Stone Residence Your Dream Home With a 40% Down Payment

Developer: PRE
Stone Residence Your Dream Home With a 40% Down Payment
Prices start from 9,000,000 EGP
40% Down payment
5 Installment years
Prices are subject to change
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Project details
Compound Name Stone Residence
The Developer PRE Development
Project Location Fifth Settlement, New Cairo
Types of units Twin house- Town house- Standalone Villa
Payment System 40% Down payment & 5-year instalment
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spaces of units: starting from 240 m2

Information about Stone Residence Compound Fifth Settlement

Stone Residence has become buyers’ first choice when it comes to looking for top-flight luxurious homes in Egypt with a perfect bundle of a variety of homes and services.

The innovative designs of Stone Residence Compound reflect a genuine mixture between charming landscapes and contemporary buildings’ splendidness.

Rooya Company intended to distinguish its project by diversifying the types of its residential units upon high-standard criteria that match customers’ expectations.

In a fully-integrated community, Stone Residence Compound promises you a superior level of immediate fulfilment of whatever service you need, such as a commercial mall, sports club, brands, food corner, etc.

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Where is Stone Residence located?

Location of Stone Residence compound

The location of Stone Residence was strategically selected in one of the most livable places in New Cairo, which is 5 minutes away from N’ Tessen Street. Directly on the regional ring road, the compound is located near the New Cairo entrance to be your first choice for a nearby luxurious community from which you need only 10 minutes to arrive at Maadi, Nasr City, and Heliopolis.

“What are the nearby places from Stone Residence” is a frequently asked question by interested buyers. So if you are one of them, find your answer in the following section:

  • Stone Residence compound is 20 minutes from the international Cario airport.
  • The location of the compound is 15 minutes from the American university.
  • Heliopolis can be reached from Stone within 20 minutes.
  • Last but not least, the compound is close to both Katmeya Heights and El Hadaba El Wosta.
  • Maadi is 15 minutes away from the compound.
  • Stone Residence New Cairo is located in proximity to Saad Zaghloul axis, the Katameya Medical Center.

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The Land Space of Stone Residence & Its Division

Rooya Group for Development, as the market calls the Vision Company, selected a massive land space of Stone Residence with a total space of 450 Feddan; therefore, the compound was classified as one of the hugest in the fifth settlement.

The 450 Sqm was ideally divided into different sections to prioritize the user experience for residents; the division came as follows: Residential, commercial, facilities-based areas, and landscapes.

The Architectural Design of Stone Residence Compound

Stone Residence master plan

Stone Residence master plan

Stone Residence Compound is categorized with a lavish blueprint to empower residents to experience superiority and comfort even in the smallest details.

It’s worth highlighting that the architectural design of the Stone Residence Compound would resemble a milestone in the designing industry in Egypt because of its antiquity and its immersion in contemporary urban designs. A great effort was exerted by the company’s top team, only those who had a clear vision of what the Egyptian need for the future.

Stone Residence Compound’s design was aligned with three pillars: a community that honours nature, a community that delivers peace of mind, and a community that opens up your vision.

Besides the prestigious architecture design in Stone Residence in New Cairo, the compound is privileged with fascinating landscapes that include around 12 artificial lakes that have occupied a large space.

Types of residential units in Stone Residence

One of the most appealing features of Stone Residence Compound that led to more sales in a short period is the variety of residential units in different spaces.

  • The space of unit type A is 190 Sqm
  • The space of unit A with a Roof is 230 Sqm, and the floor space is 118 Sqm.
  • The space of unit type B is 170 Sqm.
  • The space of unit type B is 205 Sqm, and the roof space is 108 Sqm.

Stone Hills: New phase in Stone Residence Compound

Stone Residence

Stone Residence: The Light city

Stone Residence Compound developer, Rooya Group, announced the launch of a new residential phase called Stone Hills, stretching a considerable space of 38 Feddan.

The unit variety represented in Stone Hills gave an overview for buyers of the luxurious lifestyle that awaits them. For example, Stone Residence includes an uphill house, townhouse, single-family units, and standalone villas.

Considering that all the above-mentioned units are attached with wide terraces or charming parks, or both together, with a minimum space of 260 Sqm.

Yet, the compound shares the same advantageous features provided in Stone Residence New Cairo of residential and recreational services.

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Types of units within the Stone Hills stage

The developer of the project offers a variety of different spaces for the units within the Stone Hills phase, and the space for the units starts as follows:

  • Standalone villa space starts from 350 square meters.
  • The small villas start from 270 square meters.
  • As for the townhouse, it starts from 240 square meters.
  • As for the Uphill house, the average space is ​​253 Sqm.
  • It also provided a Terrace house with an area of ​​215 square meters.

As for the services available within the Stone Hills New Cairo project, they are similar to the services in the main project, such as public parks and swimming pools available throughout the project, and security, guarding, and privacy services for residents.

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The Master Plan of Stone Residence New Cairo

Stone Hills in stone residence

The master plan of Stone residence exquisitely fills the gap between prosperity and the essential needed services.

First of all, a prestigious piazza that connects all the compound’s sections together as a focal point is considered the first sight for newcomers.

Secondly, Stone Residence Compound prioritizes the quality of living by dedicating areas for promenading and sitting, a clubhouse, a well-being hub, a Kids’ area, a sports club, and landscapes.

 Top Services & Benefits in Stone Residence in Fifth Settlement

In order to fulfil the opulent lifestyle that the company promised its customers, it was committed to delivering the most minor needs of customers through amenities and facilities of premium quality.

The smart security system offered in Compound stone residence shall be highlighted as one of the significant amenities that buyers always look for when it comes to contracting.

  • The sports club in Stone Residence Compound is an excellent opportunity for parents and new couples to find a place to enhance their body shape, and yet encourage their children to find an exciting sport.
  • The compound includes 12 small lakes that are meant to fascinate its residents.
  • The Compound offers a group of high-class restaurants and cafes providing mouth-watering dishes.
  • Stone residence compound announced the launch of a huge commercial mall that enables individuals to get all their needs.
  • Private garages add more layers of safety and privacy to residents’ belongings.
  • Swimming pools in different sizes.
  • Green Tracks where residents can practice yoga or just promenade.
  • Lush greenery units filled the gap between the residential units.
  • The company announced the launch of a considerable number of commercial units to push investments and livability in the compound.
  • Experienced medical staff is ready to help residents with the proper medicine.
  • The stone residence clubhouse, built on 3 Feddan, is specialized for gathering and having a good quality time.

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Stone Residence prices & its Payment System

The feature of longevity is what distinguishes the payment plan of Rooya group for its project “ Stone residence New Cairo” of which buyers pay their dues with ease on periodical times.

Regarding the prices, the compound promises a high return through the premier quality, type of facilities, and constant maintenance.

  • The average price of a mid-size apartment in Stone Residence Compound of 130 Sqm is 9.000.000 Egp.

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The instalment system of Stone Residence Compound

  • The new plan allows customers to pay a 40% booking fee and the remaining has to be paid over 5 years.

Rooya Company declared that the delivery phase should not exceed one year for the above-mentioned plans, which is an excellent plus that new couples will definitely need.

The developer of stone residence compound is committed to delivering the units fully finished, in super lux material, upon request.

What Are The Advantages of Housing in the Fifth Settlement?

Stone Residence Compound

Green Parks in Stone Residence

The Fifth Settlement is one of the most important and prestigious residential areas in Egypt where residents can enjoy an unexceptional level of sophistication and luxury due to its countless advantages and possibilities.

The Fifth settlement is considered a first choice for whoever searching for a high level of privacy that is perfectly fulfilled through the vast green spaces set across the compound, in addition, to the intensive security level.

The Fifth Settlement, a third-generation city, is ideally equipped with different services and facilities that are meant to enhance your lifestyle towards perfectionism.

The Fifth Settlement is an integrated area that includes all the high-class life possibilities far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Check the available advantages in Fifth Settlement:

  • The location of the Fifth Settlement, to say the least, is a strategic location, as it is one of the most essential advantages of attracting people to live in it.
  • The Fifth Settlement includes a huge number of commercial malls, which has a significant role in making it a vital area with an urban and tourist attraction.
  • The eye-pleasant green landscapes, a mixture between turquoise and green colors, takes your housing experience to the next level where the simplicity of nature is the main theme.
  • The diversity of units, commercial and residential, helps the residents to choose the type of unit and its appropriate space.
  • Education schools and universities rely on contemporary techniques and modern teaching methods.
  • It includes many sports and social clubs that play a significant role in achieving the well-being of the city’s residents, such as the Petrosport Club and Wadi Degla Club.

The Developer of Stone Residence New Cairo

Rooya group, or “PREE Company” as it is named publicly, was established in 2007 as one of the main subsidiaries of TIBA Development company, a holding company with multiple specializations, to be one of the real estate leaders.

TIBA was introduced to the Egyptian market for the first time in late 1997 by the engineer Hisham Shoukri who managed to impact the company’s growth until it rapidly expanded to have multiple prints in different sectors, such as Tourism & Real Estate Development, Investment, and Contracting.

Since Rooya inception in 2007, Rooya endeavours to be the first trusted landmark for property buyers in Egypt by providing huge residential options that appeal to different personas.

Rooya’s expansion all over Egypt with top-notch projects reached the following cities; North Coast, New Cairo, El Sokhna, and the 6th of October.

Other projects launched by Roaya group

  • Telal in Ain Sokhna.
  • Telal in North Coast.
  • Hadba city, 6th of October city.
  • Stone Residence Compound in New Cairo.
  • Soul Telal resort, North coast.
  • La vista project, stages 1& 2, on the North Coast.

FAQ about Stone Residence Compound

Who is the developer of Stone Residence?


What is stone residence location?

it is located in 5th Settlement Zayed, 5 minutes from N' Teseen Street

What is the prices of Stone Residence?

The average price is 9.000.000

What is the land space of compound?

450 Feddan

What is the payment system of compound stone residence?

40% down payment & 5-years instalment

How can I contact the sales team in Stone Residence Compound?



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