The Marq | Book Your Home now with 30% down payment

Developer: The Marq
The Marq | Book Your Home now with 30% down payment
Prices start from 11,000,000 EGP
30% Down payment
7 Installment years
Prices are subject to change
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Project details
The Compound Name The Marq Compound
The Developer The Address
Payment Plan 30% down payment and 7-year installment
Types of residential units Villas-Townhouses-Twin houses
For inquries 01101112515

The Marq offers an exceptional housing experience in one of the most strategic locations in New Cairo, Golden Square.

The Marq Compound, or as it is called “the Marq Gardens” is considered one of the top compounds that received much attention from buyers because of its breathtaking views represented in the vast green areas and fountains.

The compound’s architectural design is set to fill the gap between the opulent lifestyle and the classicism of Egypt.

If you are looking for a luxurious compound in a Fifth settlement located near Golden Square where you can get all of the following features: Ease of payment, competitive price list, multiple housing options, services, and facilities, then The Marq is what you are looking for.

The Marq Compound Location

The Marq Compound has become people’s first option because of its location in Golden Square, one of the most prestigious and livable neighborhoods.

It’s necessary to be fully aware of all the nearby places from the compound: 90 Mall on 90th Street, the American University (AUC), Mountain View I-city, Palm Hills compound, Mivida Compound, and Sodic Compound.

The Nearby Places From The Marq 

  • The Marq is 15 minutes away from arriving in Nasr City.
  • The distance between the American University and the Marq is around 10 minutes.
  • If you are heading to Masr Gedida, you will probably need around 15 minutes.

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The Luxurious Design of The Marq

The design of The Marq is aligned with the importance of providing breathtaking views for high-quality living; therefore, the company was keen to introduce different parks on the sprawling compound.

The Designs provided in the Marq Gardens Compound is set to match the level of elegance and contemporary building techniques of the twenty-one century, where luxury and comfort is the central theme.

It’s notable to highlight that the collaboration between the Marq Development and LongeBlack Company provides residents with a seamless unique residence in which they can experience the hospitality of a 7-star hotel.

The land Space of the Marq Gardens

On the land of 25 Feddan, the Marq was established introducing an opulent lifestyle with modern architectural buildings and eye-pleasant landscapes.

The Marq Gardens is considered the perfect destination among the Marq developments where residents can enjoy an exceptional level of tranquility because of this phase’s inclusion of 6 distinguished parks: the Walk, the Moon, the Butterfly, Aroma, the Tranquil, and, finally, the Aroma Garden.

The developer demonstrated solid expertise in delivering customers’ top demands through a group of residential units built with modern techniques.

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Landscapes in the Marq

Landscapes & small lake in the Marq Gardens

Types of Residential Units in The Marq

The Marq Compound grants you the possibility to pick the most suitable type of unit in a perfect space through a huge range of 300 distinguished villas. Each villa features a front yard that is meant to grant property owners more privacy and a sense of elegance. Check the available villas for sale in the project:

  • The space of Villas in the Marq ranges from 515 SQM, which is a large space that buyers can utilize perfectly.
  • The townhouse space starts from 180 SQM and to 245 SQM.
  • The space of Twin House, a garden-based unit, starts from 245 SQM.

The Marq Communities announced that apartments will be delivered in a premier quality and smart-interior division for more space, as announced by the company. The company allows residents to receive their homes engraved with their intials!

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Top 15 Services in the Marq Compound

The Marq compound, one of the prestigious residential compounds in the heart of New Cairo, delivers the market demands of 21 century, where customers’ expectations have been doubled regarding high-quality living.

Inside the Marq, a resident enjoys a full-sufficient experience where he doesn’t have to step out of the compound to get his/her needs, which distinguishes the compound of the first palace.

If you are about to make your next move inside the fifth settlement, you have to check all the available services in the compound.

  • The Marq dedicated a huge space of 2 Feddan for providing a commercial area, Plaza, where residents can get their essential needs and investors expand their projects.
  • For an elegant super-comfy design, the compound is designated with paved tracks for promenading and jogging.
  • Daily maintenance and housing services are provided in the compound to facilitate the everyday tasks of residents.
  • Medical needs are served with excellence through medical clinics and pharmacies.
  • A cinematic-based area is a perfect place for family gatherings.
  • All units in the compound are fully finished with the perfect space utilization techniques.
  • The compound offers extensive security levels through safeguards and a smart camera system.
  • A health club that is provided with the latest equipment and trainers who promise an effective nutrition system.
  • The Compound delivers the residential units for its owners fully finished.
  • The compound is featured breathtaking green spaces where customers can practice different activities.
  • Inside The Marq, the restaurants serve the best Western and Eastern cuisines.
  • Hyper Markets serve all customers’ daily needs.
  • The Marq New Cairo specializes in a massive area, 1.5km, to enable customers to practice multiple light activities such as promenading, cycling, etc.
  • Yet, the company’s process of setting up and developing the services is still in constant growth in alignment with the buyers’ requirements.

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The Marq Compound Prices & its Payment Plans

The competitive price list is one of the facilitation provided in The Marq Compound; buyers are allowed to pick the most appealing payment plan based on their demands.

    • The average price for villas in The Marq is 11,000,000 Egp.

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The installment Plans of The Marq Gardens

The Marq Communities, the developer of The Marq Gardens, pronounced that 30% is the required amount as a down payment so a customer can officially own his house.

  • The installment period can last up to  7 years.
  • Note that 8% as a fee for maintenance services is added.

The more housing options are provided in different spaces; the more prices are controllable.

The Marq Developer

The Marq project was developed by the Marq Communities; one of Egypt’s leading real estate companies that has been expanding in New Cairo with prestigious residential and commercial projects.

The Marq Company strives to situate itself as a trendsetter in terms of creativity and innovation; therefore, its brand name is inspired by a highly precious rare diamond called “Marquise”.

The Company creates new well-crafted projects that enact people to experience an exceptional level of sophistication and a unique sense of art represented in the shapes of the exterior designs for the projects.

The Company collaborates only with reputable consultancy-based and design companies to take the real estate experience in Egypt to the highest level providing comfort, elegance, and satisfaction.

Besides the residential and commercial expertise proved by The Marq Development, it was honored to launch a commercial project called “the Marquette”.

 The Marq Communities portfolio 

  • The Marq Vile
  • The Water Marq
  • The Wonder Marq

FAQ about The Marq Gardens

What is the available units in average price in the Marq Gardens?

11,000,000 Egp

what is the installment period of the Marq?

7 years


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