Saada New Cairo by Horizon Egypt Development

Saada New Cairo by Horizon Egypt Development
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Project details
The project Name Saada
Project Location Suez Road, New Cairo
The developer Horizon Egypt Development
The average spaces of villas The starting space is 237 Sqm
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Saadaa Compound is a state-of-art residential compound recently launched by Horizon Egypt Development on Suez Road, New Cairo.

Horizon Development offers a perfectly integrated community that is composed of well-served areas, residential districts, and landscapes.

Saadaa New Cairo is the perfect destination to own a luxurious and elegantly designed villa overlooking verdant parks and mesmerizing views with competitive prices and flexible payment plans.

Saada Compound in New Cairo

Saada Compound in New Cairo

The Location of Saada Compound

Saada New Cairo is strategically located on Cairo-Suez Road, with high proximity to Rehab City.

The compound’s central location is one of the main advantages that shall be highlighted, as it’s stretching from the northern new Suez Road and the old southern Suez Road, which accentuates the project’s accessibility.

The Compound is nestled near a group of luxurious residential areas and vital utilities, such as:

  • Saada New Cairo Compound is located 15 min from the international Cairo Airport
  • It’s only 5 minutes from Rehab.
  • The distance between the project and New Capital City is 10 minutes.

Types of residential units in Saada Compound New Cairo

Saada Compound is your next stop where you can find luxurious residential villas overlooking lush verdant and amazing water-based features.

  • The space of a twin house is 237 Sqm.
  • 404 Sqm is the space of twin house type 2 in Saada Compound.
  • The space of standalone villas is 286 Sqm and up to 574 Sqm.

The Land Space of Saadaa Compound in New Cairo

A luxurious gated compound that stretches over a huge land space of 371 Feddan is the perfect housing opportunity to experience an exceptional class of integration.

The company dedicated around 2km in length to a well-served commercial area from which residents can get their daily needs and enjoy different services.

The positive influence of greenery elements on mental health was highly considered in the master plan of Saadaa Compound; More than 80% of the compound space is designed and covered with breathtaking landscapes that please the eye and soul.

Horizon Development is prudent in choosing expert design and consulting companies to come up with a smart master plan, for Saada Compound in New Cairo.

The Architectural design of Saada New Cairo

Horizon Development seeks to exceed customers’ expectations for a luxury lifestyle by setting up ultra-modern designs that give them the prestige they want.

Horizon Egypt Development announced its collaboration with Eng/Adanan Saffarani office, an expert team in providing engineering consulting services.

One of the dominating design elements in Saada Compound is the development of eye-pleasing crystal lagoons and artificial lakes.

Saada New Cairo Lagoon

Villas overlooking the lagoon, Saada Horizon

Top Services in Saadaa Compound by Horizon Development

The Horizon Development aims to redefine the housing market in Egypt by choosing a strategic vast land space in New Cairo that amounts to 371 Feddan, in order to be able to take the integration to a new level.

  • The clubhouse is the perfect place to enjoy quality time with your beloved ones and other community members.
  • An International School was launched inside Saada Compound New Cairo to offer a good educational opportunity for the coming generations.
  • Saada New Cairo is supported with health care through medical clinics & pharmacies.
  • Security is one of the main features of Saadaa Horizon Compound; the compound is provided with a strong surveillance system.
  • For more fun, the compound includes Golf Yard.
Saada New Cairo Horizon

The Walk district in Saada Compound

Saadaa Compound prices & the payment system

Horizon Development set competitive prices for the available villas for sale in Saada Compound, in addition to its premium living standards that weigh its asset value.

  • To buy a unit in Saada Horizon, an amount of 100k is required to reserve your place inside the compound.

The company allows residents to choose the installment system that suits them from a boutique of options. Meet our consulting team now and choose yours.

The Developer of Saada Compound

Saada Compound is one of the New projects for horizon development in Egypt, owned by Maged Al Neamy royalty of Ajman.

Horizon Development is a Dubai-based real estate company that started to expand in Egypt after a long study of the Egyptian market and its needs.

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Faq about Saadaa New Cairo Compound

What is the land space of Sadaa New Cairo Compound?

371 Feddan

Who is the developer of Saada New Cairo Compound?

Horizon Egypt Development

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