Swan Lake Compound in New Cairo

Developer: Hassan Allam Properties
Swan Lake Compound in New Cairo
Prices start from 12,000,000 EGP
5% Down payment
7 Installment years
Prices are subject to change
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Project details
Project Name Swan Lake
The developer Hassan Allam
The project Location First Settlement, New Cairo
The project space 460 Feddan
Available units Villas & Twin houses
Payment System a 5% down payment and 7-year installment
For inquiries 01101112515

Swan Lake Residence Compound in New Cairo is your driveway to experience a new realm of luxurious and rejuvenating lifestyle where you can feel belong & appreciated because when Hassan Allam decide to launch a project they situate the customer as a vital focal point throughout the decision-making process.

Hassan Allam, the project owner, intends to encapsulate residents with a variety of activities and services, that are perfectly allocated around the 12 residential spaces included in swan lake. So, a resident can enjoy access to all of the following facilities: health clubs, commercial malls, sporting clubs, restaurants & cafes.

Moreover, choosing such a prime location in First Settlement is an extra plus for residents to feel connected with the main highways and all the significant areas in New Cairo

So, if you are looking for a deluxe housing opportunity in the heart of the first settlement where your family can unlock the secrets of luxury and you still enjoy competitive unit prices, swan lake compound shall be your first choice.

Swan Lake Residence in New Cairo

Swan Lake Compound by Hassan Allam in New Cairo

The Location of Swan Lake Compound

Swan lake Compound is located in one of the most luxurious areas in New Cairo “First Settlement” where all the deluxe entertaining, social, and educational facilities are a few steps from your home.

  • To arrive at any place near Heliopolis from the swan lake residence compound in new Cairo you will need to drive only 10 KM
  • The distance between the American University and swan lake is 9 km
  • The distance between Cairo International Airport and the compound is 6 KM
  • To go shopping at Cairo Festival City [CFC] you will need to drive around 9 KM
  • The distance between the compound & Rehab City is 1 km
  • The distance between Mirage City and the compound is 1 km

The Land Space of Swan Lake New Cairo Compound

Hassan Allam is renowned for prudence in classifying its projects with huge lands in order to provide residents with a high level of integration, through services and facilities.

According to Swan Lake New Cairo Compound, Hassan Allam Team managed to select a land space of 454 Feddan to introduce a new cutting-edge residential project where residents can enjoy a well-balanced lifestyle of enthralling landscapes and contemporary architectural designs.

The developer set an innovative master plan, in collaboration with CRTKL, for Swan Lake New Cairo that dedicates the largest space of the compound to the green spaces, landscapes, and water jets representing 82% of the total space. While the remaining space, which represents 18%, is developed with residential units.

Types of Residential Units in Swan Lake Residence in New Cairo

Hassan Allam intends to be a trendsetter in the housing industry, thus, they exclusively set up a group of ultra-modern residential apartments, villas, and twin houses in each residential space of swan lake residence.

Interestingly, the company paid huge attention to offering modern and several layouts and interior designs to match all tastes by contracting with KH Studio; a leading company in setting creative but solution-based settings for homes.

  • The space of Villa- type A- in Swan Lake New Cairo: is 977 Sqm and divided as follows

379 Sqm for the ground floor, 327 Sqm for the first floor, and the last floor features a smaller space of 271 Sqm.

  • The space of Villa Type B: is 824 and allocated as follows:

315 for the ground floor, 266 Sqm is the total space of the first floor, and the third floor features a space of 243 Sqm.

  • The space of Villa type D: is 601 and divided as follows:

the ground floor is built over a land space of 243 Sqm, the first floor features a smaller space of 186 Sqm, and 182 Sqm is the total space of the third floor.

  • The space of villa type E is 542 Sqm and divided as follows:

the space of both the ground and first floor ranges between 190 Sqm while the space of the basement is 152 M2.

  • The space of Grand Twin in Swan Lake Residence is 393 and  divided as follows:

176 sqm is the average space for each floor (ground & first), while the space of the roof terrace is 105 Sqm.

  • The BUA of a two-floor Twin house is 357 Sqm, it features a rooftop of 86 sqm.
Swan Lake New Cairo Compound

The Architectural Design of Swan Lake Residence Compound

with Cracknell to make a smart calculation for how landscapes can be gently intertwined with buildings and units.
Swan Lake Residence in the first settlement encapsulates around 12 residential projects; each one featuring prime luxurious experiences, distinctive designs, and a boutique of outdoor activities.

Here are the top names of each space in Swan Lake Residence Compound in New Cairo: Villas Residence, Villas Residence, the Scarlet, Apartments Residence, apartments Residence, apartments Residence, Retail and Office Park, villas Residence, Villas Residence, villas Residence, apartments Residence, and apartments Residence

Swan Lake Residence New Cairo

Villa in swan lake, first settlement

Top Features & Services in Swan Lake in New Cairo

Hassan Allam seeks to create a new worldwide class of harmony and vibrant lifestyle where all customer’s demands are fulfilled immediately in prime quality. A palace where all dreams come true, passions are renewed, and interests are perceived.

Here’s a list of the available services & features to imagine how you can spend an energetic day at Swan Lake Residences in New Cairo.

  • Champs-Elysées is an innovative multi-use space that includes a business park and retail space that extend over a huge land space of 1.3 km.
  • Business Park in swan park Elysees upper floors host breakthrough and modern offices where entrepreneurs and business owners can meet up with their teams.
  • Swan Lake New Cairo offers a massive Sporting club of over 80,000 sqm offering the unforgettable experience of well-known sporting academies, experienced coaches, and nutritionists. All playgrounds and tools are handpicked precisely to meet both adults’ and kids’ needs.
  • The compound hosts luxurious restaurants and cafes spotting in different residential areas.
  • Hassan Allam seeks to keep customers connected with each other through clubhouses.
  • Swan Lake Compound in New Cairo offers a wide variety of deluxe retail stores and markets.
  • The developer launched a highly-secured kids’ area where they can enjoy multiple exciting activities and learn practical knowledge.
  • The Medical Clinic is one of the most important features in Swan Lake which operates its business all day.
  • Hassan Allam intensified the Security of Swan Lake First settlement through E-gates, guards, and safety cameras.
  • The health club is the perfect choice to visit at the end of the week to relax and rejuvenate your muscles.
  • Garages are spotted around residential areas and commercial malls to allow property owners to park their cars safely.

Swan Lake New Cairo Prices & its Payment System

Swan Lake Compound in New Cairo is the most frequently mentioned residential project when a customer is looking for a highly passive income investment opportunity.

As Hassan Allam accentuates the luxury worldwide class is represented in the smallest details in the construction and planning phase to double its value in the real estate market, yet, the company announced super competitive prices that are second to none.

  • The price of apartments in Swan Lake starts from 12,000,000 Egp.

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The payment System in Swan Lake in New Cairo

For more competency, Hassan Allam Company offers two easy-to-handle payment plans for Swan Lake New Cairo, varying based on the chosen phase.

  • The payment system for the scarlet phase requires paying a 5% down payment with a 7-year installment.
  • Almost all of the remaining residences require paying a 15% deposit in two payments; while the remaining cost can be paid periodically over 8 years.

The developer of Swan Lake Compound

Swan Lake Residence Compound is developed by Hassan Allam Company in New Cairo, one of the forerunner real estate companies that have delivered premium and cutting-edge projects to its customers since 1963.

Hassan Allam thrives on introducing solution-based residential projects using premium materials and sustainable infrastructure, in addition, most importantly, to their prudence to be committed to the said delivery time.

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Faq related to Swan Lake First Settlement

Who is the developer of Swan Lake First Settlement?

Hassan Allam

Where is Swan Lake Compound located?

New Cairo, first settlement

What are the types of units in Swan Lake First Settlement?

Villas- twin houses

How can I contact the consulting team in Swan Lake First Settlement?

Call the following number: 01101112515


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