Unique housing experience in Atika Compound with 0% down payment

Unique housing experience in Atika Compound with 0% down payment
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10% Down payment
9 Installment years
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Project details
Compound Name Atika Compound
The Developer New Plan Development
Location In New Capital City- (R7-G1)
Types of residential units Apartments-Duplex-Penthouse
Payment System Down payment starts from 0% up to 15%, and a 10-year instalment
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Atika New Capital compound is perceived as one of the top prestigious residential compounds located in a strategic location in the New Capital city R7- G1.

As means of redefining the meaning of a luxurious lifestyle, Atka New Capital Compound was developed by New Plan Company representing authentic designs, inspiring landscapes, and personalized housing options.

Atika Compound promises its customers an exceptional fully-served community in which they can enjoy excellent medical services, shopping malls, sports clubs, entertainment-based areas, restaurants and cafes, 3 lakes, etc.

If Atika New Capital Compound meets your requirements, don’t hesitate for a well-personalized consultation for updated info

Atika Compound Location

The location of Atika Compound is situated in a highly strategic area in the 7th district in the new capital city, specifically in G1.

New Plan company set high criteria for choosing a lively location, to provide one of the top luxurious compounds in the New Capital City, which is situated near Serano New Capital Compound and Sky Compound.

What distinguishes the pivotal of Atika New Capital Compound is its direct location on the Muahmed ben Zayed axis in the capital city; a new axis that is set in parallel with the regional ring road and the middle ring road.

Which is considered a linkage to New Cairo through two roads; the regional ring road and the middle ring road.

Atika New Capital Compound is situated around a group of top-flight compounds and prestigious areas such as:

  • Business District, a palace where all banks are linked together to serve you.
  • Diplomatic district; the main headquarter of embassies.
  • The Governmental quarter.
  • Cathedral OF Nativity

The Land space of Atika New Capital Compound

On a 35-Feddan Land, New Plan Development outlined the space of its project, Atika New Capital Compound, as means of providing one of the top highly-integrated communities in Egypt and the New Capital City.

New Development Company enlightened the impact of the landscapes on people’s well-being by dedicating around 82% of its space to building awe-inspiring greenery-based views that are interwoven with turquoise elements.

Accordingly, Atika New Capital Compound includes three massive artificial lakes which give a flawless view of all the residential units in the compound.

In addition to the great focus directed toward offering breathtaking views and customized housing options, the compound.

Atika New Capital Compound

Atika New Capital Compound Design

Types of Residential Units in Atika Compound

New Plan Company was highly committed to providing a wide group of distinguished residential units in a variety of spaces, so customers can find the perfect fit for their families.

The panorama-based standalone units are prominent one-of-a-kind units that let residents experience sophistication and luxury to the high.

Duplexes and apartments are perfectly designed to include private gardens for a perfect view. On the other hand, Penthouses in Atika New Capital are designed with a large private swimming pool for more fun.

The alto Casa buildings in Atika Compound redefine the luxurious lifestyle in which each building includes around three duplexes, a penthouse, and a ground centre.

The minimum space for units provided in Alto Casa is 215 M2 for Type B, a 45-meter terrace is included.
On the other hand, the Type A unit in Alto Casa features a considerable space of 350 Meters; a 150-meter garden is excluded.

Check the Available Units in Atika New Capital

Unit Type Details & average space 
 (Type A) The space of the ground floor is 180 M2, and the Typical floor space comes in the same average of 180 M2.
(Type B) The Ground floor is designed within a space of 160 M2 with the same space as the typical floor. A terrace is attached.
(Type C) 140 M2 is the average space for both the ground floor and typical floor ( C Type).
(Type D) Type D is characterized by a huge modern garden. The space of each unit starts from 110 M2. Two bedrooms included.
(Type E) Type E is the smallest unit provided in Atika as its starts from 70 M2, which includes one bedroom, for both the ground floor and the typical one.

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Atika New Capital

Atika Compound Residential Units

Top Features & Facilities in Atika Compound New Capital

New Plan Development managed to showcase its expertise in designing a fully-integrated community that includes a group of perfectly-served amenities for all the family members. Whatever your need is, you will be able to fulfil with just a few steps away next to your door.

Atika Clubhouse is one of the most significant facilities where all the family members can find their favourite activities.

Atika Compound includes equipped modern gyms, a Spa and jacuzzi centre, indoor covered pools, a huge lounge, and a squash court.

Yet, the sports club received much attention from customers because of its inclusion of different types of sports supervised by well-experienced coaches.

If moving to one of the top luxurious compounds located in the heart of the new capital city is one of your top plans, check the other available services:

  • A jogging track is a prominent feature in Atika so residents can practise their physical activities effortlessly.
  • Gulf course is designed especially for people who like to try unique sports so that they can excel in high scores.
  • Atika supports Solar panels systems to generate clean energy around the compound that can be used as a sustainable alternative.
  • Kids areas in Atika redefine how fun can be expressed for kids through highly exciting activities and modern games.
  • Restaurants and cafes serve your taste.
  • Shopping mall where residents can find well-branded stores.
  • Housekeeping service is essential to facilitate daily tasks.
  • Vast greenery spaces are interwoven in each section of the compound for a perfect breathtaking view.
  • Atika New Capital includes three massive large lakes
  • 24/7h security to grant residents’ safety.

New Atika Compound prices & Payment Plans

Purchasing a residential or commercial unit in New Atika Compound is considered a high investment opportunity because of Atika Compound’s competitive prices and the premier quality provided.
The compound offered different payment plans for its residents, so they chose the one that suits their needs the most.

Payment System Details
1st Payment Plan The first plan requires a 0% down payment provided that he/she pays the total cost periodically over 4 years. This system includes a price reduction of 12% for a limited time.
2nd Payment Plan In the second plan, customers can pay only a 5% down payment and pay the remaining over 5 years with no interest added.
Third Plan The third plan is easier for some, as it requires paying a 10% down payment while contracting, in addition to paying 10% while delivering the unit. The remaining cost is paid for 9 years.
The Fourth Plan The fourth Plan includes paying 15% while contracting and 10% while delivering the units. In this system, owners can pay their dues over 10 years.
  • The company announced that the delivery phase shall be done 4 years from contracting.

New Plan Development|Atika Developer

New Plan Developments is a shareholding company that Successfully managed to master its skills in the real estate industry with a clear vision of enhancing people’s lifestyles toward sustainable mixed-urban use communities.

It’s noteworthy to mention that the company has been contributing to developing fourth-generation cities in Egypt by providing innovative architectural designs. Atika New Capital is considered the third successful residential project launched by New Plan development that was outlined immediately after the launch and construction of Serrano Compound.

New Plan Company redefines the meaning of luxury and comfort in its projects by providing more opulent possibilities and more customized housing options, following a solution-based approach for a sustainable environment.

The company has launched a group of projects in Saudi that include Al-Rashed contracting company (KSA-class one) and Al-Khalil construction company (KSA-Egy), in addition to other projects in Dubai that include Global Overseas maritime LTD, Diamond oasis General Trading L.L.C Dubai, and Pioneer Egypt Shipping agencies.

Frequently asked questions about Atika New Capital Compound

Who is the developer of Atika New Capital Compound?

New Plan Development Company

Where is Atika Compound located?

New Capital City

How can I contact the Consulting Team in Atika Compound?

Contact the following number : 01101112515


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