Serrano New Capital| The perfect choice for sophisticated experience

Serrano New Capital| The perfect choice for sophisticated experience
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10% Down payment
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Project details
Compound Name Serrano Compound
Compound Location New Capital City, Plot N1.
The Developer New Plan Company for development
Types of residential units Apartments- Duplexes- Penthouses
Instalment system 10% down payment and 7-year instalments.
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Serrano New Capital is one of the top prestigious projects of New Development Company that perfectly captivated buyers’ attention for its prime quality and strategic location.

The new development company cooperated with top experts in the design field to come out with a one-of-a-kind luxury community for Serrano Compound, where residents can experience sophistication and elegance.

If you are looking for a place where you can enjoy competitive prices, a perfect location in New Capital, a wide variety of residential units, and high-class designs, Serrano New Capital is the right match.

Serrano Compound Location

Serrano Compound is strategically located in the 7th district in New Capital City, specifically in Plot N1.

New Plan Development is known for its prime location for its prestigious projects, as Serrano Compound is located in one of the lively neighbourhoods in the new capital city where the Green River and the diplomatic district.

The remarkability of Serrano New Capital lies in its strategic location surrounded by a group of notable amenities such as the education complex, Medical city, Expo Land, and diplomatic district.

Check the nearby areas to Serrano Compound New Capital:

  • The Green River
  • The New Capital International Airport
  • Mohammed Bin Zayed axis
  • Pukka Compound and Midtown Compound

The land space of Serrano New Capital Compound

On a median space of 15 Fedddan, New Development Company launched “Serrano New Capital” to integrate a group of essential and luxurious services inside the compound.

Surprisingly, around 80% of the total compound space is dedicated to providing semi-natural landscapes, which is an opportunity for residents to experience high levels of sophistication and a clean atmosphere.

The remaining space, which approximately represents 20%, is left to design multiple types of residential units in different spaces.

Types of residential units in Serrano New Capital Compound

New Development Company planned to offer its customers a wide selection of units in different divisions and spaces to match buyers’ requirements.

The provided units in Serrano Compound New Capital included apartments, Duplexes, and penthouses.

  • The space of Serrano apartments starts from 135 m2 to 262 m2.
  • The average space of Duplexes in Serrano Compound is 302 m2.
  • The space of the Penthouse starts from 212 and 327 m2.

A high-class kind of glass facade is an essential element base for designing units in Serrano Compound to provide an elegant look.

Customers have the privilege to receive their unit fully finished in super prime quality, or to receive it semi-finished.

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Serrano Compound

The Architectural Design of Serrano Compound

The design of Serrano Compound simulates the European lifestyle where the Symmetrical architectural style of buildings and the lush greenery landscapes took place to take the customers’ housing experience to the highest levels.

New Plan Development prioritized residents’ privacy as a main while collaborating with the designing team, thus, the Serrano Compound provides around 61 M to separate residential units.

Moreover, Serrano Compound New Capital includes around 161 parking slots, which is a huge number due to the median space of the compound, to ensure belongings’ safety and reinforce the idea of privacy.

Check the architectural design of Rivan Compound

Units in Serrano Compound

Top features in Serrano New Capital Compound

As means of providing a fully-integrated community in the heart of New Capital City, New Plan Company analyzed the main requirements of customers for the unit of their dream so they can outline the most needed services.

Accordingly, the company equipped Serrano New Capital Compound with a variety of services and facilities to meet residents’ expectations in the following fields (Entertainment- Safety- Commercial- Medical)

  • The Sports hub offers different types of sports for both adults and children with a professional team of trainers who ensure the advancement phase of members.
  • The Spa Center is the perfect place to visit at the weekend in Serrano to relieve the week’s stress.
  • Serrano Compound provides a cultural hub where residents can find their favourite books and practise some interesting conversations.
  • Serrano Compound’s Shopping centre hosts a group of well-known stores and brands for an excellent shopping experience.
  • Serrano New Capital contracts with prestigious Restaurants and cafes to offer different mouth-watering dishes.
  • Serrano Compound is designed with stunning Landscapes of green parks and waterways.
  • In Serrano New Capital, the paved tracks far away from the traffic lane provide more safety for sports enthusiasts.
  • Kids area that offers semi-aqua games is the first place that comes to mind where parents look for an entertaining but safe place for their children.
  • The Waterways provide more sense of elegance to the compound
  • 24/7 security members work to ensure the comers’ identity.
Serrano Compound capital city

Serrano Compound Prices & Payment plans

The competitive price list offered in Serrano Compound New Capital makes it the first choice for whoever looking to upgrade his lifestyle in the heart of New Capital, the future of housing in Egypt.

Moreover, the unit variance in Serrano Compound leads to the differentiation between the prices, so buyers can choose their most suitable choice.

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The Payment plans in Serrano New Capital

New Development Company announced two different payment plans with distinctive installment periods, check them now:

  • The first system requires paying a 10% down payment and paying the rest over 7 years.
  • The second payment system available requires paying a 15% down payment and paying the rest over 8 years.

The New Plan Development: The developer of Serrano New Capital

New Plan Development Company is one of the top shareholding companies in the real estate industry in Egypt that developed two residential projects in the New Capital City Atika and Serrano.

The main shareholders of New Development Company are Al-Rashed contracting company (KSA) and Al-Khalil construction company.

New Development Company strives to provide integrated high-standard communities in the New Capital City immersed in fascinating landscapes and authentic residential buildings for a superior lifestyle.

Eleven is one of the remarkable projects of New Development Company in the administrative city that is meant to become Number 1 for businessmen and entrepreneurs. The project is constructed on a huge space of 7,000 Feddan, in which all the business facilities are provided with excellence.

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Frequently asked questions about Serano New Capital

Who is the developer of Serrano New Capital?

New Plan Development

Where is Serrano New Capital located?

New Capital, Plot N1

How can I contact the Consulting Team in Serrano Compound?

Contact the following number: 01101112515


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