Lugar New Zayed by Gates Development

Developer: Gates Development
Lugar New Zayed by Gates Development
Prices start from 6,000,000 EGP
5% Down payment
8 Installment years
Prices are subject to change
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Lugar New Zayed invites interested buyers in Egypt to live the highest epitome of luxury and a promising lifestyle, with one of the most prominent real estate Companies in Egypt “Gates Development”

Gates Development offers a thriving residential experience in Lugar Compound in New Zayed, through its innovative design with glass crystal facades, premium location, and integration level.

Lugar New Zayed, as revealed in the company’s press, would allow residents to delve into a wide array of livable experiences and self treats, where they can meet similar-minded peers, through the available services and facilities.

The Company starts to accept EIOs for Lugar apartments in New Zayed starting October, with a minimum of 50k “ Fully Refunded”.

The location of Lugar New Zayed

Lugar Compound by Gates Company is located in the heart of New Zayed City, directly in front of Sphinx airport and only 5 minutes from the walk of Cairo.

The Compound is adjunct to different main roads and a good transportation network, through which you can arrive at your destination easily.

See Which Roads Can be Taken to arrive at Lugar Zayed Compound:

  • You Can arrive at Lugar New Zayed through the walk of Cairo in 5 minutes.
  • You can arrive at the compound from Mall of Arabia within 10 minutes Via the Cairo-Alexandria desert road
  • You can arrive at the compound from New Gizao within 10 minutes Via Waslet Dahshour.
  • The distance between the project and Mohandsen takes 15 minutes through 16 minutes.

Lugar New Zayed Apartemnts

Gates Development sheds light on the importance of unit diversity in residential developments, to allow residents to choose their perfect needs through Lugar Compound Design.Therefore, Lugar New Zayed will include dozens of modules from Apartments, Maisonette, townhouses, and standalone villas.

The Apartments Zone in Lugar Gates New Zayed is designed with 4 typical floors, including the ground one, in which there are four apartments on each floor.

  • The space of 1 BD Apartment starts from 65 Sqm.
  • The space of 2 BD Apartments starts from 115 Sqm.
  • The space of the 3BD Apartment starts from 145 Sqm.
Lugar New Zayed apartments

Lugar New Zayed apartments

Available units in Lugar Compound in New Zayed

Maisonette is considered the newest and most common residential module that will be provided in Gates New Zayed.

  • The Space of 2 BD Maisonette in Lugar Compound starts from 135 SQM.
  • 150 Sqm is the starting space of 3 BD Maisonette.


Townhouses are designed to include 1 ground floor, in addition to the first floor and a roof, with an average space of 190 Sqm.

  • EOI = 100K Fully Refundable

Standalone Villas

If you’re looking to buy a villa in Gates New Zayed, it would be available at a space of 255 Sqm.

Lugar New Zayed villas

Lugar villas in New Zayed

The Land Space & Architectural Design of Lugar New Zayed

Lugar Compound in New Zayed is being developed over a considerable land space of 65 Feddan, which is going to be flawlessly utilised to provide spaces for promenading, commercial space, cycling spaces, and awe-inspiring gardens.

Around 15% of the compound space would be structured for casual promenading. Most importantly, the space between each block or unit will be covered with greenery verdant to please your eyes.

Gates Development highlighted that the design of Lugar Sheikh Zayed would represent a balance in design innovation and a touch of natural simplicity, as the exteriors will be set in alignment with the latest European designs.

Features and Facilities in Lugar Compound

Gates Development promises its customers a thriving and livable residential experience, by offering recreational and essential services. So, whether you are looking to enjoy a relaxing time or have a self-retreat, you can visit the spa at the weekend or have a nice walk on the greenery promenade.

On the other hand, if this is your time to feel some energy, spending time in the commercial zones or the social activities hub would be a perfect choice.

The available services in Lugar Zayed

  • Social Clubhouse
  • Swimming Pools for adults and kids
  • State-of-art designs are provided in water features and landscapes.
  • The compound’s design is designed with multiple promenading tracks and private cycling lanes for more safety.
  • The landscapes in Lugar New Zayed offer private spots for picnics and seats, in addition to Yoga and
  • Meditation areas.
  • Kids’ area

Lugar New Zayed Prices

Gates Development offers a variety of apartments and townhouses at competitive prices and comfortable prices, The average price of a mid-size unit in Lugar New Zayed is 6,000,000 Egp.

The Payment System in Lugar Compound New Zayed

Buying a unit in Gates New Zayed compound features a flexible and easy payment system, as buying a unit requires only a 5% down payment, and the remaining cost has to be paid as follows:

  • A 5% after 3 months from the contracting
  • The instalments will be paid consecutively over 8 years.

How to book a unit in Lugar Gates in New Zayed?

The company announced that it would be ready to accept EIOs from interested customers starting from the 1st of October, which would be refundable.

  • Eios for apartments is 50 K.
  • EIOs for Masionette is 100K.
  • EIOs for townhouses 100K.
  • EIOs for standalone villas 100K.

The developer of Lugar Gates New Zayed

Lugar Compound in New Zayed is one of the newest milestones by Gates Development; a fast-growing real estate company founded in 1996.

Since then, the company has been endeavouring to establish well-curated and luxurious communities to contribute to the third and fourth-generation cities’s establishment, such as New Zayed and New Cairo.

Other Projects by Gates Development in Shiekh Zayed 


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