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Mountain View El Sokhna
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Mountain View Sokhna Resort offers a remarkable level of prestige that has never been seen in coastal projects in Egypt, with an innovative nature-driven design.

Mountain View Company crafted a mesmerizing coastal project with enchanting European standards, second to none, that aims to provide the highest levels of luxury and comfort.

Launching both Mountain View El Sokhna 1 & 2 during a short period is proof of the project’s being customers’ first choice and their need for such glooming and integrated projects on the red sea.

Mountain View Village in Ain Sokhna isn’t classified only with its picturesque design and unit variety, but also with its integration. as it offers commercial areas, health-care spaces, entertaining spaces, beach clubs, etc.

Time to own a property from MV in Sokhna, which is meters away from your home, and enjoy long installments up to 6 years.

Mountain View Sokhna

Mountain View Ain Sokhna swimming pool

The Location of Mountain View El Sokhna

Mountain View Village is strategically located in a central position in Ain Sokhna, on El Zafrana Road with a pleasing view of the red sea.

The developer wasn’t only prudent about providing a location surrounded directly by the sea, but also a prime location that is close to the vital areas in Sokhna, and, most importantly, it doesn’t require a lot of travelling time.

The Land Space of Mountain View Sokhna

Mountain View El Sokhna is rolling over a considerable land space of 55 Feddan on Ain Sokhna, the red sea.

The developer aims to introduce a masterpiece” Mountain View Village in Ain Sokhna” that can be distinguished from other projects with a land space design brilliant balance.

As Mountain View Development was keen to imply integration in the coastal villages in Egpy, by adding well-served areas among the residential buildings for easy and fast access.

mountain view sokhna

Standalone villa in MV Sokhna

The Architectural Design of Mountain View Sokhna Village

A design that speaks for elegance and is driven by nature is all that you need for an uninterrupted awesome long-stay vacation in Ain Sokhna.

The exterior designs of buildings and commercial spaces in Mountain View Sokhna are chosen in alignment with a mixture of the European building styles, for a deep journey into the outer lands.

However, the design of Mountain View Village in El Sokhna is dominated by the essence of nature through water spaces and lush verdant embracing all the residential buildings.

Types of Residential Units in Mountain View El Sokhna

With a total number of luxurious 345 units, you do have the possibility to choose the most suitable choice regarding the space, price, and internal design.

Mountain View Resort in El Sokhna offers 3 distinguished types of units in different models, check out the most prominent spaces now:

    • The Chalets are designed with either a garden or rooftop or even both, with different spaces starting from 78 Sqm.
  • Seaside standalone villas are available for sale at Mountain View El Sokhna.
  • Townhomes are available within a space range of 265 Sqm, in addition to detached twin homes that are designed in the same space average.

Top Features & Services in Mountain View Ain Sokhna

As mentioned above, Mountain View Company aims to heighten the integration level in the coastal projects in different aspects, such as entertainment, essential, recreational, and of course medical care and safety.

  • Mountain View El Sokhna is designed with a stunning clubhouse that is integrated with different physical and social activities for more fun.
  • The Health Center has become one of the main current era advantages for a long-stay vacation, as it includes a gym, spa and jacuzzi centre, and beauty salon.
  • The Kids’ area is the perfect place for young siblings to enjoy their time at night after being dazzled by the sea waves in the morning.
  • The compound includes a medical centre and pharmacies working 24h
  • Mountain View Ain Sokhna considers’ residents’ security a mission, by hiring security members to ensure the identity of comers and implementing an innovative security system.
  • Parking lots attached to the residential buildings
  • The commercial area at Mountain View Ain Sokhna Resort hosts retail stores, hypermarkets, cinemas, and other entertaining activities.
  • Swimming pools

All You Need to Know about Mountain View Sokhna II

Mountain View El Sokhna 2 is considered a new phase added to MV Sokhna 1 after its prominent expected success.

Mountain View Sokhna II is established over a considerable land space of 33 Feddan, with a total number of 292 Units.

The project features the same luxury and integration level provided in Mountain View Sokhna 1, by including a clubhouse, commercial spaces, and different entertainment activities.

The available residential units in Mountain View Sokhna II are chalets, standalone villas, and twin homes.

Mountain View Sokhna Prices & Payment Plans

Mountain View Projects is renowned for its exceptional value asset in the morning and unbelievably high quality, and, of course, its high return on investment.

  • The prices of chalets in Mountain View El Sokhna start from 2,250,000 Egp

Prices may vary from Mountain View Sokhna 1 and MV Sokhna 2, and the chosen phase. However, we do our best to keep you updated with price changes.

The instalment Plans available in Mountain View Sokhna

MV Company aims to offer an unmissable investment opportunity for its customers, by extending the instalment period up to 6 years.

All that you need to reserve the unit of your dream on the Red Sea, and more specifically in Mountain View El Sohna, is to pay a 20% down payment.

The developer of Mountain View Sokhna

Mountain View Company is the developer of both Mountain View Sokhna 1 and Mountain View Sokhna 2.

However, Mountain View Development is a branded former company that is considered a true dream brand for many, an icon for luxury, innovation, and prestige.

Since the company’s foundation in 2005, it aims to curate the housing and coastal industry by redefining the meaning for its residents, as entertainment and luxury are no longer welfare they’re essential.

Living in one of Mountain View Projects guarantees a promising housing future for you and your family members.

Faq about Mountain View Ain Sokhna

What is the down payment required in Mountain View Ain Sokhna?

5% deposit

what is the available units in Mountain View Ain Sokhna?

Chalets- villas- duplexes,


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