Why shall AL Marasem Fifth Square be your 1st choice?

Why shall AL Marasem Fifth Square be your 1st choice?
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10% Down payment
8 Installment years
Last updated 2022-07-12
Project details
Compound Name Fifth Square
The developer Al Marasem Development
Project Location Cairo Governorate, New Cairo city, near North Teseen St. in Fifth Settlement
unit types twin houses - townhouses - apartments - villas
payment system 10% down payment, 8 years installments
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A deluxe lifestyle immersed in a highly-integrated community is what Al Marasem Fifth Square promiseS its customers in coping with the urban housing experience.

Al Marasem Fifth Square is one of the top-flight residential projects of Marasem Company that was constructed on 185-Feddan Land in one of the most strategic areas in Fifth Settlement.

The main reason that distinguished Al Marasem compound to stand out in the competition is its added value to the community of providing high-class services that include Medical centers, clubhouse, gym, food corner area, commercial mall, etc.

green landscape inside al marasem fifth square

You can enjoy the nature in Fifth Square

Al Marasem Fifth Square Location

The strategic location of AL Marasem Fifth Square encourages many property buyers to experience the luxury and livability of the compound.

Al Marasem compound is situated directly on the northern 90th street, specifically on the Golden Square, with great proximity to Fifth square’s main luxurious compounds that include Sodic, Mivida, PK2, and Sabour Compound.

The accessibility of Fifth Square compound location to Cairo’s main gateways enables residents to move or travel effortlessly.

Check the nearby places from Al Marasem Fifth Square Compound:

  • Al Marasem Compound is near the American University (Auc) only 5 minutes.
  • The distance between Al Marasem and Masr Gedida is 10 minutes.
  • Only 20 minutes to arrive downtown from Al Marasem Compound.

The total space of AL Marasem Compound

AL Marasem Fifth Square was established on a massive land space of 158 Feddan in one of the most livable areas in New Cairo, Golden Square.

The compound space was ideally divided into two main sections, Residential and Commercial, with significant consideration to dedicating space for green parks and areas.

The contemporary Architectural designs in the urban lifestyle were deployed in Al Marasem Compound in its prestigious forms, granting residents top-level comfort.

The breathtaking views in Al Marasem Fifth Square depend mainly on two main elements: the green color of parks and the blue shades represented in small lakes and fountains.

According to the available types of residential units in Al Marasem Compound New Cairo, you, as a resident, can find a wide selection of housing options with peculiar specifications that match your requirements.

The available types of residential units

Marasem Development Company announced the launch of different types of residential units that include twin houses, townhouses, apartments, and villas.

  • The space of apartments in Al Marasem Fifth Square starts from 80 Sqm up to 270 Sqm.
  • The average space of the Townhouse is 250 Sqm.
  • The average space of a twin house is 300 Sqm.
  • Standalone villas were launched in an average space of 350 Sqm.

Top 11 services in Al Marasem New Cairo

a lot of Apartment Buildings in the compound of al marasem fifth square

Al Marasem Fifth Square is the perfect choice if you are looking for a prestigious compound in the fifth settlement that provides the best-integrated service through which you don’t have to step out of the compound.

AL Masrasem’s prominent experience in the real estate market was the main reason behind its fruitful division into service types and classes.

If Al Marasem is added to your top list, check the available services.

  • Al Marasem New Cairo provides medical clinics in all specializations.
  • The compound offers multiple kids’ areas stretching across the compound.
  • Al Marsem compound is considered one of the best compounds that provide a high-security level in Fifth Square through a Smart Security system operated all over the compound.
  • Residents can get access to pharmacies easily without the need to get outside the compound.
  • The compound is privileged with massive green spaces and paved parks to provide residents with a space to practice physical activities.
  • The clubhouse in Al Marasem offers a distinctive level of entertainment where residents can spend quality time.
  • The beverage and food services are supported all over the compound through supermarkets and a commercial mall.
  • AL Marasem New Cairo is featured with high-class restaurants and cafes.
  • The compound provides nutrition-based services through a highly-equipped gym and nutrition hub.
  • The vast swimming pools are one of the main advantages of the compound.
  • AL Marasem has dedicated venues for different types of events and celebrations.

What is the partnership system launched in Al Marasem Fifth square?

Al Marasem approached a new purchase system with a clear-cut vision of “Partners and not customers,” in which the company is shifting the traditional relationship between the entity and its customers by paying attention to the advantage given to the buyer as a partner of success,f not just a customer.

In other words, the partnership system in Al Marasem Company enables customers to pay only 50% of the total cost of the unit, provided that the company is entitled to own a half section of the unit.

a villa inside al marasem compound new cairo

a fifth square villa

HOW Can I benefit from the Partnership System?

1-The right of disposition

Besides the half payment, the owner has the right to either rent or resell the unit at a price that he only can decide.
The low cost required in the system and the freedom to sell makes the partnership system an excellent opportunity for investment.

2-Installment System

The company exceeded its customer’s expectations by adding another feature to the Partnership System which is the ability to pay 50% of the cost during different periods.


The increasing prices in the real estate market, especially in Egypt, push many individuals to invest in the housing industry, which grants them double profit when he\she decides to sell after time.

4- The Quality

It’s notable that Al Marasem Company dedicated a group of its best luxurious hotel residential units to be included in its new system.

All the units are featured with splendid natural frontage where the green parks and lakes are the main themes.

Whether you are going to settle in these units or invest in them, you can grant the daily maintenance service provided in the compound at the same level.

landscape of al marasem new cairo compound

Discover Al Marasem Compound’s pierce list and Payment Plan

Al Marasem Company successfully managed to distinguish its project from the competition with its profitable price list.

Al Marasem Payment Plan features facilitation and longevity; property buyers are entitled to pay their dues over 8 years, upon the system they choose.

Payment Plans in Al Marasem Fifth Square

1st system shall be the first choice for anyone looking for a low down payment, as it requires 0% down payment provided that the owner shall pay their dues during 4 years.

2nd plan requires paying all of the following in sequence; 5% while contracting, and 5% after three months from contracting. The remaining is paid over 6 years.

3rd Plan allows buyers to contract on their units by only paying 10% in addition to 10% after three months. The remaining cost shall be paid over eight years periodically.

Al Marasem Development portfolio

Al Marasem Development is one of the top pioneering in the real estate industry that is devoted to bringing practical and innovative solutions into reality.

During the last 20 years, the company has been collaborating with the market top leaders in different countries around the world in order to constitute one-of-a-kind residential projects. GEO, ICE, YBA Archticte, EEGMA, Site International, ECG, Design Center, and Amsad are the eight main partners of AL Marasem Development.

AL Marasem Company has expanded all over Egypt with different projects that include airports, residential developments, hotels, transportation networks, roads, and electromechanical projects.

The excessive development collaboration of Marasem Company in Egypt led to its classification as one of the top construction companies by The Egyptian federation of construction and building contractors.

Other projects by Al Marasem company

  • Capital Gate Compound New Cairo
  • Heliopolis Club Al Shorouk

Other nearby compounds in new Cairo city

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