Why I Chose to Live at the Stone Residence Luxury Apartments

Why I Chose to Live at the Stone Residence Luxury Apartments
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Last updated 2022-04-19

Information about Stone Residence Compound Fifth Settlement

Stone Residence Compound, Fifth Settlement, is located on an area of ​​450 acres and is unique in its attractive architectural designs. For individuals to enjoy a luxurious and healthy lifestyle.

The units within Stone Residence are divided into villas and apartments; An area of ​​200 was allocated for villas only, and the rest of the space was distributed among the apartments and various services, allowing for a lower population density within the compound.

The architectural design of the compound is one of the modern designs that suit the special needs of its residents, as it provides a sophisticated European life that matches the requirements of life, as well as enjoying the nature and tranquility in the scattered gardens with the possibility of practicing various types of sports in complete safety where security is available throughout the day.

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Stone Residence Compound, Fifth Settlement

Where is Stone Residence New Cairo located?

The Stone Residence is located in the Fifth Settlement in a strategic location, where it was admired by many seekers of sophistication and luxury in living, as the compound is located in the heart of the Fifth Settlement, 5 minutes from the most important street, which is the 90th Street, 15 minutes from the American University, 20 minutes from Cairo International Airport and 10 minutes from Heliopolis.

The location of the Stone Residence Compound, the Fifth Settlement, is very special, as it is located at the entrance to New Cairo directly on the Ring Road, and it is the first compound that your eye falls on, as it is 10 minutes away from Maadi, Nasr City, and Heliopolis.

What is the area and design of Stone Residence Compound, Fifth Settlement

The Stone Residence Compound was implemented on a huge area of ​​about 450 acres in the New Cairo area in the Fifth Settlement, and 200 acres were allocated for villas only, “this stage has been completed and delivered in full.”

The second phase of the project was for the residential buildings that shared the remaining space with a large number of artificial lakes, swimming pools, green areas, and services; The design of the buildings came from a ground floor + 3 upper floors, “each floor contains only two apartments”; The apartments are designed with different areas ranging from 128 to 220 square meters.

This limited number of residential units resulted in one of the least densely populated compounds, allowing greater calm and privacy for all residents of Stone Residence.

Stone Residence Compound, Fifth Settlement

Stone Hills, a new phase in Stone Residence Compound

Rooya Real Estate Company, the owner of the distinctive Stone Residence project, announced the launch of a new phase under the name “ Stone Hills”.

Our goal is to create a new phase, as Roya wants to provide different types of units with different designs and spaces. The Stone Hills project offers us the vision of New Cairo, housing units differently than usual in the Stone Reese Desecrated Compound. These units are:

  1. Luxurious standalone villas.
  2. Townhouse.
  3. uphill house.
  4. single-family units ONLY.
  5. In addition to the terrace and gardens.

The space of the units within the Stone Hills stage

The developer of the project offers a variety of different spaces for the units within the Stone Hills phase, and the space of the units starts as follows:

  • Standalone villas space starts from 350 square meters.
  • The small villas start from 270 square meters.
  • As for the townhouse, it starts from 240 square meters.
  • As for UpHill house, it provided it with an area of ​​253 square meters.
  • It also provided Terrace house with an area of ​​215 square meters.

As for the services available within the Stone Hills New Cairo project, they are similar to the services in the main project, such as public parks and swimming pools available throughout the project, and security, guarding, and privacy services for residents.

What are the services of Stone Residence Compound, Fifth Settlement

The Compound Stone Residence Fifth Settlement contains integrated facilities and services that would provide comfort and complete luxury for individuals, and the project management provided several services, the most important of which is providing security for its residents, as it is one of the most important elements that everyone is looking for.

One of the largest companies specialized in the field of security has been hired, in addition to installing the latest types of surveillance cameras, and specialized engineers are working on their maintenance to secure the compound, and areas for children have been provided with continuous guarding throughout the day, in addition to providing a private garage for cars to secure them and ensure their cleanliness by employees. They were appointed for this.

  • Ample green spaces are available to give more relaxation.
  • There are swimming pools equipped for adults and children and operate throughout the year, and of various designs.
  • 24-hour security and guards are available to provide security inside the compound.
  • Special parking for the residents of the Compound Stone Residence New Cairo.
  • There are many parks for walking and relaxing.
  • There are artificial fountains and artificial lakes on a large area of ​​the Stone Residence compound, giving a sense of comfort to the residents.
  • Club House on an area of ​​3 acres contains a football and squash court and a swimming pool.
  • Luxury cafes and restaurants are available.
  • Commercial area.
  • There is a social club on a huge plot of land for sports lovers.
  • A special area for children’s games to enjoy their time inside the compound.
  • Equipped gymnasium.
  • Private courts are equipped at the highest level such as tennis and squash courts.
  • Indoor swimming pool for women.
  • There are modern electric lifts.
  • Many cultural activities are available.
  • There are gyms in a large area.
  • There are international banks.
  • Money exchange machines are available throughout the Stone Residence compound, Fifth Settlement.

Stone Residence Compound

Stone Residence Compound

What are the prices and payment systems for Stone Residence Compound, Fifth Settlement

The developed company provided great unit prices, and this is because the company aims to meet all the needs of its customers and to facilitate all the procedures that make them live in this architectural masterpiece, and this is what you can say now that the compound is fully integrated.

Stone Residence’s diversity was not only in services and unit spaces; It also included payment systems. The developer has introduced several payment systems for the value of units within the Stone Residence New Cairo compound; Where you can buy owning a residential unit inside the compound through:

  • 5% downpayment, 10% upon receipt, and the rest of the unit value in installments over 7 years.
  • 10% downpayment, 10% upon receipt, and the rest of the unit value in installments over 8 years.
  • 15% downpayment, 10% upon receipt, and the rest of the unit value in installments over 9 years.

In addition to offering immediate receipt for a specified period if you pay 10% of the unit value and pay the rest over 7 years

  1. Units shall be delivered according to these regulations within a period of no less than 6 months and not more than a year.
  2. You can also receive your unit immediately, with a 30% down payment, and the rest in installments over 5 years.
  3. You can choose the finishing system you want, so you can receive the unit you want fully finished or semi-finished.

Advantages of owning a unit in Stone Residence Compound, Fifth Settlement

Living in the Compound of Stone Residence, Fifth Settlement, is one of the things that guarantees you a life full of luxury, you breathe fresh air, and you see green spaces all around you. If you feel boredom from staying in your home, you can wander around the compound, and quickly feel better your mood.

Stone Residence Compound has many important features that have many factors that make it your favorite place, as it includes many residential and basic services that meet your personal needs, and the developer will not be satisfied with this only but has provided many entertainment services that prevent you from leaving the compound.

The location of Stone Residence Compound is strategically close to many important neighborhoods, close to squares, and famous places, in addition to its proximity to the main roads that help in moving and going anywhere you go with ease.

The features of the Stone Residence Compound will not end in the Fifth Settlement, but it includes many and many features, in addition to its interest in the mental health of its residents, as it is also concerned with physical health, as it may provide sports centers, a gym equipped with all equipment at the highest level and many other sports activities, in addition to medical centers.

The company that developed Stone Residence provides many different units within the compound with various spaces that suit all social groups so that each customer can choose the unit that helps him in his well-being and comfort in his life. These units are available at ideal prices and with flexible payment systems.

Stone Residence Compound is your haven for bliss and luxury in your life.

Stone Residence Fifth Settlement Stone Residence

What are the advantages of housing in the Fifth Settlement

The Fifth Settlement is one of the most important and prestigious residential areas in Egypt, and indeed in the Middle East as well. It is a large area that enjoys sophistication and beauty, due to its countless advantages and possibilities.

Life within the Fifth Settlement may be full of sophistication, calm, and most importantly, it has a lot of privacy that you will not find in other places, as this community will not interfere with what does not concern it, and this feature is the most important thing that the Fifth Settlement enjoys.

Many services and facilities are available within the Fifth Settlement, as they provide all the modern methods that help you in an ideal living.

There are many other important features within the Fifth Settlement. It is an integrated area that includes all the elements of living, and all the elements of real estate and commercial investment. It is a city far from randomness, from noise, from the hustle and bustle of the city, and many other advantages as follows:

  • The location of the Fifth Settlement, to say the least, is a strategic location, as it is one of the most important advantages of attracting people to live in it.
  • The Fifth Settlement includes many huge malls, and this has a major role in making it a vital area, with an urban and tourist attraction.
  • One of the most prominent features of living in the Fifth Settlement is the presence of Fifth Settlement gardens and distinctive green spaces, which played an important role in purifying the air.
  • The diversity of units and their spaces in compounds and malls, and this helps the residents to choose the type of unit and its appropriate space.
  • The best features available is the availability of educational services at the highest level using modern methods, as it includes many international schools and universities, such as the American University and the German University.
  • It includes many sports and social clubs that play a major role in achieving the well-being of the city’s residents, as it includes the most important clubs such as Petrosport Club and Wadi Degla Club.
  • Apart from these wonderful features and services, one of the most important features of the compound is its wonderful weather throughout the year, summer and winter, compared to other areas and other residential neighborhoods, given that the land of the Fifth Settlement and New Cairo is relatively high above sea level.

Stone Residence Fifth Settlement Stone Residence

Who is the owner of Stone Residence Compound, Fifth Settlement?

The Stone Residence compound was developed by the well-known Pre Group Real Estate Company, where the Pre Group for Real Estate Development and Development established the luxurious Stone Residence compound on a huge land area.

It also has more than fifty years of experience, and the most important characteristic of the Next Group Company is its distinguished designs, meticulous detailing, and selection of the best site.

It also guarantees customers a life full of luxury. In addition, the group manages the stages of study, design and implementation of many major projects, such as

  • Stone Park Project
  • North Coast Hills
  • Ain Sokhna hills
  • The plateau 6 October
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