Residential Units in il Bosco City New Cairo

Developer: Misr Italia Properties
Residential Units in il Bosco City New Cairo
Prices start from 12,000,000 EGP
5% Down payment
9 Installment years
Prices are subject to change
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Project details
The Compound Name IL Bosco City
The Develoepr Misr Italia
The Compound Location Il Mostakbal City, New Cairo
Types of residential units Standalone villas, Twin houses, Townhouses, Apartments, and sky villas.
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IL Bosco City New Cairo is exclusively designed to give customers full access to all the amenities and facilities they may need without stepping out of the compound.

Property owners in Il Bosco City have got the privilege of getting high-quality services in different aspects, including a Security system, a sporting club, a health hub, garages, a commercial mall, medical centers, an educational school for all stages, and a high-class food corner.

Il Bosco City Compound in Mostakabl City is considered one of the top prestigious compounds of Misr Italia whose expertise is assembled in representing high lifestyle standards and choosing a prime location.

IL Bosco City New Cairo Location

Landscapes in IL Bosco City New Cairo

Greenery landscapes in Il Bosco City New Cairo

The location of Il Bosco City New Cairo was strategically selected by Misr Italia to be surrounded by livable neighborhood areas in Al Mostakbel city, minutes away from Al Fattah Al Aleem Mosque.

Il Mostakbel city’s centric location between the Fifth settlement and the new capital city led to the compound’s proximity to a group the prestigious compounds and main roads.

Il Bosco City is centrally situated on the extension of Golden Square.

  • IL Bosco New Cairo is about 10 minutes away from The American University.
  • The compound is about 5 minutes away from Madinty.
  • People heading to the new capital city from il Bosco City New Cairo will need around 10 minutes to arrive.
  • The compound location is strategically chosen with proximity to Ora la Vista compound.

IL Bosco City Mostakabal City is one of the most accessible locations because of its centrality in New Cairo, Shorouk, Madinety, and New Capital city; a genuine privilege to benefit from all the nearby facilities and amenities.

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The Luxurious Design of Il Bosco City New Cairo

Il Bosco City New Cairo Residential space

Residential units in il Bosco City New Cairo

Misr Italia Company named Il Bosco New Cairo “the Green City” due to the expanding lush greenery spaces all over the compound.

iL Bosco City New Cairo offers an effective balance between the green landscapes in which residents indulge their senses to the full and the residential-based section.

Similar to Misr Italia Company residential projects, iL Bosco City simulates the highest levels of modern luxurious lifestyles where customers can experience the distinction.

The selection of the company’s best team members to work on the projects was determined after an in-depth analysis of the team’s capacities and capabilities.

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Main Phases in Il Bosco City

Il Bosco City introduces three prestigious phases with unique, exceptional designs ( La Sila, La Natura Stage, La Valles Stage).

1-La Sila | The First Phase in IL Bosco City 

La Sila in Il Bosco City New Cairo is one of the recent residential phases in the compound that features an outstanding variety of units according to their space.

Consider that the minimum space offered in La Sila for a one-bedroom apartment is 92 SQM, while the maximum space for a three-bedroom apartment is 185 SQM.

2-La Natura Stage in IL Bosco City 

La Natura stage shares the same luxury represented in la Sila in il Bosco City where the captivating landscapes and the premium services level. The space and designs of La Natura residential units are set in consideration of the resident’s main demands.

3-La Valles Stage

La Valle stage is the last launched phase in Bosco City in which the spring villa, twin house, and townhouse are the main three units.

Types of Residential Units in Il Bosco City Mostakbal City

The residential units in Il Bosco Mostakbal city are exceptionally designed in alignment with functionality that allows customers to utilize the compound spaces flawlessly.

What distinguishes the residential units in Il Bosco City is the direct overview of the garden-based areas.

In addition to the smart interior space outlined, the compound offers residents a variety of residential units, which is impossible not to find their perfect pick.

The available types in Il Bosco City Mostakbal City are stand-alone villas, spring villas, twin houses, townhouses, apartments, garden-based villas, and sky villas.

  • The Space of Standalone villas ranges from 234 to 286 SQM.
  • The space of a three-bedroom Twinhouse starts is 197 SQM.
  • The space of three-bedroom apartments ranges from 140 to 175 SQM.
  • The space of the Roofgarden-based Penthouse is 245 SQM, and the roof space is 50 SQM.

Italia Misr promises a high-quality level of finishing for all residential units in IL Bosco City New Cairo compound.

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Top Features & services in Il Bosco City New Cairo

IL Bosco City New Cairo, one of the top prestigious compounds located on the golden square extension, promises an exceptional level of services and facilities that all are set upon a clear analysis of customers’ main demands.

If a fully integrated community in which services are perfectly served considering different needs is what you are looking for, then Il Bosco City Compound shall be considered the perfect Match.

  • The available swimming pools in Il Bosco city New Cairo are designed to match all residents’ needs according to the space and level of privacy provided for women.
  • The compound provides different education-based services, including an international school for all stages.
  • Il Bosco Mostakbal city included a Kids’ area in its master plan where parents grant safety to their kids.
  • The compound is featured greenery bridges that connect both the residential and commercial parts together.
  • Il Bosco City in Mostakabl offers a wide group of restaurants and cafes where you can taste different western and eastern cuisines and enjoy the staff’s good attitude.
  • A nutrition-based health club is one of the essential services in Il Bosco City New Cairo where residents enjoy premium services of well-trained coaches and advanced equipment.
  • Vast Venues for parties and celebrations.
  • The compound features vast landscapes meant to add a sense of tranquillity and serenity to residents.
  • Medical needs are one of the top residents’ priorities; therefore, the compound offers different medical centres and pharmacies.
  • A sporting club in which residents can find different types of sports including swimming, tennis, and football.
  • Italia Misr has dedicated greenery-based tracks to enable customers to promenade, run, and relax.
  • For leisure services fans, you can enjoy an excellent Jacuzzi Day in one of the best wellness hubs.
  • For twenty-four hours, surveillance cameras operate all over the compound to provide the top security level.
  • Well-trained guards are hired to ensure the safety of persons.
  • Il Bosco Mostakbal city is featured with a vast commercial mall where well-known brands and stores have offshoots.
  • Shared and private garages.
  • What distinguishes the design of  Il Bosco City New Cairo is the artificial lake that goes through the whole compound.
  • A large Mosque is one of the compound features.
  • The compound launched a clubhouse to enhance the quality of living among community members.

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Il Bosco city New Cairo

Commercial mall in Il Bosco City New Cairo

Il Bosco City Prices & Payment Plans

Il Bosco City didn’t fail to surprise its customers with its competitive prices and effective controllable payment plans that extend the instalment period, so customers pay with ease.

  • The average price of a mid-size unit in Il Bosco City is 12,000,000 Egp.

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The instalment Plans of IL Bosco City New Cairo

The instalment system by Misr Italia is one of the main advantages that enact buyers to invest in IL Bosco City New Cairo granting an increase in income resources.

  • 5% of the total unit cost is required as a down payment to own your unit in Il Bosco New Cairo, provided the remaining cost has to be paid  9 years.

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The developer of Il Bosco City New Cairo: Italia Misr Company

IL Bosco Mostakbal City is one of the breakthrough projects launched by Italia Misr Company in a strategic plot in Fifth Settlement.

Italia Misr is a real estate pioneering company founded in 2003, and, since then, the company managed to make huge progress in the housing industry by launching a strong portfolio of flagship projects that are labelled with its luxury level.

Italia Misr company tends to represent solutions-based innovative designs where customers can experience luxury to the full.

To achieve the highest outcome of projects, Italia Misr company exerts its efforts in studying and researching the top needs of its customers through its experienced teams to deliver it with excellence through designs, housing options, and services.

The company believes everything starts with the customers, as any master residential project plan shall be aligned with customers’ expectations and demands.

The company thrives on keeping its influential role in the market by keeping the trend through the constant advancement of its resources. The notable expansion of Misr Italia effectively included business-based projects such as Cairo Business Park.

The top project launched by Italia Misr

  • Cairo Business Park
  • Kai Sokhna
  • La Nouva Vista
  • Vinci
  • Il Bosco

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FAQ about Il Bosco City New Cairo

Who is the developer of IL Bosco City New Cairo?

Italia Misr

What is the location of IL Bosco City New Cairo?

Mostakbal City

What are the types of units in IL Bosco New Cairo?

Townhomes- villas- apartments

How can i contact the consulting team in IL Bosco New Cairo?

Call the following number: 01101112515


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