Where is Il Mondo Compound is located?

New Capital City, R7

What are the types of units in Il Mondo Compound?


How can i contact the consulting team in Il Mondo New Capital Compound?

Call the following number: 01101112515


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