Winter New Alamein Village

Developer: New Generation
Winter New Alamein Village
Prices start from 5,500,000 EGP
10% Down payment
10 Installment years
Prices are subject to change
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Project details
Project Name Winter
Project Location New Alamein
Payment Plan 5% down payment, with an instalment period that lasts up to 7 years.
The developer New Generation Development
For inquries 01101112515

Winter New Alamein Project is a new release by New Generation Developments that is expected to make a leap in the coastal industry, more specifically in Alamein City, with its prestigious and luxurious class in terms of design, services, and variety of options.

New Generation Company managed to exceed its customers’ expectations with the innovative mixed-use design of Winter Project in New Alamein that tackles the resort lifestyle to the next level; where all chalets and apartments are embraced by the enchanting turquoise sea and golden sand.

Moreover, New Generation development NGD intends to alter the traditional perception of the typical beachy lifestyle for Egyptians by flourishing the integration level to simulate the capital experience. For example, the project will include a commercial mall and sporting club.

So whether you’re looking for an investment opportunity or a place to be your ultimate spot for vacation, Winter New Alamein Village is your perfect fit.

Winter New Alamein

Winter New Alamein Lagoon and chalets

The location of Winter New Alamein

New Generation Development was keen to choose a vital location to establish its project “Winter New Alamein Village” which is located within proximity to both Mazarine and Downtown Alamein.

What makes the Winter Al Alamein location an alluring opportunity for buyers and investors is the fact that the project overlooks the beachy tower, and it extends over the main new Alamein streets with an average length of 45, 60, and 90 m2.

The Architectural design of Winter New Alamein Village

The architectural design of Winter Village in New Alamein embraces three neutral colours in one smooth layout; Blue, Green,  and white, to take the property owner on a unique opulent  journey where nature dominates the scene

To clarify, the resort is established over a 35-Feddan land, where only 12% of its space is specialized for building chalets, while the rest embrace either turquoise-based elements or greenery landscapes.

Indeed, the reason behind this masterpiece is the developer collaboration with one of the most innovative designing companies “ Design Consultant Innovation  “DCI”, founded in 2003, to consult the designing process and come out with a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

According to the design of the residential blocks of Winter New Alamein village, each block is perfectly designed to include 5 typical floors.

Types of units in Winter Village New Alamein

NGD prioritized customers’ different demands while outlining the types of units and their spaces. Winter Village New Alamein offers well-designed units in degradable spaces that start from 70 sqm.

Surprisingly, to cope with the fancy class represented in New Alamein, the company announced that all units will be supported with a built-in air conditioning system, a ready-to-use kitchen, and cupboards.

The space of garden-based units in Winter NGD in New Alamein

The space of a garden-based chalet in Winter NGD in New Alamein is 76 sqm, while the garden space is 46 sqm.
The space of a one-bedroom chalet with a garden (type 2 ) is 57 sqm, while the garden space is 16 sqm.
The space for two-bedroom chalets is 105 sqm, and the garden space is 92 m2.
The space of two-bedroom chalets type 2 is 93 sqm; the garden space is 90 m2.

The Units Space on typical floors – (No Private Garden attached)

  • The space of three-bedroom chalets is 130 sqm.
  • The space of two-bedroom chalets is 93 sqm.
  • The space of one-bedroom chalets starts from 76 sqm.

Choose Yours Now with Garden or in Typical Floor!

Winter New Alamein Chalet

Ground-based chalets in Winter New Alamein

Services & Features in Winter New Alamein

New Generation Development introduces a beachy community that is competent for everyday life by offering a wide range of services for each family member.

  • Winter Resort will include a huge commercial mall that is expected to host local and worldwide brands.
  • In addition to the splendor design and perfectly-chosen services, NGD offers a variety of units at competitive prices in Winter New Alamein compared to New Alamein City’s other projects.
  • The village is supported by 24-h security members and CCTV systems to ensure customers’ safety.
  • The spa hub in winter village in New Alamein would be the perfect addition to enjoy your vacation to the full.
  • Each residential building is provided with 2 elevators.
  • Winter resort in New Alamein will include a Food corner so property buyers can enjoy their vacation with tasty food.

The Payment System of Winter New Alamein by NGD

Looking for an investment opportunity in New Alamein City where you can have multiple payment options, NGD t brought you what you need. Winter New Alamein offers 3 prominent payment systems with different rules and regulations for each one.

  • The first Payment system requires a 15% down payment on three settlements; a 5% down payment while signing the contracts, 5% after two months, and 5% while receiving the unit. The remaining cost can be paid over 7 years.
  • The second system features a long instalment of 8 years with only a 20% down payment required that can be installed over three settlements. The first one is 6% which would be paid during the signing of the contracts, the second payment of 6% shall be paid after two months, and the last one of 8% would only be required while delivering the unit.
  • The 3rd system allows residents to pay their dues over 9 years, provided that they pay a 32% pre-payment over 16 months.

New Generation development revealed to the public that the expected delivery date is 2026, which is only three years from the launch date.

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New Generation Development | The Developer of Winter Resort in New Alamein

Winter New Alamein Resort was launched by New Generation Development (Ngd); a dominating real estate company that was founded out of the solid collaboration between Cairo Capital Company and Emirate Misr for Import and Export and Commercial Agencies.

NGD aims to start a new generation of well-crafted and opulent residential and coastal projects that feature an exceptional level of elegance, integration, and unit diversity.

In other words, the company strives to enhance the housing experience in Egypt by granting customers premium construction quality and good prices.

How New Generation Development Made it Loud in Egypt?

Besides the success of the winter Project by New Generation Development, the company launched different initiatives recently to expand in the housing industry and strengthen its feet in the market.  NGD joined Roland Garros Club in Egypt, as an extension to Ronald Garros tennis, with the collaboration with East Med Egypt in entering.

Accordingly, winter owners will enjoy free membership to Ronald Club, which is perceived as one of the giant investments in international sports.

Faq regarding Winter New Alamein

Who is the developer of Winter New Alamein?

New Generation Development

Where Winter New Alamein is located?

Winter Village is located in New Alamein

How can I contact the Consulting Team in Winter New Alamein?

Contact the following number: 01101112515


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