Seazen North Coast Village

Seazen North Coast Village
Prices start from 4,000,000 EGP
10% Down payment
8 Installment years
Prices are subject to change
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Project details
The project Name Seazen
Project Location North Coast
The developer Al Qamzi
Payment System 10% deposit 8-year installments
Available units Chalets, Villas, townhomes
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Seazen is a new luxurious seaside spot located in the heart of the North Coast where nature speaks for tranquility and elegance.

The project is considered one of the recent cutting-edge coastal projects for Al Qamzi Development that approaches a less brick-reliant village.

Al Qamzi Development managed to intertwine the optimum nature provided in Seazen North Coast with an exceptional level of integration through which residents can experience a one-of-a-kind experience that is full of entertaining and social activities, similar to those of the city with Zero Stress.

Seazen offers you a Sea-year-Round stay where you can enjoy a peaceful inhaling morning in front of the crystal beaches, and then in the afternoon you will find plenty of options to feel energetic and involved, such as a cinema, a gym, a health hub, commercial area, F& B Zone, etc.

For Prices and the available units for sale, contact our consulting team & get ready to unlock the secrets of luxury.

Seazen North Coast

Seazen on the North Coast

The Location of Seazen North Coast

Seazen features a prime location in the most vital areas on the North Coast, more specifically on the kilo 170 of Alexandria-Masrsa Matrouh Road.

Al Qamzi Development aims to choose strategic destinations for its customers where they can enjoy the ease the movement back and forth.

  • Seazen North Coast is located 30 minutes away from Al Alamein International Airport.
  • Only 30 minutes to arrive at Sidi Abdelrhman.
  • The distance between Al Alamein and Seazen Resort is 50 minutes.

Types of Units in Seazen North Coast

Seazen North Coast has become customers’ first choice because of its wide range of different units, including chalets, standalone villas, and townhomes.

Al Qamzi distinguished its project by providing properties with infinity pools attached that boost the resident experience.

Check the available units now:

  • The space of 3-bedroom chalets in Seazen is 135 Sqm
  • The space of 3-bedroom chalets is 160 Sqm
  • The space of 4-bedroom chalets (type 02) is 125 Sqm.
  • The space of 4-bedroom chalets ( type 03)
  • The space of 7-bedroom standalone villas that consists of 2 floors and a roof is 475 Sqm.
  • The space of 6-bedroom standalone villas is 395 Sqm.
  • The space of 5-bedroom standalone villas is 253 Sqm.
  • 285 Sqm is the average space of their new signature “Rensiance Townhouse”.

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Seazen Village

Terrace view in Seazen

The Land Space of Seazen North Coast Village

Seazen North Coast Village is rolling over a huge land space of 204 Feddan, where each SQM is precisely developed to meet a need for residents spiritual, commercial, and recreational.

Seazen Village on the North Coast showcases a balance between the eye-pleasing views, represented in the crystal sea and cloudy sky, and how each residential area is served with a group of amenities.

For this reason, Al Qamzi was keen to create a sense of affinity in the project master plan in order to serve residents in each residential space.

The Architectural Design of Seazen Village on the North Coast

Through a cascading elevation technique, the design of Seazen North Coast represents a new approach that aims to create a seamless open view where the sea is apparent for the sight from all balconies, where the sea level with a 690 m wide beach.

At Seazen Village, the flowing lakes are only interrupted by lush greenery areas to magnify the owner’s tranquil experience.

Seazen North Coast

The design of Seazen Village by Al Qamzi

Top Features & Services in Seazen North Coast

Al Qamzi Development strives to offer a rejuvenating all-year-sea-round experience where rejuvenation and enthralling views are the main themes.

Through a variety of social & beachfront entertaining activities, Seazen is meant to break the conventional frames of the coastal stay.

  • Season Resort includes 3 lavish Clubhouses called Sanctuary, Haven, and Pulse, each clubhouse includes a variety of premium quality spa and jacuzzi services, in addition to a well-served bar.
  • The project includes several Swimming Polls in different sizes for both adults and kids.
  • Weave pools were added by Al Qamzi to enhance the uplevel the entertainment level in the resort.
  • Lagoons resemble an essential element in the design of Seazen North Coast taking luxury to the highest levels.
  • The plaza at Seazen Resort features an open scene with the enthralling sea and crystal lagoons for a seamless culinary experience.
  • Al Qamzi intended to cope with the common health approach by building a modern gym that offers several aquarium activities for well-shaped bodies.
  • Safety is assured inside the resort through Smart CCTV System, E-Gate, and safety guards.
  • Al Qamzi was keen to offer pharmacies to work 24h.

Seazen North Coast Prices & Payment System

Al Qamzi recognizes how a competitive price plays a key factor in the purchasing decision for customers. For this reason, they set a perfect price list for units that feature affordability and suitability for residence and investment purposes.

  • The price of 2-bedroom chalets in Seazen North Coast starts from 2,100,000 Egp.
  • The price of townhouses starts from 5,100,000 Egp.
  • The price of a standalone villa is 9,000,000 Egp.

Meet Our Consulting Team to Pick the Perfect Unit For You

Seazen North Coast

Townhouse at Seazen North Coast

How to Buy a Unit in Seazen?

Seazen North Coast is considered the most appealing choice to experience rejuvenation while the sea is the main element, with flexible payment plans:

  • Only 10% is required to buy a coastal unit in Seazen, and the remaining cost can be easily installed over 8 years.

Time to discover a new realm of luxury with Seazen

The developer of Seazen Village on the North Coast

Seazen Village on the North Coast is one of the prestigious coastal projects by Al Qamzi, an eminent joint real estate company that strives to innovate deluxe-integrated communities.

Al Qamzi aims to create a real home where owners can spend quality memorable time, surrounded by all sorts of services and amenities that could facilitate and luxuriate their lifestyles.

The company’s intensive attention to the strict criteria of the provided quality is considered one of the main reasons that led to the company’s replacement as one of the most-trustworthy housing opportunities providers in Egypt.

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Faq about Seazen

What is the down payment required in Seazen?

10% deposit

what is the installment period allowed in Sezen Resort?

8 years


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