Alma Compound in Sheikh Zayed by Iwan Company

Alma Compound in Sheikh Zayed by Iwan Company
Prices start from 18,000,000 EGP
25% Down payment
3 Installment years
Prices are subject to change
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Project details
Compound Name Alma Compound
The Developer Iwan Company
Available Units Twin houses-villas- apartments
Payment Plans 25 % down payment with a 3-year instalment system
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Alma Compound is a new milestone of Iwan Company developments that introduces a top-flight level of luxury where price competitiveness is taken into consideration as one of the main priorities for Iwan.

Alma Compound Sheikh Zayed offers multiple housing units that are designed in different spaces, so customers can choose only the most suitable choice.

The master plan of Alma Sheikh Zayed Compound comprises vast awe-inspiring landscapes as an essential view that can be easily pictured from one’s balcony, the commercial area, the sporting club, etc.

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Alma Compound

Alma Compound by IWAN

The location of Alma Compound

Alma Compound is located in a strategic area in October City whereas Arkan Compound is the opposite destination, the compound is 5 minutes away from Arabia Mall and Juhayna Square.

IWAN Company was keen to choose a prime location for its project “Alma” in the heart of October City so residents can avail the vibrant lifestyle of high-class communities, in addition to benefiting from the nearby facilities complexes such as commercial malls, education complexes, health hubs,  and sporting clubs.

The land space of Alma Compound Sheikh Zayed

On 30-Feddan land, Iwan Company added a new milestone to its portfolio “Alma Compound” with a considerable level of integration that guarantees a totally fulfilled experience for its customers.

The architectural designs provided in Alma Compound Sheikh Zayed showcase a high level of proficiency where the smart mid-rise buildings are intertwined with scenic landscapes to form a seamless view.

Iwan Compound took the luxury of the European building techniques into consideration while setting Alma Compound Master plan; living in Alma is t is expected to simulate the contemporariness in Europe and developed countries.

Alma Compound Sheikh Zayed

Types of residential units in Alma Sheikh Zayed Compound

Iwan Company was prudent to provide a wide selection of residential units, each unit categorizes certain luxurious classifications that appeal to customers’ requirements. Thus, Alma Sheikh Zayed Compound offers different 9 models of residential units that are varying between villas, twin houses, and duplexes.

  • The minimum space provided in Alma Zayed starts from 120 m2.

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Villa in Alma Compound

Top services and features in Alma Compound

Alma Compound is classified as one of the top compounds in Sheikh Zayed that offers a considerable integration level;

  • For a perfect shopping experience, Alma comprises a commercial mall where residents can pick up their daily purchases through their favourite stores.
  • Alma Sheikh Zayed includes swimming pools for both adults and children.
  • Private and shared garages.
  • Iwan Compound offers a top-notch Medical building that hosts clinics in different specializations.
  • The Sports Hub in Alma Compound promises its clients a professional training level.
  • The clubhouse in Alma Compound Sheikh Zayed is idyllic for residents to enjoy the weekend with different social activities while having their favourite meals.
  • Pharmacies are available to serve residents 24 hours a week.
  • Pedestrian tracks for jogging.
  • Rental Venues in the heart of Alma Sheikh Zayed so residents can conduct different types of ceremonies and events.

Alma Compound Prices &its Payment System

Iwan Company intended to set a competitive price list for the available units for sale in Alama Compound Sheikh Zayed.

  • The price Per in Alma Compound Sheikh Zayed starts from 18,000,000 EGP.

The provided areal gradient for the residential units in Alma is one of the main reasons for the price variations in Alma Compound.

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Payment Plans of Alma Compound Sheikh Zayed

Regarding the payment system in Alma Compound, property buyers are privileged to choose their preferred home and pay the remaining cost over 3  years.

Only a 25% down payment is required for a person to own a unit in Alma Compound, provided that the buyer pays 15% after three months, and 10% while receiving the unit.

  • Consider that 5% is the announced fee for maintenance

The developer of Alma Sheikh Zayed Compound: Iwan Company

Alma Project was launched by Iwan Company for development in 2015, and today Alma Sheikh Zayed is classified as one of the top compounds in Sheikh Zayed City.

Iwan Company is a leading shareholding real estate company that was introduced for the first time in the Egyptian market in 2004. Since Its commencement, it has been striving to provide high-standard values to its customers y developing vibrant housing experiences and well-curated homes.

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FAQ about Alma Sheikh Zayed Compound by Iwan Company

Who is the developer of Alma Sheikh Zayed Compound?


What is the location of Alma?

Alma is located in Sheikh Zayed, 5 minutes from Juhayna Square

What is the meter price in Alma Sheikh Zayed?

The price starts from 18,000,000 Egp

What is the land space of Alma Sheikh Zayed Compound?

30 Feddan

What is the payment system of Alma Sheikh Zayed Compound?

25% down payment

How can I contact the sales team in Alma Sheikh Zayed Compound?



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