The City of Odyssia Sabbour in al Mostakbal City

Developer: Ahly Sabbour
The City of Odyssia Sabbour in al Mostakbal City
Prices start from 8,600,000 EGP
10% Down payment
7 Installment years
Prices are subject to change
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Project details
Compound Name The City of Odyssia
Compound Location Mostakbal City, within the borders of the New Capital.
Payment Plan Down payment starts from 10%, with a 7-year instalment.
Types of residential units Townhouses- Duplexes- Apartments
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The City of Odyssia Sabbour, developed by Al Ahaly Sabour Company, redefines the housing experience in Egypt through a prestigious super-integrated community established on a large space of 580 Feddan.

Living in a stunning space such as the City of Odyssia Sabbour guarantees you a super luxurious lifestyle where all your demands are requirements are delivered in premium quality.

Odyssia Sabbour, located in Al Mostakbal City, offers a flawless variety of residential units at competitive prices and in different spaces.

Time To Upgrade Your Lifestyle in Such a remarkable Name

” The City Of Odyssia Sabbour”

City of Odyssia Sabbour

Oppen area in odyssia sabbour

The City of Odyssia Location

The location of Odyssia Compound is considered the main advantage of the compound, as it’s located in Al Mostakbal city on the borders of the New Captial City, near Hassan Alam.

Al Ahly Sabour managed to choose a strategic and vital spot where the most prestigious neighborhood was to launch one of its milestones “ the City of Odyssia Sabbour”. Indeed, the compound represents a linkage between New Cairo City and New Capital City.

The Nearby Places From the City of Odyssia Compound:

  • The city of Odyssia Sabbour is located 5 minutes away from the New Capital City
  • The location of the Odyssia compound is only 5 minutes from Suez Road.
  • The distance between Odyssia Sabbour and the American University (AUC) is 15 minutes.
  • The City of Odyssia Sabbour is 30 minutes from Greater Cairo.
  • Finally, it’s only minutes to arrive at your destination at Masr Gedida or Heliopolis from Odyssia Sabbour.

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The map of city of odyssia mostakbal

The map of the city of odyssia mostakbal

The Land space of The City of Odyssia Sabbour

The City of Odyssia Sabbour is considered one of the largest compounds in New Cairo City, as it’s constructed on a 580-land Feddan.

Al Ahly Sabour Company for development was keen to create a state-of-art city that residents could call home, a place where they feel integrated and fulfilled through each facility.

Al Ahly Sabour Company dedicated around 80% of the Odyssia Sabbour space to designing vast greenery areas; with awe-inspiring views that completely change your day to a more colourful and promising morning.

Yet, the architectural design of the City of Odyssia Sabbour was set in alignment with contemporary techniques and design where luxury and comfort were the top two elements.

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Types of residential units in the City Of Odyssia Sabbour

The fact that Sabour Company is the main developer of the City of Odyssia Sabbour guarantees a huge variety of residential units in different spaces.

Each unit in Odyssia Sabbour is perfectly designed to cater to residents’ needs with a prudent outline of all corners for a well-utilized home.

The available residential units in The City of Odyssia Sabour include twin houses, standalone villas, duplexes, and apartments.

  • The minimum space for apartments in Odyssia is 133 Sqm.
  • Villas space in Odyssia Sabbour starts from 227 Sqm.

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buildings in the city of odyssia

Residential Space in City of Odyssa in Mostakbal City

Top services & benefits in The City of Odyssia Sabbour

On, a 500-Feddan Land, the City of Odyssia Sabbour provides residents with all that they dream of starting from the greenery spaces to the well-served education hubs.

The master plan of Odyssia Mostakbal City set by Sabour Compay is based on integration as the main approach for the construction. For Example, accomplishing some tasks in a friendly and well-developed working space while your children are having their education is the life that everyone deserves.

The City of Odyssia Sabbor represents a vital city with a place to visit and an activity to do for everyone; a great composition between the top luxurious level the people deserve and the essential needs of every day.

What are the types of services provided in Odyssia Mostakbal City?

  • Bridge walker stretch all over the city to enable residents to jog freely without being interrupted by car traffic.
  • Odyssia’s five-star Hotel offers super luxurious aparthotels in the neighbourhood.
  • The City of Odyssia Sabbour offers a suitable environment for employees and entrepreneurs to initiate their businesses through the” Working hub”.
  • The shopping area” the retail Boulevard” is the first place residents visit to get their purchases; a huge place that is easily connected to all the residential spaces in Odyssia Sabbour.
  • The International School of the City of Odyssia Sabbour offers an advanced curriculum and the latest teaching methods for all learning stages.
  • The City of Odyssia Mostakbal City includes academies and nurseries to be classified as one of the best compounds in terms of education facilities.
  • Medical centres in Odyssia Sabbour are the perfect addition to ensure residents’ health.
  • Security in Odyssia received much attention from Sabour Company, as the compound is secured through advanced cameras and e-gates.
  • Security members shift all day and night to offer the highest safety levels in the City of Odyssia Sabbour.
  • The Kids’ area with super entertaining activities is the perfect place kids can visit at the night after accomplishing their education tasks.
Odyssia Compound walking bridge

The walking bridge in the City of Odyssia Sabbour

The City of Odyssia Prices & Payment System

The City of Odyssia Sabbour provides stunning units for sale at competitive prices and a flexible payment system. Providing a pricing value for residents in return for the paid amount was the first priority to Sabour Company while setting the pricing strategy for both administrative and residential units.

Accordingly, many buyers were encouraged to enhance their lifestyle by purchasing a suitable unit in Odyssia Mostakbal City.

  • The average price of a mid-size unit in The City of Odyssia is 8,600,000 Egp.

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The Payment plans of Odyssia Sabbour

The payment system provided in The City of Odyssia Sabbour is classified as one of the most facilitated payment plans in the neighbourhoods.

  • Purchasing a unit in Odyssia requires paying a 10% down payment with 7-year instalments.

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The Developer of the City of Odyssia Sabbour

Al Ahly Sabour Company for development is one of the leading companies in the real estate industry founded in 1994 by Eng/Hussain Sabour, who possesses around 60% of the company at the current moment.

After four years of the company’s commencement, Al Ahly Sabour launched a partnership with Al Ahly bank, in which the bank possessed around 40% of the shares.

During a long journey of success, Sabour Company has been playing an active role in developing vast lands of the third and fourth-generation cities in Egypt, with a total number of +57 commercial and residential projects.

Interestingly, the residential projects of Al Ahly Sabour Company accommodate around 3,0000 families, these families are privileged with fully-integrated spaces and premium quality for a comfy and luxurious lifestyle.

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FAQ about the City of Odyssia Sabbour

Who is the developer of the City of Odyssia Sabbour?

Al Ahaly Sabour Company

Where is the City of Odyssia Sabbour?

AL Mostakbal City

How can I contact the Consulting Team in the City of Odyssia Sabbour?

Contact the following number: 01101112515


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