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Last updated 2022-04-19

Zed East New Cairo Compound is one of the residential projects that have been developed in New Cairo in the recent period. It is developed by the well-known Ora Real Estate Company, which is famous for using techniques and methods necessary in the development of its projects. You are sure to find in this compound Your dream home.

The Zed Fifth Settlement project was developed in a strategic location to say the least, as it is close to the landmarks of New Cairo, and the compound is built on a huge area interspersed with green spaces and artificial lakes that have a role in improving the psychological state of the residents of the compound.

There are different units with various spaces in Zed East Compound, and these units are available at amazing prices and very flexible payment systems that make the purchase process for customers easy and simple, and there are many other features that we talk about in the following lines.

Apartments for sale in Zed Compound, Fifth Settlement, with a down payment of only 5%, and the rest in installments over 8 equal years, and enjoy a luxury life

zed project, fifth settlement

Zed Compound Fifth Settlement

Zed project site, Fifth Settlement

Ora Real Estate Company has carefully chosen the location of the Zed East New Cairo compound, so that it is a strategic location, as it is an ideal location in the heart of New Cairo.

It is a location surrounded by all the city’s landmarks, and it is located near the most important roads, so it is of course an ideal and integrated location.

Areas close to the Zed project

  • Zed East Fifth Settlement is located at a small distance from Hyde Park, La Vista City.
  • Zed New Cairo project is about 5 minutes drive from the American University.
  • Zed Compound New Cairo is about 10 minutes from Cairo Airport.
  • The New Administrative Capital can be reached from the compound in 5 minutes.
zed project, fifth settlement

Zed Fifth Settlement

Services and features of Zed Compound Fifth Settlement

The Zed East New Cairo project includes many services and features that the company has been keen to select with great care.

Anything that can help provide a luxurious life for the customer within the residential units will be found mostly within the zed compound, the assembly, so that the residents of the units do not feel the absence of anything, and we review a number of features and services as follows:

  • Integrated security services where there are men to guard and security throughout the day.
  • The presence of modern and advanced surveillance equipment and cameras within the Zed project, Fifth Settlement.
  • The club extends over a large area of ​​50 acres with many playgrounds for practicing different sports, at any time.
  • Green spaces extending over large areas within the Zed project, the Fifth Settlement, spread over trees and plants that give a wonderful view.
  • In the Zed compound, there is a large garden that occupies about 50 acres, and it has places to sit amidst the picturesque nature.
  • Landscapes and gardens with large areas occupying about 65 acres, and it is considered a distinguished recreational place for the residents of the Zed Fifth Settlement project alone.
  • There is a luxury hotel inside the Zed compound, and this hotel is the first 7 stars hotel in the Fifth Settlement.
  • The presence of artificial lakes with wonderful designs, in addition to a clubhouse, is part of the distinguished entertainment services provided to the residents of Zed East Compound.
  • Enjoy bathing in the swimming pools located in more than one place within the Zed compound, which differs in their spaces and designs.
  • The Zed project has international schools to ensure a high level of education.
  • A commercial mall in which shops sell international brands, high-quality products, clothes, gifts, and accessories to suit all tastes, as well as many other necessities.
  • An area designated for cafes, cafés, and restaurants, it serves the residents of Zed District in the first place and offers them all kinds of food.
Zed assembly prices

Zed Compound Fifth Settlement Prices

The total area of ​​the Zed East Fifth Settlement project

Zed East Compound occupies an area of ​​400 acres, which is of course a vast area that helped build various units with large areas, whether villas (f. f) or apartments interspersed with green spaces, wonderful views and artificial lakes, and this space accommodates many basic and recreational facilities that serve all Compound residents.

The company that owns the project has also allocated about 200 acres of the project area for green spaces, scenic views, and landscapes in the compound, and 50 acres of them are designated for the establishment of the largest club inside New Cairo, while the buildings occupy only 20% of its space.

Apartment spaces in Zed Compound, Fifth Settlement, Zed East New Cairo

In the end, the Zed Compound in the Fifth Settlement, Zed East New Cairo, offers a group of the finest services and outperforms other projects with additional features that are not available in it, all thanks to its vast space.

The spaces of the apartments and villas vary within the Zed Compound, the Fifth Settlement, but they have luxurious designs, complete and modern finishes, and wonderful decorations.

Zed Compound Fifth Settlement has also been provided with all the services, equipment and supplies that make the residents need almost nothing. The compound offers villas, distinctive apartments, townhouses, twin houses, and duplexes, and the spaces available within it include:

  • Units spaces start from 170 square meters up to 350 square meters and are fully finished with the latest finishes and the finest equipment (Ultra Super Lux finishes), and equipped with air conditioners.
  • Residential apartments (G + 8) : spaces start from 55 to 240 square meters, and they are fully finished (Ultra Super Lux), and are also equipped with air conditioners and all kitchen equipment.

To find out more about the areas of apartments and villas available in the zed project, contact us now

Zed Compound Fifth Settlement

Zed East Compound, Fifth Settlement

Zed East Compound design, Fifth Settlement

The extensive experience possessed by (Watg) Consulting Engineering, which extends for more than 75 years, was clearly reflected in the design of Zed East New Cairo Compound, with luxurious designs, distinct décor, and integrated services.

The units also came with unique and modern designs, especially with the company’s use of experts and engineers from different parts of the world, to make it one of the most important residential projects in the Middle East.

The exterior of the compound is sure to attract you, when you look at it, you quickly make sure that you looked at a unique architectural masterpiece, and when you enter the units, you find the distinctive interior designs inside which you feel very warm and an amazing mood.

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Zed East New Cairo Compound Prices

The units of the Compound Zed East Fifth Settlement are very distinct, as the units are fully finished with air conditioning and kitchen, due to the keenness of those implementing it to serve customers to the maximum degree by providing housing units that provide them with a luxurious life at excellent prices at the same time.

The diversity in the prices offered for the units of the Zed Est New Cairo compound is one of the advantages it enjoys, which attracts a large segment of those wishing to own distinct housing units in line with their financial capabilities.

Contact us now to find out the latest prices for the compound.

Reservation and installment systems for Zed East Compound, Fifth Settlement

Ora Real Estate Development offers great facilities to its customers when they pay the unit price inside the compound Yed East Fifth Settlement.

  • You can pay a 5% down payment and 5% after 3 months, and the rest in installments over 8 years.

The real estate developer of zed compound

The company that owns Zed East Compound is Ora development, which is owned by businessmen Naguib Sawiris, and the company is classified as one of the largest and largest companies operating in the real estate sector and its great experience helped it possess a vision and a distinct plan for the establishment of the compound Zed East, with its own team work Distinguished developers and engineering design experts.

The company has huge investments abroad, such as Cyprus, London and Pakistan, and the value of its investments in the global market exceeded $2 billion, so it launched many huge projects inside and outside Egypt.

Zed East Compound is the company’s second project, which owns many previous works that have achieved great success, including:

  • Zed Towers Sheikh Zayed project (Zed Towers).
  • El Gouna in Hurghada.
  • Pyramids Hills October.
  • Nile City Towers.

The company has set up many other projects outside Egypt, including: my hotel (Ayia Napa Marina, Twenty Grosvensands Square), residing in London and Cyprus, respectively, Eighteen project in Islamabad, and it has also set up Silver Sands Resort in Grenada, among other projects.

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