EastTown Sodic: Your way to a prestigious life

EastTown Sodic: Your way to a prestigious life
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10% Down payment
7 Installment years
Last updated 2022-07-11
Project details
Compound Name EastTown Compound
The Developer Sodic Company
The compound location Fifth settlement
Types of residential units Apartments, Penthouses, Duplexes, and Triplex.
Payment System 10% down payment and 7-year installment
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Eastown Sodic is one of the reputable residential projects launched recently by Sodic Company in one of the most livable locations in the fifth settlement; 10 minutes from Cairo International airport.

Sodic Company successfully managed to offer a huge number of entertaining and essential services in Eastown Sodic Compound, such as a modern curriculum-based School, mosques, a Commercial mall, Restaurants and cafes, swimming pools, and a high-security level.

Time to Up-level the lifestyle of your family in one of the top prestigious Compounds in New Cairo; Sodic Eastown.

Eastown Sodic Compound

Eastown Compound owned by Sodic

Eastown Sodic location

If you are looking for a luxurious compound in the heart of the fifth square with an opulent community situated close to the most livable areas. In this case, you shall consider Eastown as your first opulent choice.

Eastown Sodic is located on N Teseen Street opposite the American University( AUC).

Check now the nearby places to the compound:

  • Sodic Eastown is 10 minutes away from Cairo International Airport.
  • The distance between East Town Compound and the new administrative city is only 15 minutes.
  • People whose destination is Heliopolis can arrive within twenty minutes.
  • Also, the compound is closely located in other significant areas such as the Candian university and the higher institute of languages and translation.

The Architectural Design of Sodic Eastown

Sodic Eastown is established on a massive space of 200 Feddan that enables the developer to fully service the customers with all the needed services and facilities.

The architectural design of Sodic Eastown attached to the Master plan is meant to take residents’ housing experience to the highest level by embodying elegance and authentication in the minor details.

Besides the fascinating overview design of the compound, the developer gave much consideration to the necessity of having multiple housing options for users through different spaces.

All units in Sodic Eastown are perfectly designed with glass facades to add a touch of elegance and comfort for customers.
Types of Residential units in East Town Compound; The available residential units include Apartments, Penthouses, Duplexes, and Triplex.

  • The space of apartments in the Eastown Sodic starts from 130 Sqm to 220 Sqm.
  • The space of apartments in Eastown starts from 245 Sqm and up to 316 Sqm.

Note that the inner space of the units is outlined in well-studied techniques that allow customers to reshape and utilize the space.

If your inquiry is to find a fully integrated community where you can find all the essential and entertaining services required for a high luxurious lifestyle.

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Eastown Sodic

Eastown Compound owned by Sodic

The Master plan of East Town Compound

With a perfect utilization of the compound space, the company managed to outline a flawless master plan for East Town Compound to connect residents to all services found in the compound easily. Within small steps, a resident can fulfil his needs in one of the following zones( residences zone- commercial spine- clubhouse- the residential spine- the entertainment zone).

1- Residence Zone 

A huge area of apartments and duplexes where residents can enjoy a high level of privacy because of the green parks immersed between the residential units.

2- The Commercial Spine 

The commercial spine represents a linkage between the Eastown Hub and Eastwon Square that runs through the commercial area where residents can shop and discover local stores and brands.

3- The Clubhouse 

The clubhouse is the perfect place to rejoice and spend quality time doing different activities. The club offers residents different sporting halls that are perfectly equipped with advanced tools; moreover, a group of restaurants and cafes.

4- The Residential Spine 

stretching around the residential zone as a focal point for the other areas in the Compound.

5- The Entertainment Zone

Sodic Company dedicated the entertainment zone for the Eastown hub and Eastown square, where residents can also find other entertaining retail or commercial venues.

Sodic Eastown Compound

Top services in the Eastown Sodic New Cairo

If your requirement is a fully integrated community where you can find all the essential and entertaining services required for a high-luxurious lifestyle, Eastown Sodic New Cairo shall be your first choice in this regard.

The company’s solid expertise was portrayed in the perfect representation of services of high quality; the provided services are classified as educational, commercial, well-being, and health.

  • Private and shared Garages are meant to add more safety for belongings.
  • Eastown Sodic New Cairo is featured with its multiple playgrounds for kids that grants children both excitement and safety.
  • Eastown Sodic, a fully integrated place, built a school that offers classes and a curriculum for all ages.
    Cultural-based centre in Eastown supports the residents’ educational needs.
  • Sodic Eastown Compound design depends on the colours of nature through green tracks, parks, and fountains.
  • The compound promises female customers the highest levels of comfort through a private wellness club and a beauty centre.
  • The top essential needs are provided in excellence with the compounds through different mosques and banks.
  • The compound is secured with a smart safety system of cameras operating 24 hours.
  • The compound offers multiple venues dedicated to events and celebrations.
  • Eastown Sodic hosts the most famous restaurants and cafes.
  • Constant maintenance 24/7.
  • The compound is designed with the highest safety levels by dedicating tracks for promenading.
  • Sodic Eastown provides different swimming pools.
  • Residents in the east compound have a relaxation privilege by visiting the spa or jacuzzi built inside the compound.
  • Hypermarkets and stores support residents’ commercial needs.
  • Sodic Eastown broke the records in all life aspects, including safety, maintenance, and many landscapes.

The Payment plans and prices in Eastown Sodic

While discovering the provided service, high quality, and residential units’ prices, one will be more motivated to experience luxury in the East Town compound.

The sodic company considers facilitation as the main value in its projects; therefore, the company allows property buyers to pay only 10% of the total unit cost and pay the remaining over 7 years.

Sodic company announced that Property Buyers to get their unit after four or three years from signing contracts semi or fully finished.

Note that the compound is already a livable spot, and many people have received their units already.

The developer of Eastown: Sodic company

Sodic company is a forerunner company for the development that has a practical role in most of the remarkable commercial, infrastructure, and residential projects.

The sodic company thrives on providing a personalized experience for its customers through high-quality facilities and housing options outlined precisely to customers’ needs.
Sodic’s projects are divided into business amenities and residential communities.

Sodic has been developing flagship projects all over Egypt for 20 years, especially in the East of Cairo, West of Cairo, and North Coast.

Sodic New Cairo Prices are considered the most competitive ranges provided in the real estate industry that the company set due to the different purchasing capacities for buyers.

Sodic Company Portfolio 

  1. Plaza Compound of the 6th of October
  2. Carmel Compound 6th of October
  3. Vey Sodic Sheikh Zayed

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What is the company name developed by Eastown Sodic?

Eastown Sodic

Where is Eastown Sodic located?

Eastown Sodic Iis located in Fifth Settlement

How can I contact consultanting team in Eastown Sodic?

You can call our team through : 01101112515

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