205 Arkan Palm in Sheikh Zayed

205 Arkan Palm in Sheikh Zayed
Prices start from 18,000,000 EGP
15% Down payment
6 Installment years
Prices are subject to change
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Project details
Compound Name 205
The Developer Arkan Palm
Available Units Apartments- duplexes
Compound Space 205 Feddan
Payment System Different down payments that start from 15%, and instalment period that lasts up to 6 years.
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205 Arkan Palm Compound is a prestigious residential project that resembles the future of the housing industry in the west of Cairo because of its exceptional level of luxury and comfort.

The innovative arhctictural design of 205 Compound in Sheikh Zayed is noteworthy to be highlighted as a remarkable icon for the new age of contemporary fourth-generation cities, where all the design details were taken into consideration to bring the highest levels of leisure and comfort for residents.

A vibrant lifestyle of fully-faceted complexes and personalized outdoor activities can only e experienced at an opulent level in 205 Compound in Sheikh Zayed; a place that is totally customized for you!

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The location of 205 Arkan Palm Compound

205 Arkam Palm Compound is located strategically on the West Bank of the Nile with only a 1-minute of distance to Nile University. The location of 205 Compound features a high level of accessibility because of its being directly situated on the 26 July axis, in addition to its proximity to Waslet Dashsour.

The Nearby Places from 205 Sheikh Zayed

  • 205 Arkan Palm is located 1 minute away from Arkan Plaza, just 10 minutes from Palm Hills October.
  • The distance between 205 Sheikh Zayed and Hyper One is around 5 minutes.
  • The Compound is 15 minutes away from New Giza
  • Mall of Arabia is one of the prominent vicinities due to the 205 Arkan location, which is only 3 minutes away.
  • Dar Al Fouad Hospital is 10 minutes away from the Compound.
The Location of 205 Arkan Palm

The map of 205 Compound in Sheikh Zayed City

The land space of 205 Compound Sheikh Zayed

According to the compound name “205”, Arkan Palm Company selected a sufficient land space in the heart of Sheikh Zayed that amounts to 205 Feddan, a huge space in which each corner is well-developed to cater to residents’ needs.

The master plan of 205 Compound Sheikh Zayed Compound is perfectly outlined by the Akran designing team in alignment with a top-notch approach of“City within City”; a smart scheme that depends on the importance of designing engaging luxurious spaces to match the unrevealed expected scenario that residents deserve.

A 50-Feddan of the compound’s total space is dedicated to building a 5-star hotel “ Karwan Plaza Hotel”, an offshoot for the InerContinenetal Hotels Group. It’s noteworthy to mention that the aparthotel project includes around mid-rise 21 buildings with fascinating views of the outdoor areas in the compound.

205 Compound by Arkan Palm

The outstanding architectural design of 205 Compound

Yet, 205 Compound reflects a true statement of how landscapes in a residential community are considered a focal point in elevating the residential experience; as the company was keen to develop awe-inspiring lush greenery areas around the compound, set in a flawless scene.

Types of residential units in the 205 Compound by Arkan Palm

Arkan Palm Company distinguished its residential project “205 Compound ” with unique apartments designed in multiple sizes that start from 108 m2 and up to 320 m2.

Check the available units for sale in 205 Arkan Palm Project for more details

  • The space of one-bedroom apartments: starts from 108 m2 to 122 m2
  • The space of two-bedroom apartments: the minimum space is 131 m2 and it reaches 179 m2.
  • Three-bedroom apartments: the three-bedroom apartments are designed in distinguished spaces starting from 173 m2 to 253 m2.
  • Two-bedroom duplexes: the minimum space is 155 m2.
  • Three-bedroom duplexes: starting from 255 m2 to 320 m2.

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Top features & Services in 205 Arkan Palm Sheikh Zayed

205 Arkan Palm project is expected to reshape how the housing experience in Egypt is perceived by property owners from a traditional experience to a super opulent lifestyle that people deserve.

205 Compound in Sheikh Zayed resembles a perfect composition of the top-flight and most-needed facilities such as a hotel, commercial offices, clinics, hospitals, an international school, and hypermarkets.

The Home Automation system is one of the recent home technologies brought into the compound with excellence; this intelligent system is a new realm of technology that enables residents to remotely control the light system, home security, and other appliances.

Check out more available services in 205 Compound by Arkan Palm:

  • An international school is considered the perfect added facility that makes living in 205 Compound more rewardable for parents, a flagship place where students can boost their practical and academic knowledge.
  • Al Safa Hosptial Complex is developed to be one of the flagship medical icons in the West of Cairo, as the hospital prioritizes customers’ care and comfort through contracting with experienced staff who undergo constant learning development, in addition to using the latest medical tools for 21 Century.
  • 205 arkan palm includes private trails dedicated to jogging and other light activities.
  • The compound security is preserved with a smart surveillance system of cameras and well-trained guards.
  • The Business park is meant to provide a fully-faceted work environment for both residents and employers from different areas who share the same labour values.
  • The complex of Safa Hospital in 205 Arkan Palm includes a wide variety of pharmacies and retail stores.
  • The business park in 205 Compound provides a fully-fledged Conference hall to boost the business cycle and encourage entrepreneurs and businessmen to find new alluring opportunities.
  • Canal Walk Island 205 includes Murai; a super prestigious residential space with 6 high-rise buildings that are totally developed with the latest architectural techniques.
  • for a more exciting experience, a Cinema hub is available in Murai.
205 Arkan Palm Compound

Food corner area in 205 Compound

205 Arkan Palm prices & payment system

Arkan Palm Company distinguished its top-notch project “ 205 Compound” with unbeatable prices, a price that is hard to resist.

  • The price of a mid-size apartment in 205 starts from 18,000,000 Egp.

Besides the perfect pricing strategy of 205 Arkan Palm Sheikh Zayed, the company was exceptionally keen to provide only premium service that stands for its longevity and quality.

Meet the consulting team to know the price of each unit!

The Payment Plans of 205 Compound Sheikh Zayed

The payment system in 205 Compound Sheikh Zayed Compound is renowned for its ease and longevity; as residents are capable to get the house of their dreams by paying a small down payment, while the remaining cost can be paid effortlessly over 7 years.

  • The first payment plan requires paying only 15% as a down payment. This system guarantees a 6-year instalment system.

The Developer of 205 Compound in Sheikh Zayed: Arkan Palm

205 Compound is a top-notch project that was launched out of the successful collaboration between both Badreldin Company and Arkan; a prosperous collaboration that aims to launch booming visionary projects in the fourth-generation cities under the name of “Arkan Palm”.

Other projects by Arkan Palm

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  • Al Karma Residence
  • Extension Arkan

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FAQ about 205 Compound

Who is the developer of 205 Compound?

Arkan Palm

What is the location of 205 Compound?

Sheikh Zayed, 3 minutes from Mall of Arabia

What is the prices of 205 Compound?

The average price is 18,000,000

What is the land space of 205 Compound?

205 Feddan

What is the payment system of 205 C0mpound?

15% down payment & up to 6-years instalment

How can I contact the sales team in 205 Compound?



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