Amara Residence New Cairo by New Plan Development

Amara Residence New Cairo by New Plan Development
Prices start from 10,000,000 EGP
5% Down payment
8 Installment years
Prices are subject to change
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New Plan Development reveals a new epitome of luxurious and prestigious living standards in Amara Residence in New Cairo; a well-curated residential project designed for those looking for elegance in the smallest details.

Amara Residence Compound features an integrated and gated community that spans over 27 Feddan in New Cairo, allowing residents to access all their needs and requirements. So within the borders of this gated community, residents can find endless possibilities for rejuvenation through the provided services: sports hub, luxury spa, greenery landscapes, cafes, and market.

New Plan Company offers a wide variety of apartments and different types of units with compelling criteria and well-utilized spaces to cater to residents’ needs. To be one of the 1st registrants in Amara Compound New Cairo enjoying flexible payment plans and competitive offers, meet our consulting team now and pick your dream home.

The handover of Amara Residence Apartments will be within 3 years

The location of Amara Residence

Amara Residence Compound is located in the heart of New Cairo, directly on 90 Street and only 15 minutes away from Away Max.

Location’s vitality is one of the main privileges customers look for when buying their home. Accordingly, the location of Amara New Cairo Residence features proximity to all the main roads and gateways which means each access to the main central areas in Greater Cairo.

Discover all the nearby places from Amara Compound in New Cairo

The path to a blissful and easy comfortable life is real now with Amara Compound’s Location in New Cairo:

  • Amara Residence is 3 minutes from the American University
  • 10 minutes from Mall of Cairo Festival City.
  • Only 2 minutes from Maximum Mall.
  • Less than 20 minutes to arrive at New Capital City.

amara residence location in new cairo

The lifestyle in Amara Residence in New Cairo

New Plan Development highlighted its consideration to build a fancy residential lifestyle by providing innovative elegant designs, and different gateway areas inside the compound.

The master plan of Amara Compound showcases a balance between livability and tranquillity, reflecting people’s need for a family-supportive luxurious outdoor spot where all family members can enjoy the stunning views of the greenery verdant and ultra-modern designs.

Stepping into a world of lavishness is possible now with Amara Residence in New Cairo, where all the residential areas are connected with served areas, that include retail stores, groceries, supermarkets, and, round-to-clock safety.

Features and Services in Amara Residence

Convenience meets connectivity in one community called “Amara Residence” The new Plan aims to heighten the integration level represented in the project.

Therefore, it started to classify its services into four main cores: Commercial, Entertainment, Medical, and safety.

  • Gated entrances and Round-to-clock security are meant to ensure the identity of the compound comers into Amara Residence New Cairo, in addition to a smart surveillance system that records any kind of movement for more security.
  • Retail and markets are plotted around the residential areas through which residents can find all their daily needs. In addition to cafes.
  • Parking lots help prevent any sort of crowding and ensure the safety of belongings.
  • Greenery seating areas and promenading tracks are dedicated to giving more space for kids and adults to enjoy their promenading time and practice different preferred light activities,
  • Medical Clinics and pharmacies are one of the most basic services provided in Amara Compound to ensure residents’ well-being.

Amara Residence Apartments

Each corner in Amara Residence apartments will be designed to grant residents the ultimate level of comfort, represented in the access to invigorating fresh air and sunlight to complement your senses.

New Plan Development managed to understand people’s specifications for their dream home, after being in the market for more than 5 years. Thus, it announced the availability of 3 main types of residential units in Amara Compound by New Plan: Apartments- Alto Casa- Triplex.

  • Apartments in Amara Residence by New Plan: The compound will include 2:4 Bedrooms apartments
  • Alto Casa: Alto Casa is the brand name of duplexes in Amara Compound =, which is available for sale in a design of 3 bedrooms and up to 5 bedrooms.
  • Triplex: Triplexes is the brand name of a 3-unit building connected together with internal stairs.

For more details, Meet our team

Amara Residence New Cairo Prices

Knowing the quality, location, and price are the top 3 criteria that concern buyers, therefore, New Plan was keen to offer a prime location community in premium quality at competitive prices starting from 10 m Egp.

  • The average price of a mid-size unit in Amara Residence is 10.000.000 Egp.

For More details about the modules of Alto Casa Units and the triplex, contact our team freely.

The Payment System of Amara Residence by New Plan

The new plan allows customers to pay a 5% booking fee and the remaining has to be paid over 8 years.

  • The company announced that it will start accepting EIOs from interested buyers, from 29 October. The amount would be 50k, which is totally refundable.
  • The handover will be within 3 years.

New Plan Development

Amara Residence Compound is one of the recent residential projects for New Plan Development; a new market player that aims to set its blueprint of luxury in the residential industry.

With a total number of 8 projects all over Egypt, launching the 9th is expected to exceed all the previous projects in terms of innovation, sustainability, and advanced solutions.

Since the company’s foundation, it has been endeavouring to create exceptional living spaces and well-personalized communities, catering to residents’ needs.
Today, the company celebrates its commitment and trustworthiness to more than 3157 satisfied customers with the provided services and quality.

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