Catalan New Capital Compound

Catalan New Capital Compound
Prices start from 3,400,000 EGP
30% Down payment
6 Installment years
Prices are subject to change
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Project details
Compound Name Catalan
The Project Owner The Gates Development
Compound Location New Capital city, R7.
Types of residential units Apartments- Duplexes- Villas- Twinhouses.
Payment System Down Payment starts from 0% to 25%, and the instalment period can last up to 10 years.
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Catalan New Capital Compound offers a one-of-a-kind housing experience in which residents are privileged to explore new possibilities for a richer life, in terms of design, location, and integration.

Gates Company, the project developer, pays huge attention to how each smallest detail in Catalan Compound can be well-exploited, in alignment with the worldwide living standards, to provide property owners with the highest quality to experience the comfort and a luxury lifestyle.

The company decided to name its project after the Spain-rooted word “Catalan”, to create a connection between the heavenly nature in Spain and the human-made eye-pleasing views provided in the Compound.

Most importantly, to provide the deluxe lifestyle that residents deserve, Catalan New Capital provides high-quality essential and luxurious services, such as multi-functional sports hubs, shopping malls, private garages, food corners, jogging tracks, pharmacies, etc.

So, if you are ready to upgrade your family housing experience, Catalan Compound would be the perfect fit. For further details, Meet our team Now!

Catalan Compound

Catalan Compound Location

Catalan Compound is located in a centric position in the New Capital City in R7, with great proximity to the Exhibition Center and the Financial District.

The fact that Catalan Compound is situated directly on Mohamed Ben Zayed road makes highlights the vitality of the compound location which enables residents to move freely between the cities.

Most importantly, the compound is close to the New administrative capital airport, in addition to its closeness to Cairo International Airport with only 1.5 km of distance, which facilitates both national and international freight.

The compound is also close to the following places:
1- the Ministry of Defense building
2-Expo City & Mega Mall.
3- El Masa Hotel
4- The Opera house
5- the cultural hub

The Land space of Catalan New Capital Compound

Catalan New Capital is a 40-Feddan Compound that was designed and developed by Egypt’s master architectural companies.

The mission of creating a fully-integrated residential community was evident in the Gate’s decision to dedicate around 78% of the compound space to the natural green areas. Where the rest of the space, which represents 22%, is left for designing the residential spaces.

It’s noteworthy to highlight that the architectural design of the residential and commercial buildings in Catalan New Capital features a distinctive level of opulence and sophistication.

As the main theme of Catalan Compound design is partially inherited from Spain; the designers outlined a cultural mix between western Spanish designs and the classicism found in the East.

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Types of residential units in Catalan New Capital

The Gates Development promises its customers a well-personalized housing experience in ” Catalan New Capital” by offering multiple residential units in different spaces and a unique interior division.

Hence, residents can pick their favourite type of unit from Duplexes- twin houses- townhouses- villas- apartments.

Check the available units in Catalan Egypt:

  • The average space of the Ground floor apartment is 149 m2.
  • The space of apartments (Typical floor) starts from 185 m2.
  • The duplex’s space starts from 335 m2.
  • Units on the last floor feature a distinctive space of 175 m2.

All units in Catalan New Capital Compound will be delivered in a high partial finish. Yet, all residential buildings are provided with E-gates to strengthen the security level.

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Catalan Compound apartments

Top services & Features in Catalan Compound

The Development of Catalan Compound was inspired by the company’s main vision of providing high-quality value, in the first place, in all life aspects to its customers.

Therefore, the Gates Company gives an eye to detail while designing the compound, to achieve the highest levels of comfort and luxury, by providing sports facilities, safety procedures, social activities, maintenance services, and recreational services. the company thrives to introduce a residential community where

Check the top features in Catalan Compound:

  • Catalan New Capital features Jogging tracks and Bike lanes that would be set far away from the traffic roads to ensure residents’ safety.
  • A Food corner area that includes notable Restaurants and cafes providing both western and eastern cuisines.
  • The Shopping mall is connected with all the residential spaces in Catalan; a huge area where residents can pick up all their monthly and daily purchases.
  • Residential buildings are supported with E-gates.
  • The compound electricity is partially supported by the Solar energy system to encourage using the clean resource.
  • The Private garage feature in Catalan New Capital is considered a plus for people looking to double secure their belongings.
  • The social club in Catalan Compound Egypt is constructed in a huge area to provide different sports and social activities.

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Prices & Payment Plans of Catalan Compound New Capital

In alignment with the company’s main goal of providing real value for its customers in all life aspects, the company announced competitive prices per meter in the Catalan compound.

If you are ready to pick a luxurious unit in Catalan, meet the consultant team NOW!

Top 5 Payment plans provided in Catalan Compound

The company announced four distinctive installment plans due to customers’ different requirements.

First plan:
Customers can purchase their unit with a 0% Down payment and pay the remaining over 6 years.

Second plan:
In this system, customers pay only a 5% down payment and pay the rest over 7 years.

Third plan:
10% is required as a down payment to pay the remaining over 8 years.

Fourth plan:
Customers can enjoy a 9-year instalment provided that the initial payment represents 15% of the total unit cost.

Fifth Plan:
The final plan allows customers to get their unit with a 25% down payment and pay the remaining cost over 10 years.

It’s notable to mention that 2023 is the final date for delivering residential units.

The Developer of Catalan New Capital

The Gates Development is the official owner of Catalan Compound, a prestigious compound developed with the themes of Spanish.

The Gates Development was founded in 2018 with the solid expertise of its shareholders “ United Arab Developers” which has been a giant competitor in the construction industry since 1996.

The main reason behind founding “ Gates Development” was so that the main company would be in full control of the full chain starting from the design phase to the delivery phase, which completely guarantees premium quality to customers.

Gates development is keen to take multiple initiatives toward a sustainable community; lying on solar energy as the main resource of electricity for its residential projects is one of them.

Today, after 25 of sharing happiness with customers, the company celebrates by breaking the sales records of 1 billion Egp.

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FAQ about Catalan Compound New Capital

Who is the owner of Catalan Compound?

The Gates Development

Where is Catalan Compound located?

New Capital, R7.

How can I contact the Consulting Team in Catalan New Capital?

Contact the following number: 01101112515

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