Koun North Coast by Mabany Edris

Koun North Coast by Mabany Edris
Prices start from 5,000,000 EGP
10% Down payment
9 Installment years
Prices are subject to change
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Project details
The project Name Koun
Project Location Ras El Hikma, North Coast
The developer Mabany Edris
Available Units apartments, chalets, and duplexes.
Payment System 5% down payment, and 8-year installments
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Koun North Coast is your next destination to leverage your coastal experience with luxurious all-year-sea-round chalets, and mesmerizing views of crystal lagoons that act as a dominating scene.

Mabany Edris Company, the project owner, aims to redefine the coastal experience in Egypt by surpassing customers’ expectations for the meaning of integration in resorts and villages.

So each family member will find exactly the entertaining activity and the essential service that he/she needs in Koun Ras El Hikma Village for a flawless rejuvenating vacation.

Don’t miss the chance to own your chalet in Koun with competitive prices and flexible payment systems.

Koun North Coast

3-Floors building in Koun North Coast Village

Koun North Coast Location

Koun is located in one of the most strategic and luxurious spots on the North Coast which is Rasl Ehikma, on Kilo 201.

The perfectly-chosen location of Koun in Ras El Hikma is considered one of the top features that has to be highlighted due to its prestige provided to residents.

  • Koun North Coast is located 15 km away from Il Fouka Bay.
  • 50 km from New Alamein Airport
  • 90 km from Marina
  • The needed time to get back to Cairo is 3 hours.

The Available Residential Units in Koun North Coast Village

Mabany Edris for development was keen to diversify the provided residential units to meet customers’ different needs, in terms of designs and internal space.

Therefore, Koun North Coast is considered one of the prime options to own an apartment, chalet, or penthouse on the North Coast.

  • The space of a 1-bedroom apartment on the ground floor starts from 60 m.
  • The space of 2-bedroom units on the ground floor starts from 85 Sqm.
  • The space of 3 bedroom units on a typical floor ranges from 115 to 125 Sqm.
  • The space of the duplex that contains 3 bedrooms starts from 155 Sqm.
  • 130 Sqm is the average space for a penthouse on Koun North Coast Village.

However, it’s important to highlight that the brilliant design of Koun Ras El Hikma leads to positioning 100% of the number of the available units on the beach view.

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Koun North Coast Chalets

Koun North Coast Chalets

The Land Space of Koun North Coast

Koun North Coast is rolling over a huge land area of 106 Feddan that is well-utilized between landscapes, residential buildings, and amenities.

However, Mabany Edris was keen to introduce a flagship coastal project in which there’s a balance between the aquarium features and the integrated services, to enable property owners to enjoy a long stay in the village.

The Architectural Design of the Koun Project in Ras El Hikma

Mabany Edris considers the artistic aspect of the project as one of the most features that weighs its value, therefore, it collaborated with one of the best engineering design firms in Egypt to come up with a flawless modern design.

Around 80% of Koun North Coast space will represent eye-pleasing and lush greenery landscapes, in addition to water features that are represented in lagoons & lakes with a total land space of 10 Feddan.

The company announced that Koun Ras El Hikma is established along the sea with a depth of 1300 meters.

Koun Ras El Hikma

Koun Village in Ras El Hikma

Features & Services in Koun Ras El Hikma

Koun Ras El Hikma t is not just a beachy boutique of homes, it’s a place where you can cherish and get all your needs fulfilled immediately in a premium quality, through a group of services and features that are provided only for you.

Check the available services and features in Mabany Edris project on the North Coast, Ras El Hikma:

  • The company equipped around 15% of the project space for footprint and different promenading-related activities.
  • The project includes a 5-star hotel with a perfect aparthotel.
  • The Kid’s area is supported with new exciting games to allow kids to have much fun.
  • Daily Housekeeping services are provided with excellence in Koun Ras El Hikma Village
  • Koun Village on the North Coast features different Beach activities that suit adults and young generations
  • Mabany Edris added a clubhouse to the project to enable property owners to strengthen their bond knowing each other.
  • The project hosts cafes and restaurants from which residents can order delicious food and enjoy a deluxe stay.
  • The commercial area is established in the central spot of Koun EL Sahel, it hosts different retail stores and cafes.
  • The resort includes pharmacies and emergency clinics.

The available services in Azar Sahel 

Koun North Coast prices & Installment System

Mabany Edris for development announced a competitive pricing list for the available apartments and chalets on Koun North Coast.

  • The price of 1 bedroom apartment ranges from 2,339,250 Egp.
  • The price of 2 bedroom apartments on the ground floor is 3,295,300 Egp.
  • The price of a 3-bedroom apartment on the typical floor ranges from 4,768,300 Egp.
  • 5,818,383 Egp is the cost for a luxurious 3-bedroom duplex in Koun Mabany Edris.

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The installment plans in Koun North Coast Village

If you are willing to upgrade your family’s coastal experience with Mabany Edris in Koun Sahel, you have the chance to own your unit with only a 5% down payment.

  • After 3 months from the day contracts were signed, another 5% has to be paid.
  • The company extends the installment period up to 9 years.
  • Maintenance fees are 9%.
  • Customers will receive their units in Koun North Coast after 4 years, in 2027

Time to enjoy a Rejavanuting all-year-sea-round Vacation 

The developer of Koun Sahel

Koun Sahel is one of the new projects added to the North Coast by Mabany Edris; a real estate company with solid expertise in developing residential, coastal, industrial, and medical projects in Egypt and Mena.

Since the company’s foundation 20 years ago, it has flourished to become a trusted leader in the real estate industry whose customers believe in their capabilities in launching solution-based home opportunities.

They aim to provide a high Return on Investment value to their customers by leveraging the quality of the provided residence and its material.

 Faq about Koun Village North Coast

What is the down payment required in Koun Village North Coast?

5% deposit

what is the installment period in Koun Village North Coast?

9 years


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