The Waterway Compound

The Waterway Compound
Prices start from 14,000,000 EGP
10% Down payment
5 Installment years
Prices are subject to change
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Project details
The Compound Name The Waterway
Compound Location New Cairo
Payment Plan A 10% down payment and 5 year instalments.
Types of Residential Units Apartments- duplexes-penthouses
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The Waterway Compound is one of the top luxurious compounds that promises its customers an opulent prestigious lifestyle because of its contemporary architectural design and well-served facilities.

Living in Waterway Compound in New Cairo has become a demand for many buyers who are looking for a variety of residential units provided at unbeatable prices and controllable payment plans.

If you are ready to guarantee a promising future for your family, find the available units for sale in Waterway New Cairo.

Waterway Compound Location

The location of the Waterway Compound is considered one of the top benefits provided by the developer, as it’s located near northern N Teseen Street in the Fifth Settlement with proximity to Cairo Festival City.

The vital location of the Waterway Compound in New Cairo forms a linkage to the New Capital City accentuating its value for both property buyers and investors.

As the Waterway New Cairo provides you with high accessibility to the main facilities provided in the neighbourhood, whether it’s educational, governmental, Financial, or commercial.

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The prestigious places near Waterway Compound:

Residential aera in The waterway compound

Residential buildings in The waterway compound

  • Water Way is located near the American University at a distance of 15 minutes.
  • The distance between Nasr City and Waterway compound is around 20 minutes.
  • The compound is located near both Cairo-Suez Road and Cairo-Sokhna Road.
  • Mostakbal Mall and Wadi Degla Mall are considered two of the most accessible commercial centers to the Waterway New Cairo.

The Land Space of the Waterway Compound

The Waterway Company for development managed to distinguish its project with a strategic location and a considerable land space of 26 Feddan.

At the Waterway Compound, residents are privileged to enjoy the highest levels of opulence because of its lush greenery areas intertwined in a contemporary scene.

The Waterway in New Cairo is featured with its spectacular architectural designs that cope with the modern lifestyle represented in New Cairo.

Finally, the compound is designed with a magnificent artificial lake and small fountains to provide residents with a perfect stunning view.

Balcony view in waterway compound

Balcony view in waterway compound

Types of residential units in Waterway Compound

Waterway Company for development was keen to provide the exact variety of residential units that the market needed, so each customer can pick the most suitable option for his family.

Some of the available residential units in Waterway Compound are apartments, duplexes, and Penthouse.

Moreover, a group of administrative units is available for sale in different spaces, the total space for the administrative areas amounts to 23,000 meters.

Check out the average space for units in the Waterway New Cairo

  • The apartment space in Waterway starts from 110 m2.
  • The average space for a duplex in the Water Way is 313 m2.
  • The Penthouse space starts from 283 m2 and up to 389 m2.

All units in Waterway New Cairo will be delivered in a semi-finish statue, the company guarantees premium quality regarding unit division and its finishing.

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Units in the waterway Compound

Homes in waterway compound

Top features and services in the Waterway Compound in New Cairo

Waterway Company for development is committed to meeting customers’ expectations for a luxurious and integrated lifestyle by providing endless services and facilities.

The Waterway Compound in New Cairo offers multi-functional spaces in which residents are privileged to get their daily needs in the commercial centre, enjoy leisure time in a 5-class restaurant, and, finally, visit different entertaining-based places.

  • The WaterWay Compound provides its residents with a well-equipped Gym that provides perfect nutrition and exercise plans.
  • Beauty salon and Spa hub for men and women.
  • The Waterway Compound New Cairo features an extensive level of security through super-trained guards and a smart surveillance system that relies on a sensor network.
  • A huge cinema hall in the Waterway New Cairo displays the latest shows on the market.
  • The breathtaking views of the Waterway are noteworthy to mention; as the compound is designed with lush greenery areas and eye-pleasant waterways.
  • Swimming pools in the Water Way Compound in New Cairo are provided in different sizes to suit both adults and children.
  • Shopping centre enables residents to get their daily purchases effortlessly.
The Waterway New Cairo Compound Villas

luxurious villa in waterway new cairo

The Prices & payment plans of the Waterway New Cairo

The waterway New Cairo prices pushed many buyers to start taking a serious step toward their future housing experience, and for others, purchasing a luxurious unit in the Waterway Compound is an unmissable opportunity.

  • The price for a mid-size apartment is 14,000,000 Egp.

The Instalment Plans in the waterway Compound

The Waterway development facilitated the payment process for its customers by offering two different plans;

  • The new plan allows customers to pay a 10% booking fee and the remaining has to be paid over 5 years.

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The Project Owner of the Waterway Compound

The waterway company for development is considered the official owner of the Water Way, as the company initiated a collaboration with one of the leading real estate companies in the market which is “ Equity Company”.

Equity Company is considered one of the subsidiary groups of el Swedy Company. Such a successful collaboration between WaterWay developments and Equity Group led to classifying the compound as one of the most prestigious communities in New Cairo that offers wide residential options at competitive prices.

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FAQ about the Waterway New Cairo

Who is the project owner of the Waterway New Cairo?

The Waterway developments

Where is the Waterway located?

Fifth Settlement, N Teseen street

How can I contact the Consulting Team in the Waterway New Cairo?

Contact the following number: 01101112515


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