Kai Sokhna Resort by Misr Italia

Developer: Misr Italia Properties
Kai Sokhna Resort by Misr Italia
Prices start from 1 EGP
5% Down payment
8 Installment years
Prices are subject to change
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Project details
The project Name Kai
Project Location Ain Sokhna,kilo 180
The developer Misr Italia
Available Units chalets and villas
Installment period 8 years
For inquires 01101112515

Kai Sokhna Resort is stunningly designed to impress people with its prestigious design that is a mixture between modernity and simplicity of natural elements; a place where your eyes can be pleased. designs dominated by lush nature.

Misr Italia implemented launched its coastal project with European architectural techniques to provide the highest standards of luxury and comfort, and in a distinguished strategic location that can be reached easily and in a short time without the need to carry the burden of travel.

Location and Speldnour design aren’t the only dominating features, as Kain Ain Sokhna offers a perfect level of integration to enable property owners various residential recreational and essential services.

So, if you are looking for a vacation spot where you can enjoy a long stay in mesmerizing views in Sokhna, kai Resort shall be your first choice. Contact us now to know more details about the available units for sale in Kai El Sokhna and the prices.

Kai Sokhna Resort

Kai Sokhna Chalets 

The Location of Kai Sokhna Resort

Kai El Sokhna project is located in a strategic location in Ain Sokhna At kilo 180 of the Cairo-Ain Sokhna Road, with a pleasing view of the Red Sea with its clear water and soft sands.

The developer was not only keen to provide a location directly surrounded by the sea but also a privileged location close to the vital areas in the city of Sokhna, and most importantly, it does not require a lot of travelling time, because it is close to the main roads and axes that facilitate access to the village from various regions.

Places near Kai Ain Sokhma

  • Kai Resort is 3 km from El Galala Road.
  • 15 km via Zaafarana.
  • 20 km away from the main Ain Sokhna Road.

The Land Space of Kai Sokhna

Kai Resort in Ain Sokhna extends over a large area of 35 feddan where the sandy beach is embracing the resort with a length of 1200 meters and a width of 300 meters.

The large area of the project was allocated for services and green spaces, which exceeded 80% of the total area, while the rest of the space was left for residential units.

35% of the residential units inside Kai Sokhna are attached to private swimming pools. The distance between the farthest residential unit and the sea is estimated at only 150 meters, giving all units outstanding views of the sea.

The Architectural Design of Kai Resort in Ain Sokhna

The Developer company worked to choose remarkable designs for Kai Ain Sokhna that reflect the nature of the location; a design dominated by water spaces and lush greenery that embraces all the buildings. As well as the designs are a mixture of modern European building styles of luxury, all of this makes Kai Sokhna one of the finest projects in Ain Sokhna.

The company paid much attention to picking the painting and the internal division of units to provide their customers with luxury and comfort.

Everything you need to spend a long and wonderful uninterrupted coastal experience with designs that speak of elegance and are driven by nature is available at Kai Resort in Ain Sokhna.

Kai El Sokhna

The interior design in Kai El Sokhna

Types of Residential Units in Kai El Sokhna

Kai El Sokhna offers a variety of different sizes, where you have the possibility to choose the most suitable option in terms of space, price, and interior design.

Now discover the most prominent spaces:

  • The space of Kai Misr italia Villas starts from 365 m2.
  • The space of second Row Chalets with spaces starting from 165 m2.
  • Pool Deck Chalets with spaces starting from 64 m2.
Kai Sokhna

The exterior design of a chalet in Sokhna

Top Features & Services in Kai Ain Sokhna

Misr Italia aims to raise the level of integration in its coastal project Kai El Sokhna, such as entertainment, essential, and also medical care and safety to become one of the best projects in the region.

  • Kai Ain Sokhna includes a 5-star hotel that is under the management of the Hilton Group.
  • Amusement park suitable for adults and children.
  • Various swimming pools inside Kai Sokhna, as well as some for women.
  • An integrated commercial area on a large area that offers you an enjoyable shopping experience.
  • The Club House in Kai El Sokhna is the perfect place to rejuvenate.
  • Aqua Park contains a lot of water games.
  • Restaurants and cafes in Kai Misr Italia offer the most delicious food and drinks.
  • Falling waterfalls in the water lakes with a fairy design.
  • Spaces designated for cars to prevent traffic.
  • 24-hour security and guarding services.

Kai Sokhna Prices & Payment Plans

Misr Italia, the project’s developer, offers competitive prices for the available units for sale in Kai Resort El Sokhna, where the unit price starts from 1,400,000 Egp, which is an ideal price compared to the features contained in the project.

The company highlighted that the prices in Kai Sokhna vary due to the unit type, size, and location within the resort.

Kindly Note that these prices are subject to change, however, we do our best to keep you informed with the latest updated.

The instalment period in Kai Sokhna Misr Italia

Misr Italia development offers an unmissable investment opportunity to its customers, by offering several easy payment methods and payments.

  • All you need to book a dream unit on the Red Sea, and more specifically in Kai El Sokhna Misr Italia, is a 5% downpayment and installments up to b years.

The Developer of Kai El Sokhna Resort

Kai Sokhna Resort is one of the projects of Misr Italia Development Company, which is considered one of the giants of real estate companies, which has established many distinguished projects through which it achieved a large percentage of sales, which made it enjoy a huge segment of customers with high levels of confidence.

The company established more than 11 residential projects, along with a group of the largest 9 huge commercial projects, in addition to various tourism projects, all of which are equipped with the best-integrated services and modern technologies to put owners on another level of living.

The portfolio of Misr Italia reflects its solid experience in the real estate industry and offers a premium value for its customers, some of these projects are Vinci New Capital, IL Bosco, La Nouva, Sila, in addition to Cairo Business Park in New Cairo.

Other projects in Ain Sokhna

Faq about Kai Misr Italia

What is the available units in Kai Misr Italia?

Chalets & Villas

what is the instalment period in Kai Misr Italia?

8 years


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