Top 17 benefits in Zed East in New Cairo

Top 17 benefits in Zed East in New Cairo
Prices start from 5,000,000 EGP
5% Down payment
9 Installment years
Prices are subject to change
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Project details
The Compound Name Zed East Compound New Cairo
The Developer Ora Development
The Location N Teseen, Fifth Settlement
Types of residential units Apartments, Townhouses, Twin houses, and Duplexes
Payment System 5% down payment and 9-year installment
For inquries 01101112515

Zed East is one of the residential projects developed in New Cairo recently. The compound was developed by Ora Real Estate Company, a market-leading company committed to offering a unique blueprint for its project by customizing the services and options to customers’ demands.

The strategic location of Zed East New Cairo in the N’ Teseen, near a group of prestigious landmarks in Fifth Settlement, grants people access to the top pivotal places in Cairo.

Zed East offers multiple services for different medical needs, commercial malls and hypermarkets, Security, sports clubs, a wellness hub, and a Mosque. 

Apartments for sale in Zed East Compound, Fifth Settlement, with a down payment of only 5%, and the rest in instalments over 8 equal years, and enjoy a luxury life

zed East villa in fifth settlement

zed East villa in fifth settlement

Zed East Compound Location

Due to an in-depth analysis of the market needs, the developer selected a livable area in the fifth settlement near N Tessen Street to construct such a prestigious project, Zed East. Zed East Egypt is situated near multiple livable spots such as La vista city, Hyde Park, New Katameya, etc.

The Nearby Places from Zed East New Cairo

If you are one of the project fans, you have to know all the nearby places and be fully aware of the neighbourhood to make your decision easier.

  • Zed East New Cairo is 5 minutes away from the American university.
  • The distance between the airport and Zed East new Cairo is 10 minutes.
  • If your destination is either Masr Gedidia or Madinat Nasr, you can arrive within 10 or 15 minutes.
zed project, fifth settlement

Zed Compound New Cairo

The Architectural Design of Zed East

The exceptional collaboration between Watg, one of the market leaders with around 75 years of experience in more than 170 countries, and Ora company for development is considered the main reason behind the inspiring design of Zed East Fifth Settlement.

The compound space was designed in alignment with the concept of providing a customized experience for residents whose demands and requirements have to be delivered immediately with excellence.

Half of the Zed East space is allocated for providing breathtaking greenery spaces meant to add more privacy between residential units and a sense of sophistication.

Zed New Cairo has received high inquiries from buyers due to its perfect location, high-quality services, and modern architectural designs.

The great balance between the captivating landscapes and the facilities-based areas makes the compound one of the best residential places in new Cairo.

Types of Residential Units in Zed East New Cairo

The residential part of Zed East occupies around 20% of the total compound space while the remaining area is divided between eye-pleasant views and facilities.

If you are looking for a spot where you can experience an opulent lifestyle with a high variety of residential options, Zed East Compound shall be your first destination.

The compound provides all types of units in different spaces, including twin houses, townhouses, penthouses, villas, and apartments.

Check the available spaces:

  • G+A units are provided in multiple spaces and different divisions that start from 170 up to 350 SQM.
  • The space of standard apartments, two bedrooms included, is 105 SQM.
  • The space of three-bedroom apartments in Zed East New Cairo is 165 SQM.
  • The space of the four-bedroom penthouse is 226 SQM.
  • Townhouse Space C is 195 SQM.

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Zed East Fifth Settlement

Twin House in Zed East New Cairo

Top 17 Services in Zed East New Cairo

The increasing number of Ora’s projects all over Egypt is one of the main reasons behind the flawless determination of services in Zed East New Cairo.

Zed East exceeded customers’ expectations by filling the gap between the opulent lifestyle and the daily needed services in different fields. Here’s a glimpse of Zed East services:

  • Zed Town strengthen the bonds between its community through a vast green park built on 50 Feddan where they can practice different light activities together.
  • Zed East New Cairo launched a health club where the Spa and jacuzzi are served by the best-experienced staff.
  • Zed Town is featured with fast breathtaking spaces of artificial lakes and green parks.
  • Zed East Fifth settlement offers a highly entertaining Kids’ area that is provided with the highest security levels.
  • Playgrounds for tennis and squash are one of the top characteristics of Zed East New Cairo.
  • Inside Zet Est, residents enjoy the existence of swimming pools of multiple sizes.
  • Zed East is secured with Twenty-four hours of a smart system that grants the highest security levels for individuals and belongings.
  • Zed East’s collaboration with the most well-known restaurants and cafes is considered one of the main reasons the compound received high inquiries.
  • ZED East compound offers a huge Commercial Mall for its customers to meet their needs.
  • A 50-Feddan sporting club in Zed East Egypt is supervised by top coaches and trainers in the failed, in addition to its constant enhancement with advanced tools.
  • A Mosque is built to enable residents to practice their rituals.
  • Fully-secured Garage for residents.
  • Zed New Cairo launched a clubhouse to enhance the quality of living among the community members.
  • Ora developer collaborated with the best architecture designers to design eye-pleasant artificial lakes perfectly.
  • The compound was elegantly designed with greenish tracks to enable Zed Residents to practice different activities such as promenading.
  • Zed East New Cairo considers medical needs one of its priorities through medical clinics and pharmacies.
  • All units are delivered in a full finish by implementing modern techniques for utilizing the space.
    If you are looking for a fully-integrated luxurious community where all your needs and demands are served with excellence, Zed East Fifth Settlement shall be your first choice.

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Zed East Residential space

Zed East landscapes

Zed East New Cairo Prices & Payment System

If your purpose is to find a prestigious residential compound in a livable area offering multiple and controllable payment plans, then Zed East shall be your first choice.

  • The average price of a medium size apartment of 165 Sqm is 5.000.000 Egp.
  • Villas price in Zed East starts from 9.800.000 Egp.

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The instalment Plans of Zed East

The Available payment plans in Zed East lie in prolonging the instalment period with a slight change in the down payment. Choose Yours Now:

  • 10% shall be paid as a down payment, 5% while contracting, and 5% while receiving the units. Buyers have the privilege to pay the remaining over 6 years.
  • 2nd payment plan requires paying 10% in addition to 5% while contracting and 5% while receiving the units. Buyers can pay the remaining over 7 years.
  • 3rd plan requires paying around 10% of the total unit cost in addition to 5% when registering and 5% on the units received. The buyers can pay their dues over 8 years.
  • 4th plan requires a 10% down payment, 10% while signing the contracts, and 10% while receiving the unit. Property buyers have the privilege to pay the remaining cost over 9 years.

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The Developer of Zed East in New Cairo 

Ora company for development is one of the forerunner companies in real estate in Egypt that has been proving its experience through multiple projects all over Egypt since 2016.

Ora company thrives on providing comfort for its comfort as one of its main values through restyling and reshaping the traditionality into more customized spaces and areas.

Besides its reputation for representing captivating residential projects, the company collaborated in developing the environment of the workspace in Egypt with a genuine belief in the influence of spreading happiness among the team as an essential growth factor.

Ora company operates its business worldwide with magnificent flagship residential and commercial projects in places such as Cyprus, London, and Pakistan.

Nocera, LTD, Ayia Napa Marina, Silver Sands, and Eighteen are the four top projects that are established by Ora outside Egypt.

Top projects by Ora Development

  • Pyramids Hills
  • Al Gouna, Hurghada.
  • Nile City Towers.
  • Pyramids Hills 6th of October
  • Zed Towers Sheikh Zayed project (Zed Towers).
  • El Gouna in Hurghada.
  • Pyramids Hills October.
  • Nile City Towers.

The company has set up many other projects outside Egypt, including (Ayia Napa Marina, Twenty Grosvensands Square), residing in London and Cyprus, respectively, Eighteen Project in Islamabad, and it has also set up Silver Sands Resort in Grenada, among other projects.

FAQ About Zed East in New Cairo

Who is the developer of Zed East?

Ora Company

Where is Joulz Compound located?

Fifth Settlement

What are the types of units in Zed East New Cairo?

Townhomes- villas- apartments

How can I contact the consulting team in Zed East?

Call the following number: 01101112515

Whatsapp Call Us send a message
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