Swanlake North Coast | Own Your Chalet with 5% DP

Swanlake North Coast | Own Your Chalet with 5% DP
Prices start from 4,650,000 EGP
10% Down payment
6 Installment years
Prices are subject to change
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Project details
Project Name Swanlake North Coast
Project Location on the North Coast main road in the Sidi Abdel Rahman area
Types of units Chalets, Apartments, Twin houses, Villas, and Townhouses.
Payment plan 5% down payment and installments extend over 7 years.
The Developer Hassan Allam

Luxury is a story of the future created by one of the top leaders in the real estate field, Swan Lake North Coast is the story you are looking for, start your journey in North Coast and enjoy the distinguished location on the main north coast road.

Architectural style and unique views are standard on Swan Lake Sahel units, which come with various spaces and different unit types—apartments, chalets, and villas—that will change the way you view the lavishness.

About the payment plan for the best prices that was released surprisingly in the field, you can own your unit without any concerns, just make the decision and let the rest for our brilliant team.

This article will help you to know the key features of Swanlake North Coast, and the main reason you should buy your unit is that the project was developed by Hassan Allam, a renowned developer in the Egyptian real estate field.

Luxurious lifestyle, and flexible payment methods, Is this what you’re looking for?

Swanlake North Coast

Chalets in Swanlake resort

The Location of Swan Lake North Coast

Swanlake Village is featured for its strategic location on the North Coast main road in the Sidi Abdel Rahman area. It is a vital area that holds impressive beaches that give the best view of the Swan Lake North Coast units.

  • Swanlake North Coast is located on Alexandria Matrouh coastal road.
  • it is also near an important road, Fouka Road that will take an hour and a half to new Cairo.
  •  Swanlake north coast is near Ras El Hekma and New Alamein.
  • An hour and a half from Alex.

The Architectural Design & Space of SwanLake North Coast

Swan Lake North Coast Village, situated at 208 Feddan, holds a 5-star hotel and many services and Beach activities, such as a diving centre. Enjoy your stay by having the best time with the people you care about. All the units are featured with magical views, gardens, fountains, and green landscapes.

The developer dedicated 82% of the land to Aesthetic views and 18% to different types of units; it differs between chalets, apartments, twin houses, villas, and townhouses, with spaces starting at 70 SQM.

The design of Swanlake Village on the North Coast is set by JZMK Partners, one of the known designers, who hold many years of experience and was established in 1960 with modern 3D colors.

Swanlake North Coast

Residential Units in Swanlake Village on the North Coast

Swanlake North Coast offers a variety of premium units, overlooking the turquoise sea, in different spaces and remarkable designs.

  • The space of Chalets in Swanlake Village on the North Coast range between 70 square meters to 250 square meters.
  • Apartments’ space range between 100 square meters up to 200 square meters.
  • Villas – A space is 464 square meters.
  • Villa – B starts from 538 square meters up to 580 square meters.
  • Villa – C is 433 square meters.
  • Villa – D starts from 132 square meters up to 265 square meters.

The services & facilities in Swan Lake North Coast Village

Enjoy this amount of services that will change your lifestyle for the better with Hassan Allam Construction, which aims to provide all kinds of comfort in your hands, especially since it is located in a popular tourist spot.

the following, there are some of Swanlake Sahel features:

  • Swan lake North Coast holds a Diving Center to promote your vacation.
  • Electric Halls; Plyastaions and other video games for children and youth.
  • Security and surveillance cameras in every spot.
  • Horseback riding in Swanlake North Coast Village is one of the top-rated amusement activities provided.
  • Dedicated rooms for VIP Events in a massive area.
  • Cleaning and maintenance service for amenities and garages.
  • A police station is in service all the time.
  • Emergency fire station for a more insecure community.
  • garages spots in a massive area with security, and continuous cleaning.
  • Atheistic views: Green lands, gardens, fountains
  • An amusement park for kids with security guards all day long.
  • Swimming pools for all ages with different depths designs, and sizes.
  • Fun activities at Swanlake Sahel: Aqua Park

Swan Lake North Coast Prices & Payment System

Hassan Allam is keen to distinguish Swan Lake Chalets with competitive prices, and that is what makes the project distinguish on the north coast so fast because it holds both prestigious designs and affordable prices.

  • The price of a Ground chalet in Swan Lake North Coast(225 sqm) starts from 5,350,000 EGP up to 6,004,000 EGP.
  • Upper Chalet contains 2B starting from 4,650,000 EGP up to 7,500,000 EGP.
  • Chalets with a garden (225 sqm) start from 4,900,000 EGP.
  • Chalets for sale (255) square meters, attached to a 60 sqm roof, the price starts from 5,000,000 EGP.
  • Villas prices start from 8,000,000 EGP up to 19.000.000 EGP.

The Payment Plan at Swanlake North Coast Resort

The payment plan is the role model in every project; it makes it easier for the customer to own his dream unit without any concerns, so the developer has chosen a perfect method that extends over 7 years with the easiest downpayment.

Chalets in swanlake north coast followed by these payment plans:

  • 10% down payment and installments extend over 6 years.
  • 5% down payment and installments extend over 7 years.

Both payment plans are without interest and have equal payments. For inquiries, contact us…

Hassan Alam The Developer of  Swan Lake Sahel

The owner of Swanlake North Coast is Hassaan Alam, the greatest developer in Egyptian real estate. Aiming to host the finest amenities to provide a rejuvenated lifestyle to its residents, the company has had experience since 1936, which began with Hassan Mohamed Allam.

High-standard architecture, Modern Designs, and lavish services are basic things to find in Hassan Allam projects; the developer is keen to make every project look like a country surrounded by green spaces to make it feel comfier and isolated from outside influences.

Swanlake Resort is considered one of the finest villages on the North Coast. The project is distinguished by its vital location, high-quality services, and facilities; moreover, the payment method has become the main feature of the project; it is flexible and easy to make a decision with a 10% downpayment.

The previous Hassan Allam Projects

  • Fustat Water station.
  • Swan Lake Residence compound.
  • Park View Katamya.
  • New Alamein Towers.
  • Fuwwah Bridge.
  • Damanhour Bridge.
  • The Phoenix New Cairo.
  • Seasons Residence.

The Top Related FAQ about Swanlake North Coast

What is the start-up price at Swanlake North Coast?>

4,650,000 EGP

What is the payment method in Swanlake Sahel?

10% downpayment and the installments extend over 6 years.


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