Jefaira North Coast by Inertia Company

Jefaira North Coast by Inertia Company
Prices start from 5,000,000 EGP
10% Down payment
6 Installment years
Prices are subject to change
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An all-year-round seafront experience is newly introduced for the first time in Egypt with Jefaira North Coast Village; one of the foremost deluxe coastal projects launched by Inertia Development Company.

Inertia Company constructed Jefaira North Coast over a massive land space of 5 million m2 to introduce a cutting-edge vibrant community where residents can share their interests with their similar-minded peers in a place that is precisely driven by a true combination between the serenity of and seafront vibes and the capital sea vitality.

Inertia Company set the master plan of the Jefaira project due to the worldwide luxury standards, which was clear while partnering with 10 Design Company, an international design firm, to bring a seamless state-of-art landscape that is considered second to none!

Indeed, Jefaira North Coast is positioned on the top list of the best luxury villages that keep in line with perfection in all project aspects: Architectural Design, Comfort, services, well-designed units, and, surely, Premium Location.

So, if you are willing to upgrade your all-year vacation experience that is so good to pass up where your family can extremely enjoy the vibe, then Jefaira Inertia Village Shall be Your first and only choice.

The location of Jefaia Village

Jefaira Village is located in one of the most vital areas on the North Coast “Ras El Hikma”, which is 30 minutes away from Al Alamein International Airport. Choosing such a deluxe location was a prudent decision by the developer to add more layers of luxury to the resident experience.

The distance Between Jefaira Inertia & Nearby Places

  • The distance between Jefaira North Coast & Dabaa Road is 20 km
  • The distance between the resort & Ras Al Hekma is 35 km
  • The distance between the village & Al-Alamein International Airport is 50 km
  • The distance between the village & Al-Alamein Hotel is 65 km
  • The distance between the village & Wady Al Natroun Road is 90 km
  • The distance between the village & and Marsa Matrouh is 100 km
  • The distance between the village & Alexandria is 200 km
  • The distance between the village & Cairo (via Dabaa Road) is 300 km.

The Nearest Point to Everything!

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The Land Space of Jefaira North Coast Village

On 1300-Feddan land, one of the hugest villages on the North Coast introduced by the inertia Company “Jefaira Village”.

Inertia Development aims to take the coastal industry in Egypt to the highest levels of luxury and comfort by introducing a smart master plan that showcases a perfect division of Jefaira North Coast Village Space into 4 prominent residential spaces: the furl neighborhood, the Quayside neighborhood, the Cribs neighborhood, and Ayla neighborhood.

The partnership of Inertia with 10 Design Company, a Group of worldwide teams that specializes in designing landscapes and interior designs, lead to a remarkable exquisite design that is venerably driven by the Greek spirit.

Jefaira North Coast

What are the main phases built in Jefaira Village by Inertia?

Surprisingly, the above-mentioned areas in Jefaira Village feature an idiosyncratic design, unique units, and cutting-edge spaces. Here’s a quick overview of Each Phase in the project

The Cribs Jefaira: it addresses a new realm of elegance with its white-dominant color, it speaks for serenity and nature. This phase comprises around 123 apartments, of which 40 m2 is the smallest provided space.

The Quayside neighborhood: the place where you can get dazzled with its eye-pleasing nature which is 700 meters away from the sea and oppositely located in front of the Central Park of the North Coast. It features a huge collection of units such as ( villa- twin house- Park Townhouse A- Park Town House B- Park Chalet A- Park Chalet B- Attached Villa- apartment buildings)

Ayla Neighborhood: Longside Crystal Lagoon experience is waiting for you in Ayla Jefaira North Coast! This phase is flawlessly designed over 318,000-meter squares with precise attention to the smallest details that enable residents to get indulge with all their senses in the enchanter views.

Let’s take a quick view of the common types provided in Ayla phase: One-Floor Villa- Lagoon Villa- One-Floor Townhouse- Lagoon twin house- Lagoon Townhouse- Lagoon Standalone Villa-Lagoon Premium Chalet)

The furl Neighbourhood: A new design that will take you on a long journey- get rolled in with the enchanting Greek vibes with no passport needed! The Furl Jefaira offers a variety of residential units; of which the most required are Seafront standalone villas- Chalets- Condos- Twin houses.

To simulate the required vibrant lifestyle, similarly provided in the other Jefaira North Coast phases, the furl includes a swimming pool, gym, pharmacy, kid’s playgrounds, barbecue areas, and green parks.

Jefaira North Coast

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Top features and Services in Jefaira North Coast Village

Inertia Company aims to redefine the coastal experience that is perceived as the only destination for a vacation to a new communal space where residents can spend months not days where all types of essential and luxurious facilities are set in easy access around. A place that can be headed to for a retirement home and for an endless seaside stay.

In corresponding with this objective, Inertia Company creates a highly-spirited and energetic lifestyle through a livelihood full of amenities and facilities, in terms of social, medical, entertaining, and commercial needs.

  • Jefaira North Coast is provided with a highly-equipped sports academy that offers a group of common sports.
  • Beach Park Clubhouse is the first choice for Jefaira Inertia residents who tend to enjoy their favorite meal where the sea is embracing the place.
  • Inertia Company pays attention to the smallest details which is clear in the provided rehabilitation center in Jefaira Village that supports the idea of an all-year-sea-round stay.
  • Jefaira Hotel is one of the most significant amenities in the project that encourage tourists and non-residents to share the vibe
  • The village comprises Promenade tracks decorated with colorful plants and Greek-inspired designs.
  • Jefaira North Coast offers different options of cafes and restaurants that serve customers’ different tastes.
  • Last, but not least, the project includes a school and university to tighten the possibility of turning the north coast into a city that is available for a 360-day residence.

Jefaira Village prices & its Payment System

Inertia Company managed to create a flawless nautical ecosystem on the Mediterranean Sea that features premium quality in terms of location, units, services, and most importantly, Competitive prices.

Because quality and prices are the most two important criteria people consider when looking for a property for residence or for investment purposes, Jefaira North Coast has become one of the first choices that meet these traits.

  • The price of a one-bedroom apartment that includes a 13-meter garden starts from 1,300,000 Egp.
  • The price of two-bedroom apartments in Jefaira Village starts from 2,200,000.

Kindly, Consider that these prices are subject to constant change and we do our best to keep you updated with the latest prices. For the current price of each unit Contact our team now.

Payment System of Jefaira Inertia

Inertia Development diversified the payment process of units in Jefaira Inertia due to the desired phase. So, decide which phase suits you the most and check its below-mentioned systems.

  • The Furl features a unique payment system of a 10% down payment and a perfect installment period that lasts up to 6 years.
  • Both the Cribs and Quayside phases share the same system which is a 10% down payment & 8-year installments.

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Villa in Jefaira North Coast

The developer of Jefaira Village

Jefaira Village was launched by Inertia Development, one of Egypt’s leading real estate companies that is renowned for its commitment to providing well-customized housing and coastal projects that cater to customers’ demands and high expectations.

Since the company’s inception in 2007, the company has been drawing new lines in the real estate industry to break conventional boundaries by partnering with branded names in the construction and design fields that can bring new and smarter visions to Egypt.

In other words, Inertia has become a landmark when it comes to selecting a trustworthy entity that can offer personalized housing options at the highest value and the best price.

For reference in Egypt, Joulz Compound in October is considered one of the top milestones that position the company in the top 10.

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