Vinci New Capital Compound by Misr Italia

Developer: Misr Italia Properties
Vinci New Capital Compound by Misr Italia
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Project details
Compound Name Vinci
The Developer Misr Italia
Compound Space 111 Feddan
Types of residential units Villas- twin houses- apartments
Payment System a 5% down payment is required to reserve your place, and the remaining cost can be paid over 10 years.
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Vinci New Capital Compound is the ideal choice for anyone looking for novelty, modernness, and luxury. Misr Italia Holding introduces a revolutionary experience where residents are going to expose to supreme recreational facilities and please their eyes with a stunning blend of flowering verdant.

There’s a story behind choosing the name “Vinci” which is a reference to the ancient art of Leonardo Da Vinci. In the era of technology, everything is planned to be so fast and spiritless; therefore, Misr Italia intended to bring back the antiquity of the old ages, where creating art was a way of living.

The project’s master plan is partitioned into 7 typical residential enclaves with particular cores and designs behind each one.

if you are willing to take your housing experience to a crescendo, Vinci New Capital would be your perfect match.

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The location of Vinci New Capital

Vinci Compound is located on a super strategic plot in the New Capital City, in the 7th district, more specifically at G4. The fact that the compound is directly located on the main axis of the city “Muhamed Ben Zayed” provides residents with route accessibility.

  • Misr Italia was keen to choose a sophisticated neighbourhood for the Vinci New Capital location, as it’s situated near Al Masa Hotel, the Presidential Palace, the central park, and the Parliament Zone.

Note that taking the next move inside the New Capital City guarantees a promising future for the whole family, as the city introduces an exceptional level of integration. In other words, the government’s excessive efforts to build a top-notch city that offers alluring opportunities for a good education, suitable work environments, elevated medical facilities, fascinating parks and different outdoor activities.

The Land Space of Vinci New Capital

Misr Italia Company added a new legend to its portfolio “Vinci New Capital” on a huge land space of 111 Feddan, which represents around 462,000 meters.

The master plan of Vinci Compound is a genuine indication of how the company is capable of launching super-integrated spaces where each corner is utilized and developed to deliver a need for its customers.

For instance, Misr Italia dedicated large spaces of Vinci New Capital for fascinating landscapes to provide residents with scenic views that can be depicted as a part of the old nineteen-century painting.

Vinci New Capital Compound

The Architectural Design of Vinci Compound in New Capital

The architectural design of Vinci Compound New Capital is driven by the ancient artwork techniques that have been invented in the past centuries, each piece of art speaks about the culture and knowledge of its age.

Accordingly, CallisonRTKL & DMA managed to blend these arts into something extraordinary that is considered its perfect depiction; a picture that forms a new realm of modernity to offer an exclusive practical solution to experience luxury at its peak.

Indeed, how the residential units join the fascinating scene of nature embodies a new representation of geometry and architectural shapes, as its extravagant design can be highlighted as an essential purchasing factor for residents.

Such a masterpiece represented in Vinci New Capital is meant to empower residents to experience luxury and opulence as has never been seen in Egypt.

How Many Residential Districts Does Vinci Compound include?

The Compound is divided into 7 residential areas with a particular design for each area that is inspired by a preceded art movement. Cubism, Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Expressionism, Surrealism, Fascination, and Pop Art.

What are the first 4 districts in Vinci:

1- District 1: Cubism

It’s designed due to the revolutionary approach that started in 1907 that lies in forming different geometries in one form.

2- District 2: Art Deco

The Art Deco district reflects boldness in the smallest details as a core for the area, which accentuates its luxury.

3- District 3: Art Nouveau

The third district in Vinci New Capital embodies a unique housing experience where the craftsmanship is solely connected with the urbanity of the moment. A concept that can grant both tranquillity and connectivity.

4- District 4: Expressionism

The expressionism techniques are brought into Vinci Compound by using a blending of different structural materials to cope with the distorted forms used back then.

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Vinci New Capital Compound

Types of residential units in Vinci New Capital

The residential districts in Vinci New Capital showcase a perfect division for its type of units, which lies on customers’ demands. To elaborate, Vinci’s artistic villas occupy the largest space of the compound which is 70%, while the apartments came in second place regarding their quantity, so one can see that luxurious apartments are constructed on 25% of the residential space. Finally, only 5% are dedicated to building Hotelaparts

Customer requirements always vary, there’s a person looking for a small space with a well-set internal layout, whereas others consider the number of bedrooms as their main priority. Therefore, Misr Italia distinguished its project with a wide selection of housing options in different spaces.

  • The space of the Iconic Villa in Vinci New Capital is 753 Sqm and divided as follows: 140 meters for the ground floor, 140 meters for the first floor, 197 meters for the second floor, and 129 meters for the floor plan.
  • The space of Villa A is 496 Sqm and it’s divided as follows: 152 meters for the ground floor, 177 meters for the first floor, and 123 meters for the roof terrace area
  • The space of Villa C is 309 Sqm which is divided as follows: 95 meters for the ground floor, 112 meters for the first floor, and 73 meters for the roof
  • The space of the twin villa is 279 Sqm which is divided as follows: 96 meters for the ground floor, 115 meters for the first floor, and 47 meters for the roof.
  • The space of the townhouse in Vinci Compound New Capital is 275 Sqm that includes three bedrooms, one bedroom for a nanny, three bathrooms, and a terrace.

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Villa for sale in VincI Compound

Symmetrical design for Villa in Vinci Compound

Top features & Services in Vinci New Capital Compound

Vinci Compound Misr Italia promises a top-flight level of integration that grants a smooth and peaceful day where the daily missions can be accomplished during the day uninterruptedly.

  • The clubhouse at Vinci New Capital integrates different spaces with multiple activities for both adults and children.
  • Misr Italia Company considers daily maintenance services as an essential part so residents can cope with the pace of the day without being interrupted.
  • Vinci Misr Italia includes one of the largest Commercial areas in New Capital City that offers different stores and brands.
  • For the twenty-one century, a blessed experience cannot be done without fine dining, therefore, Vinci New Capital Compound offers a variety of Restaurants and cafes that serve different food tastes.
  • Pedestrian trails stretch all over the compound with a perfect division far away from the vehicle lanes.
  • The Compound is secured with E-gates, guard members, and a surveillance system.


Vinci New Capital Prices & Payment System

Misr Italia announced apartments for sale in Vinci Compound at competitive prices that cannot be missed out because f the provided durable quality in return.

Purchasing a unit in Vinci New Capital is an absolutely unmissable opportunity that guarantees a bright future and immediately-fulfilled needs.

What is the payment system of Vinci Compound by Misr Italia?

Upon customers’ requirements, Misr Italia managed to offer two appealing payment plans:

  • The first payment plan of (VILLAS’ CONTRACTS) requires paying a 5% down payment, and a 10% while receiving the unit. The remaining cost can be paid over 10 years.
  • The apartment plan requires the same down payments (a 5% down payment and 10% while receiving the unit), with a more prolonged instalment period that lasts up to 12 years.

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The developer of Vinci Compound

Misr Italia for Developments strives to be labelled as the top provider for luxurious communities in Egypt, a professional team who are working unstopping to deliver solution-oriented approaches for products.

Misr Italia Holding is one of the top dominating companies in the real estate industry that demonstrates a high level of following customers’ voices for flawless and well-planned projects.

Indeed, the company specializes in different five fields which are Real estate, tourism, facility management, furniture, and decoration. Accordingly, the company drives its power from its expansion in different sectors to offer its customers the highest standards.

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FAQ about Vinci New Capital Compound

Who is the developer behind the launch of Vinci New Capital Compound?

Misr Italia

What is the contact number of Vinci New Capital Compound?

Call the following number


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